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  1. I'm DDD on my smallest day. I can't leave the bedroom without wearing a bra for fear I would trip on them. Of COURSE i have to wear a bra every day and it costs 70+ dollars per bra. How could carrying around several pounds on one's chest NOT be uncomfortable? Sorry. It's something I curse every day
  2. Last day of the month and I haven't purchased any craft supplies! Not gonna lie, though, my virtual cart on AliExpress is overflowing, but that's just window (screen?) shopping. I wrote a bunch of letters as well. February is InCoWriMo so I will be writing a letter every day, ostensibly, but my honest goal is to beat last year's tally of a dozen.
  3. I would as well! I'm very into mixed-media collage, stamping, and mail art!
  4. My main goal for this month is to not buy any craft supplies!! Second goal is to work through the stack of pen-pal letters I need to respond to.
  5. It has been probably years since I've posted anything here even though I read almost every day, but I am trying to be more social for 2020. Even if online! Everything I cook has to be vegan and gluten-free, so I cook a LOT!. Tonight was sesame noodles w/ tofu & veg. Tomorrow is, hopefully, BBQ bean "meatballs," mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, and a basic salad. Oh, and dessert tonight (don't usually do dessert, but it's holidays still) is apple pie that smells AMAZING while it's cooking. I don't eat sweets, but the scent is intoxicating; I think they will love it!
  6. I live in a suburb of DFW (Plano) and have NEVER seen a stray dog or cat. In fact, I have never, in the 16 years we have lived here, seen ANY cat. Dogs, yes, but only on leashes.
  7. I was diagnosed as an adult and had to see a psychiatrist for the evaluation. After about four months of seeing her for med check-ups (first weekly, then twice a month) I was able to then see my family doctor for meds. A psychologist can diagnose but can't write prescriptions.
  8. The 14yo is using Brainology for an outside class and it is pretty cool. Nothing else to say, just that it seems like it has a lot of interesting ideas/views after answering the questions
  9. Ulta does! I went a few weeks ago looking for something similar and the tech must have spent at least a half hour on my face, trying out various products.
  10. My son has long (longer than your daughter) wavy hair. He will be 14 next week and I just recently realized how he gets such tangles. When he brushed it, or combed when wet, he wasn't completing the pull-through of the implement. So his brush/comb would be *almost* out of his hair, then he would bring it back up to his scalp and do it again. Eventually there were knots that could NOT (see what I did there? :laugh: ) be undone so I ended up cutting some out. Could this be happening with your daughter? I have curly hair, and so would my son if he treated it like curly hair; I can attest tha
  11. Same here. I think mine has a larger capacity, though I'm not sure exactly how much. I have used it 3-4x a week for at least 15 years and it is still going strong.
  12. That's really weird that it didn't work for you. Every single text I get from anyone with any type of phone comes to imessage on all my devices, even if they're not already in my contacts. Maybe a quick trip to the genius bar?
  13. Okay, I found it. On your ipad, go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive. Click where it says Add Another Email then put in your phone number. I think that should fix it. But if not, check out this page, it might be a better help: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201349
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