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  1. Thanks for sharing! We are pushing through Level 4 right now, and it is slow moving and tough!

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    There is some cover wear and creases on the books. There is no writing inside the books. Price includes shipping



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    The first 12 weeks of the student pages have already been used in both books, so you will still need to purchase the student pages Price includes Media Mail shipping



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    This book is from the first printing, where the margins are a bit close to the binding. 2 or 3 Chapters have some highlighting/underlining. It came from Apologia with the piece of tape across the cover (see picture) $23 including shipping Thanks!


  5. I too am waiting on my books to arrive. I also received a shipping notice in mid March. Hopefully they will arrive soon!
  6. Thank you so much! I had not seen either of those!
  7. We are studying the Middle Ages next year and meeting up each week with a couple of other families. I have been searching for a workbook (or a website) that work on skills like Map Reading and Reading/Making Graphs that go along with this time period. Thanks for any direction or help!
  8. I would NOT use GoMath! The way the problems are worded are often very confusing (for the student and ME!).
  9. We are looking at doing SOTW Vol 2 as a large group next year, but several of the children in the group have some reading struggles. I am trying to piece together a book list that will go along with it from books that have Audio Books available (I know Magic Tree House has a couple we can use). Do you have any suggestions??? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for all the great ideas! Our summer should go much smoother than last summer!! We will be doing lots of out and about activities as well (we will be a the beach once a week for sure!).
  11. Thank you! I LOVE the wash the car idea! Great for a hot, sunny day! Making more cards now!!
  12. I am trying to create index cards with ideas of things my boys can do during the summer instead of watching TV/playing Video games. We live in Florida and it really is too hot to do much outside during the day. They will need to pick 5 different cards per day. What do you do during the day to keep your kids busy?? We are already doing a little math and reading each day. I am also planning on adding some inside "exercise" cards they can do. Attached is our list (the yellow TV cards are limited to one per day). We are doing a Night at the Museum "study" for the summer, so a lot of the things are related to that. Thanks for any ideas!
  13. I am not against other things :-) I just really want some kind of worksheet he can do on his own for a few mintues (Between Dancing Bears and Apples and Pears I spend a lot of time with him. I need him to be able to work independently for a few minutes while I help his brother) Looking at the suggestions, THANKS!
  14. My son struggles with reading A LOT. He is currently in vision therapy but I will not be surprised if there are additional issues we need to takle once he is done with that (the therapy has helped a lot in aspects of his life, but I don't expect it to be a cure all for his reading). Anyways...he has worked through Explode the Code 1, 1/2, 2, 2 1/2 twice each. But he is still not fluent enough at CVC words that I want to move him on. But we don't want to do ETC AGAIN. We are doing Dancing Bears and that is going OK (same thing, we repeat a lot), but I am looking for something he can do for a little bit on his own. Any suggestions? He has a REALLY hard time with sight words, so I am really hoping for something little to no sight words. THANKS!
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