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  1. Yes I remember that...big news because its so rare. My favourite famous baby is Prince George ...people in public office should always have babies so I can drool over them LOL.
  2. I don't really see it that way. Most women Prime Ministers/Presidents are well past child bearing age so its not exactly a normal occurrence in this situation. Its garnering attention because its a novelty...it so rarely happens that of course people are interested. I doubt there are many people who are thinking she wont be able to do her job because of it. Its going to be a very popular bubba when its born and I think most people are just excited for her. I'm not even a NZ'er and I'm excited LOL FWIW Australia's only female PM wasn't married either...though she also had a partner. Too old
  3. She may pull it off now...but one day she may also be a 40yo old mama herself and I hope she still likes it then. My sister got a tattoo on her lower arm. She's an accountant. Her employer told her she has to cover it with long sleeves...which she really regrets come summer. It was her first tattoo so I'm not sure she quite thought of or understood the repercussions of its placement.
  4. My DD started budding at that age and I was very surprised as well... as she is small and very light for her age...I actually thought she would be delayed. However I found out it is quite common for girls to sprout buds at 8 and then have no further development for a while. Thats what happened to my DD...she had small buds for 3 years that were quite noticeable under her shirts and then at about 10.5 they started growing slowly and now she is 11.5 and they are still only half grown - she doesn't even wear a bra yet. LOL. So your DD may still be a long way off developing fully. My DD was alway
  5. If you look at the photos...the boys seem to have fared better than the girls. The oldest boy looks a decent enough weight although thin and was almost as tall as his Dad.
  6. We are using the LA. My kids needed remedial help as I have never found a LA program that worked for us and I've bought some expensive ones. I am happy enough so far. Its good at filling in gaps but not so sure I would use it for a total beginner It seems to make large jumps in assumed abilities sometimes. Still I do like it better then anything else so that's good. Havent tried the history but do plan to in the future. We are doing the 4 year cycle with SOTW right now. Once we have done all four years I will switch. I don't mind if her history doesn't cycle. I don't want to start all
  7. I know someone who has one and she has 4 daughters. Apparently they use it a lot in loose parts play. My kids are famous for not using things like that after the intial day of excitement...I would go with Magnatiles
  8. I knew you were going to say Canada 😂 When I lived there I never bothered with coats..just ran my freezing self across the carpark...thank goodness I didnt have kids then...I sensibly waited till we moved back to Australia to have kids.. no need to worry about snowsuits in the car...but now have to worry about being burnt by seat buckles 😂
  9. I use CLE math (and used to use the LA) and we do it just as Tibbie described. I sit at the table with alittle whiteboard and go over all the new stuff. Then we go through all the excercises one at a time and I assign them the things I know they can use practice on and skip those they dont. Because I do this everyday I know what to skip or practice. I never make them do every problem..it takes too long and CLE has so much repeat there is no need to keep practicing what they know by heart. Takes us half an hour to do one lesson amd my kids enjoy the interaction so much they say they never
  10. Anything with too many pieces... just can't be bothered storing them, finding them, using them. I get myself confused as well as my kids. Anything where I have to flip pages during the lesson...will never use anything that says Do this ( see page 9 of Part B Book 2). I use PDFs all the time because of living overseas but the printing needs to be straightforward. Please put everything needed ..lesson, activities, graphics all in one sequential spot. When I am printing a lesson I do not want to print the lesson, then scroll down 50 pages to the activity section, then scroll another 50 p
  11. Things I am especially hating this year: Toyworlds holiday slogan..."The joy is in the toys". So not shopping there this year..totally turned me off. The brazen commercials aimed at kids. Every toy ad on tv now has a little voiceover at the end.." Kids..don't forget to add this to your Santa list.". What the ??!! I think I prefer the old days of subliminal messages thank you very much.
  12. This site is so eye opening. Doris Day is still alive? and Olivia De Havilland...the lady who played sickly Melanie in Gone with the Wind is still kickin it at 97!!!! You go girl LOL
  13. Mickey Rooney. I know he is officially dead now.. but I thought he died long ago. I was surprised when I saw the announcement. Wow..seriously...Jerry Lewis is still alive? maybe it was because I watched him in black and white when I was a kid which made him seem older..I thought he was long gone.
  14. You know its hot when the ant swarms that are usually on your driveway won't even come out of their holes.

  15. DH has destroyed two cars in three weeks. Mad is not the word I would use to describe me right now. Our nearest store/ town is an hour drive away with no public transport.

  16. 7yo: If you damage your spinal cord I think you can still move your hands and feet....5yo: If you damage your spinal cord you have to walk like a penguin...

  17. Reached a milestone today...the kids learned to blow up balloons on their own..my weak, asthmatic lungs are thrilled..now if only they could learn to tie the knot...my fingers are hurting LOL

    1. Dmmetler


      There are tools in the summer section designed to make tying water balloons easier-I imagine they'd help for regular balloons, too-and are probably reduced in price now.

  18. Kids are playing "McDonalds" and using WII Skylanders characters as the happy meal toys.

  19. Teasing my boys and telling them they need to make me breakfast in bed. 3yo runs to the kitchen and comes back with a jar of Nutella and a spoon....he knows me so well

  20. Washing machine malfunctioning...looks like laundry mat school today.

  21. First day of our new school year after 6 weeks holiday -I'm nervous

  22. My kids are not classic lovers - I'm going to try some out this next coming year but until now besides the hundreds of classic picture books we have read all three of them have listened to and enjoyed Dr. Dolittle The Boxcar Chldren (not sure if that counts but we are on the third book) My DD has listened to a little of the Blue Fairy book Honestly I think it's mainly my fault - whilst I enjoy the classic books I don't enjoy reading them out loud. I'll probably end up doing a lot of them via audiobook.
  23. Thanks Rosie -I will try those. I know my useless library doesn't have them but I'll look around next time I'm in the city.

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