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  1. preschool HOD little hands to heaven K HOD little hearts, mus primer, hooked on phonics k 2nd HOD Bigger, cle math 2, song school latin 4th HOD creation to christ, cle math 4, song school latin
  2. I am using Heart of Dakotas emerging readers for my 2nd grader.
  3. You might look into Heart of Dakota. You could put him in little hearts and adjust the phonics and math to his level.
  4. My son is 2.5 and right now he really enjoys toddler time on bad mouse. In a few months I plan to start heart of dakota little hands with him. It is a very gentle and fun program.
  5. My youngests sons middle name is Blainey after his great grandpa.
  6. 4th grade plans so far... Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ, cle math 400, rod and staff English 5
  7. 2nd grade plans so far... Heart of Dakota bigger hearts, cle math 200, rod and Staff English 2 and etc 5 and 6
  8. DD will start K in a couple months. So far the plan is: Heart of Dakota Little Hearts A Reason for HW K MUS Primer Ordinary parents guide to teaching reading
  9. My current 2nd grader is using Rod and Staff 2 and Life of Fred.
  10. I let my kids work ahead as much as they want. The other day my 6yr old did 8 science lessons in one day and 3 math lessons. We do a spelling pre test on Monday and if they get a 90% we skip the list and go on to the next one. My 7yr old would complete multiple lessons a day at age 5 and now he is working on 4th and 5th grade level for everything and is slowing down to one lesson a day.
  11. http://www.mhschool.com/reading/treasure_workbooks/national.html
  12. I prefer tampons but since I had number 4 I have to use a tampon AND pad for 2 days because my flow is so heavy.
  13. Horizons. My kids love the colorful worksheets.
  14. DD will turn 4 in May and I plan to start MFW K in August with her for her prek year.
  15. Mommy_of_4


    That is way too much for us! I want my children to meet these goals before they start first grade - print upper and lowercase letters, reversals are fine. - count 1-100 - recognize 1-20 - be able to read simple sentences like the cat say on the mat - understand simple addition and subtraction. Everything else is gravy!
  16. OP my son is just like yours and is doing wonderful with Horizons. He is 7 and is working on grade 4 book 1 right now! He loves it and sometimes does multiple lessons a day. He finds it fun.
  17. Wouldn't bother me at all especially in the context that you mentioned.
  18. We use the generic version of frontline and it works great and is so much cheaper! I get it at petsmart. http://pets.petsmart.com/guides/flea-and-ticks/fiproguard-max.shtml
  19. Yes, we use wordly wise. It takes less than 10 minutes a day. My son does not pick vocab through just reading.
  20. Dh and I went to public school and it was horrible. I want better for my children I can't imagine sending my kids to a stranger for the majority of the time they are awake. If I sent my 4yr old to prek this coming fall she would be gone from 8:30am to 4pm 5 days a week. No thank you!
  21. We use this. http://www.mhschool.com/reading/treasure_workbooks/national/g1/grammar_pb.pdf
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