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  1. I'm hoping another good thing will come out of it: more awareness about post-viral/post-bacterial illness symptoms more generally (i.e. "Post Lyme Disease Syndrome"), and a greater awareness among doctors that just because you don't know what's going on, that isn't a reason to discount the patient's reported symptoms. I read this article in the Wall Street Journal this weekend, and while I'm glad that suffering from this is changing some doctor's perspectives, it also made me just shake my head and think, welcome to the club.
  2. Hugs to you. It's really hard when your kid is out of the box, or off the path. My oldest has been chronically ill for 4 years and at this point is essentially bedridden. It's horrible, you feel sad, guilty, angry, frustrated, exhausted, and despairing much of the time. And judged. You really feel judged. Some of that is self-imposed, some of it is real. One thing I can say is that it's essential to avoid comparing your life, your situation, to other people's lives. Especially the highly curated FB/Instagram versions of their lives. It can be crushing and keep you focused on what you have lost
  3. The local paper just reported that two classrooms at Maria Carrillo burned.
  4. Yeah, I've been watching Martin Espinosa's live stream from the Press Democrat on Facebook. He just signed off for now but I'm hoping he'll drive over to MC and do another one. They'll upload the video to the press democrat site later, I think. But the livestream is on the PD FB page.
  5. Oh no. I did hear that an outbuilding was lost but the school was ok, but of course it's a rapidly changing situation. The reporter I'm watching hasn't made it to MC yet. He was heading that way when he got diverted to report on all these neighborhood house fires.
  6. I think Austin Creek Elementary school has been affected but that's not confirmed. It's in the Skyhawk neighborhood in SE Santa Rosa
  7. Maria Carrillo high school. The houses that are burning are the ones across Calistoga Road east of Maria Carrillo, the ones that back up to Annandel State Park and the other open space. Houses on Beaumont Way and Vaughn Ct have burned. The Skyhawk community has lost at least a dozen houses too.
  8. It's so horrific that these people who lost everything in the past few years - here, and in Paradise - are going through this again. My heart is breaking for them. And for us all.
  9. The Shady fire is burning the southeastern edges of Santa Rosa. I'm watching footage of houses right across my dd's bf's high school on fire. They evacuated last night. We're north and east of the evacuation zones but watching it closely. From what I can see the main fire action is in the area exactly between where the Tubbs and Nunn fires burned in 2017. Which makes sense. Lots of fuel out there. These neighborhoods are exactly where we've been looking to buy a house. That plan is now off the table.
  10. Yes, it's so interesting - it's all about flame height. One of our mapping experts has produced this really amazing map showing the effect of flame height on different ecosystems. Turns out - unsurprisingly - that low height flame fires improve habitat for most endangered species while high flame height fires destroys it. Mine too!
  11. I'm actually working on a project right now funded by the state to address forest management & wildfire risk mitigation & resiliency in the North Coast (Sonoma county up to the Oregon border). The Tribes are important partners on the project, sharing Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) on forest management practices. Reinstating controlled burns is their number one priority and we have a group of foresters working with tribal experts on best management practices for controlled burns. They are incredibly important, but land owners are pretty resistant. Lots of opportunities for educa
  12. It's 111 here. No blackouts yet, and our local fire is mostly out, so it's not too smoky. I'm totally freaked out about the wind warnings for Monday night though. Power going out is bad, but the reason behind it - wind that can drive fires into destructive urban infernos - is truly terrifying.
  13. Yup, fires to the east, fires to the north and west. And it's 106 degrees. Not a good day.
  14. That was us this weekend. I'd gone at 6 am for 3 days in a row and come back with nothing. I almost skipped Sunday - surely they didn't get a shipment Saturday night? but I went and got a pack! They were limiting it to one each, so I woke up DH and sent him after a pack too. I feel so much better now! I did feel a bit like a mighty hunter. LOL.
  15. Thanks, Arcadia. We have maybe two days worth left, but I'm definitely starting to sweat it. Only TP, we're fine on everything else. It's so weird that this is the one thing that has been hoarded to the point of complete unavailability locally. I'm concerned because we're probably going to get the shelter in place order today or tomorrow, and while I do consider TP a necessity, I'm hoping to not have to go from store to store to store looking for it . . .
  16. i haven't been, but according to local reports it was. We've been to TJs, Safeway, and Oliver's Market locally, and they were all crazy hectic. No toilet paper anywhere.
  17. I'm super excited about the conclusion to the trilogy. I love Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies and have read them a couple of times. I am going to read the stage adaptations as a refresher while waiting for The Mirror and the Light.
  18. Yes, and a private school in Healdsburg closed today because someone in the school community was in contact with someone who is ill with coronoavirus.
  19. Not for Christmas, but for my birthday just before, I asked for and was gifted a subscription to Archipelago books for 2020. I'm excited about that! For dd 17, I got Cyborg Detective and The Labyrinth's Archivist. She's also getting the Neil Gaiman creative writing masterclass. For dd13, I got Greta Thunberg's autobiography, a Thai cookbook, and the box set of Magnus Chase books. For dh, I got All About Trout by John Holt. Not the homeschooling John Holt, a different guy . . .
  20. Would novels with characters dealing with a chronic illness be helpful? My dd has taken both solace and hope from some of these. We'd both recommend Please Read This Leaflet Carefully, about a woman dealing with endometriosis and environmental allergies. So Lucky is another great one. The protagonist has MS. She's also a lesbian, FYI.
  21. Yes, she has. She has improved somewhat. But she's still exposed to the mold, so we're kind of Red-Queening it, running as fast as we can to stay in the same place, using binders and glutathione and such. Good news is, escrow closes on this house on 9/24. Once we find a new place and get moved, we can start the serious binding, detoxing, and (hopefully) recovery. Thanks for asking.
  22. Oh man, that book was amazing, but it's not one I've ever been able to recommend - I'm still traumatized after having read it years and years ago. I'm not sure I can wish that on somebody else! I know a lot of people love it, though. Maybe I'd have more fortitude if I read it now. I think I read it soon after it was published, in my mid-20s, and I seriously feel scarred by it. I haven't been able to bring myself to re-read it as a grown-up.
  23. Re: a kid unwilling to go off gluten - I totally get it. Older dd - the sick one - is compliant because she can see how much better her gut symptoms are when she is off gluten (going off gluten hasn't gotten rid of the other symptoms, though). Dd13 refuses to go off gluten, even though I'm sure she is intolerant too based on her symptoms. Because she doesn't have Lyme/Bart, the gut symptoms alone aren't bad enough to motivate her to quit. At some point you can't control their choices, just try to convince them to try it. Re: POTS - a POTS diagnosis isn't that helpful, IMHO. Dd got diagnos
  24. And the standard gluten panel is really limited - they only test a few of the many possible forms of the protein that can trigger gut reactions. I have an atypical presentation of celiac (I get DH skin rash more than gut symptoms) and it wasn't identified till I had a skin biopsy. The normal blood-tests were normal. So were my dds. But getting of gluten has changed both of our lives.
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