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What time do you wake up?


What time do you wake up on school days?  

  1. 1. What time do you wake up on school days?

    • 5 or earlier
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • 11 or later
    • Same time as kids
    • Before kids
    • After kids

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The kids wake me up. I voted "same time as kids", 9 and 10.


I feel the need to explain that I have a baby-toddler who wakes me up around 1AM and 6AM, sometimes more often. After I lay her down that last time I try to fall asleep again until my preschooler wakes up. Both of them have a bed time of 9PM, and I follow around 11:30-midnight.

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My almost 7-year-old wakes up at 6:30 or so. My 5-year-old wakes up at 8:30. I wake at 7:30.


It works for us. Older DS just wants to read or play Legos and knows to wake me up if there's a problem. We have fruit available for him to snack on, and he and I will eat something more substantial when I wake up.

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I voted 8:00, but that's not really accurate. My alarm goes off every day at 7:30. I try to get out of bed and start the day at that time; sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I am kept in bed with a cup of tEa. I probably spelled that wrong. :D


The kids don't wake up until dh wakes them up when he leaves the house, usually around 9-9:30. I hate it. But not enough, YET, to change it. I'm going to try to switch a lot of stuff around so that the kids and I are up by 8:30 at least, I can't see how we could possibly wake any earlier.


I'm all :bigear: to learn from other people with late-rising kids!

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I get up at 6, the kids between 8:30 and 9:30. I spend my time waking up, having quiet time to myself and doing morning chores. Morning chores consist of making the bed, showering, putting away dishes, getting laundry going if needed, setting up school and checking to see if we need to leave for the day and that we are ready for those activities.


If I don't have my quiet time, I have a hard time getting through the day.:001_smile:

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5:30ish, before kids, though they're usually up by around 6:15. They aren't allowed to come downstairs until 7, so they play in the toy room for a bit.


DH goes to bed around 9 and gets up early to beat rush hour traffic (and come home earlier in the afternoon), so my night owl self has adjusted to an earlier bedtime. :) Of course, if he's out of town, I end up staying up until midnight, and then the kids wake me at their usual time, and I have to kick myself for staying up so late! :lol:

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Great question. I was just thinking about this.


I've been getting up at 6:30, waking the kids at 7, and leaving for swim team at 7:30 every morning this summer. It's been great. I hate when the alarm goes off, but I feel good once I'm up.


My former self would smack me upside the head. We all used to be dressed and out the door for school by 7. That thought makes me want to vomit now. :)


During school I have a harder time getting up. We all usually get up around 7:30 and start school around 8:30. I NEED time to myself in the morning though, so I'm going to try to make an effort to be up by 7, at the latest.

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I'm usually up before DS13 but not by much. We're both anywhere from 5 - 7am. I'm usually on the earlier end of the spectrum with him being somewhere in the middle and 7am is the absolute latest that either of us is typically up and only if we're absolutely exhausted for some reason. We're both early birds.

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I'm usually up around 6:30 - 7 days a week. I never sleep past 7 unless I'm sick or I'm up unusually late the night before (which is pretty late because I also usually am not in bed until midnight anyways).


I like to get up and workout before school & my kids are early risers so they're usually up between 6 - 6:30 anyways.


ETA: I used to get up around 8 - 8:30 when I wasn't working out. Since my oldest was 2.5 we've set out a bowl of cereal on the table and a cup of milk in the fridge so he could get his own breakfast and not wake us up at the crack of dawn. Now he's big enough he gets his own breakfast and dd's which is nice.

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I voted 5. I often get up with dh before he goes to work. I also learned long ago, that I am a much better mom when I get up before my kids. I personally can't stand waking up to: "Mommy, can I have this? Mommy, will you get me that?" etc. It makes me really cranky. I just have to have my own quiet time in the morning.

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I get up between 6 and 7. I get up before the kids, way before.


My children are late sleepers, in fact right now at 10:32, the younger two are still asleep, and the older two are working on school.


I have been really taking advantage of that to get the older two up and do chores quickly (someone has to milk the goat and water everyone in this heat) and do some school with them before the little ones get up.


In fact for school next year I am planning on requiring the little ones to stay in their room or outside until 9:00 every day so I can have a couple hours to teach the older ones (of course if the past is anything to go buy it won't be a problem because they hardly ever wake up earlier then 9 on thier own).

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I'm rarely up for the day before 8 at the moment, because it's the middle of winter. In summer I tend to get up between 6 and 7 as it's light so much earlier.


As for the kids, it varies. This morning the 3yo was up at 6.20, the 7yo was up at 8.30 and the 9yo somewhere in between. But we've been slacker than usual of late as we have been suffering from the Mother of All Colds. Normally we'd try to have breakfast all together before dh starts work on most days.

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