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Positive thoughts for tomorrow, please...

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Tomorrow morning my ds11 is having an endoscopy to find out if he has celiac disease. He is going to be given general anesthesia and all that comes with that. I am a bit stressed. Ds11 is stressed.


My dd13 and ds8 are going to be home alone together while my husband and I go with ds11 to get this done. She is stressed too. I don't think ds8 understands, but everyone else is stressed. I do have a neighbor nearby if dd13 needs anything.


Anyway, positive thoughts for all of us would be helpful.

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I know exactly what you're going through. Youngest DD had her first upper GI almost three years ago. Receiving the CD diagnosis after almost two years of mysterious weight loss, nausea and terrible abdominal pain was truly a blessing. Hope you find answers! :grouphug:

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