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  1. Last day of the month and I haven't purchased any craft supplies! Not gonna lie, though, my virtual cart on AliExpress is overflowing, but that's just window (screen?) shopping. I wrote a bunch of letters as well. February is InCoWriMo so I will be writing a letter every day, ostensibly, but my honest goal is to beat last year's tally of a dozen.
  2. I would as well! I'm very into mixed-media collage, stamping, and mail art!
  3. My main goal for this month is to not buy any craft supplies!! Second goal is to work through the stack of pen-pal letters I need to respond to.
  4. It has been probably years since I've posted anything here even though I read almost every day, but I am trying to be more social for 2020. Even if online! Everything I cook has to be vegan and gluten-free, so I cook a LOT!. Tonight was sesame noodles w/ tofu & veg. Tomorrow is, hopefully, BBQ bean "meatballs," mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, and a basic salad. Oh, and dessert tonight (don't usually do dessert, but it's holidays still) is apple pie that smells AMAZING while it's cooking. I don't eat sweets, but the scent is intoxicating; I think they will love it!
  5. I live in a suburb of DFW (Plano) and have NEVER seen a stray dog or cat. In fact, I have never, in the 16 years we have lived here, seen ANY cat. Dogs, yes, but only on leashes.
  6. My son has long (longer than your daughter) wavy hair. He will be 14 next week and I just recently realized how he gets such tangles. When he brushed it, or combed when wet, he wasn't completing the pull-through of the implement. So his brush/comb would be *almost* out of his hair, then he would bring it back up to his scalp and do it again. Eventually there were knots that could NOT (see what I did there? :laugh: ) be undone so I ended up cutting some out. Could this be happening with your daughter? I have curly hair, and so would my son if he treated it like curly hair; I can attest that using the Curly Girl treatment really does make a huge difference.
  7. Not epi-pens, but my daughter orders a medicine from Canada bc it would be $600+ for a 30-day supply here. With insurance. I think she pays around $200 for 100 pills from Canada. The doctor who told her about ordering from Canada said to make sure she checked to see where the medicine was manufactured; if it came from India (maybe anywhere in Asia?) to not order it because there are often fillers used in those pills.
  8. I slacked off on using mine lately and have suffered for it. One thing I'm going to do, while it is still fresh in my memory, is make a list of things I wish I had done earlier in the holiday season. Nothing like realizing it's three days before Christmas and you don't know what you're having for dinner or remembering that crazy cousin you forgot to buy a gift for, etc. I'm planning on using the same journal I started with this year and when it is finished I will get a new one.
  9. I think the chargy cable is the problem but the company keeps sending me stock replies that won't work. It worked in my husband's laptop so I guess I will just use that.
  10. I am so frustrated--has anyone else had this problem? My fitbit One started crashing my computer (Mac) every time I plugged it in. I have been in email contact with the company but they keep suggesting I charge it on my computer (??) instead of a brick, then suggest cleaning the metal bits that charge and plug it into my computer, not a brick (??), etc. They are just not understanding what I'm saying and it is driving me up the wall!
  11. I have read that if you attach your fitbit to your shoe it will count the pedaling as steps. ETA: Oops. Should have read the other replies saying the same thing.
  12. Oh, darn it, I just realized I have been up for an hour and I forgot to put on my One! All those wasted steps!
  13. Omg, I almost started a WTM FitBit group yesterday! I'm in.
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