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  1. Yes please! We are using your BB1 schedule right now, and we'd love the BB2. Thank you for doing that!
  2. Agree so much. I HATE that word, and I especially despise the tone used to fling it at books. It's a totally judgmental word, like "Harry Potter is twaddle," which basically means, "I don't like Harry Potter and so I'll demean it to feel better about my choices." Those CM groups are FULL of people wringing hands over doing it just the way "Miss Mason" would have. Shudder. BW is amazing.
  3. It's like they all take such joy in throwing that term around. Shudder. I just can't. CM was interesting, she had some good ideas, we can use them or not, whatever. The quoting her and discussing what or is not "twaddle"? Again, viceral. It all just creeps me out.
  4. I have pretty much thrown off all CM resources because I'm so turned off by AO: the dusty old books, the website design, the attitude from the forum/higher ups. Can hardly even read CM blogs either. Lol. Totally ridiculous, but it's a viceral reaction at this point.
  5. Lorisuewho, thank you so much! You have really helped me with my plan for the year. Super grateful!
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