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  1. @MamaSprout Were you able to find another alternative? My dd definitely wants to try Russian again.
  2. @FarrarDo you use a separate curriculum, or does the iTalki tutor just supplement your regular curriculum?
  3. Thank you very much for this. It was BYU that she had to withdraw from. The Russian class was just so poorly done. List of phrases to simply memorize without any grammar instruction at all. Requirements to do handwriting without any resources for how to do it. We won't do another HS level language program from BYU unless they change their approach.
  4. My dd15 is extremely interested in learning languages. I speak Spanish, and I am teaching both of my children using ULAT. But dd is wanting to start on another language. She signed up for Russian independent study course, and it was very poorly taught (required rote memorization of words and phrases with no support in learning the alphabet first) and she did not really have access to a teacher, so she withdrew. So I am looking for a better alternative. She does not have her heart set on Russian. She chose it because it was interesting to her to learn a language with a non-Latin alphabet.
  5. My dd is 15yo. She has never had a standardized test before, something we were going to remedy a year ago just as the lockdowns started. While she is 98th percentile for IQ, she has some processing speed and working memory issues, so I am a little concerned about her taking the ACTs. However I now feel like we don't have a lot of time to pussyfoot around with any old test. I am going to purchase an ACT prep book and have her take practice tests. She is asking me if it is possible to take a practice test in real life, meaning like a pre-ACT in the same environment and under the same conditio
  6. Thank you very much for this input. My kids are both fairly independent, so not a lot of supervision needed for them. I am really excited about the Russian.
  7. What was your experience? Did you feel it was well done? Would you use it again?
  8. Has anyone used BYU independent study courses for high school? I am considering the Biology and Russian for my 15dd.
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