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  1. Does anyone have some alternatives? My dogs get a treat every night and my cat feels left out if she doesn't get something. Jan
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I will order a panel of thyroid lab tests and see what my numbers are. Then go from there. I don't want to make a big deal out of this if it is nothing (and nodules are using nothing), but I don't want to ignore it either. I know that she normally tests my TSH, but I don't know if she has ever tested any other thyroid numbers. I do have an appointment with an orthopedic for the numbness. That was her recommendation after the MRI. Before the MRI she suggested that I see a neurologist and I don't know if I am still supposed to do that or not. Jan
  3. I have been having pain and numbness in my hand and arm. My primary care doctor sent me to have an MRI of my neck. One of the things discovered on the MRI was a large nodule on my thyroid. The imagining place recommended that I get an ultrasound done of my thyroid. I did that. The nurse from my primary care doctor's office called me back and said that it is a solid mass and to just monitor it every few years (1, 3, and 5). Both of my kids have low thyroid (one has hashimoto). Something about this doesn't quite feel right, but I don't know where to go from here. Any suggestions on what type of doctor that I should see if I want a second opinion. Endocrinologist? Both of my kids have seen pediatric endocrine doctors, but we haven't found a regular one that we like yet. Jan
  4. My current favorite is DPC Digitals. She has a ton of freebies.
  5. When my daughter was that age she wanted Hulu instead of Netflix that we had as a family. We bought her a gift card for her to create her own account and have enough money for 6 months. If she likes watching Netflix maybe there is another streaming service that she would like.
  6. The other chemistry course Chemistry and Our Universe on great courses is much better. I have great courses plus and the two courses are very different. I am not using it as a stand alone course though. I mainly use it to supplement my knowledge since it has been a long time since I took chemistry.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard about this story.
  8. My son's friend had the same experience. The essay and a 5th section. I think he may not have gotten out until a little after 2.
  9. Is it more common to have the 5th section earlier in the year? I know my son and a friend of his both had a 5th section. It did catch my son off guard because he wasn't expecting it.
  10. I have not tried magnesium oil, but I love magnesium lotion. I have used the Lifeflo brand. I read somewhere that the lotion is less likely to cause itching. So far the lotion has worked so well that I haven't found the need to try the oil.
  11. I tried finding a computer program to do this sort of thing. I couldn't find one that I liked that was inexpensive. I have found several apps for my phone/tablet that do this and so much more. My favorite is GoodNotes, but I have also used ZoomNotes and Notability.
  12. My daughter has had good luck with the tall sized clothing at Old Navy.
  13. This describes my husband. He is fine around live trees, but is allergic to the mold that grows on the trees after they are cut.
  14. Thank you to those who have responded. This has helped. He does want to move ahead, but I don't think he is solid in algebra 1. He didn't do a very strong algebra 1 curriculum. He took a class with his friends. I love algebra. I am teaching algebra 1 this year and using a different curriculum. I think I am going to have him come to some of my tutoring sessions in the spring so he can review with other people. Then once co-op is over he should be ready to start algebra 2 which is what he wants to do. After he works through algebra 2 and trigonometry I will reevaluate. It helps to know that he will be okay if he doesn't get through calculus in high school. I like the idea of being solid in algebra and trig before college. I think that is a reasonable goal. If he stays motivated he will likely do more, but if not that is okay. I had another thought yesterday. My FIL is a retired engineer. He would probably be willing to do some tutoring if we need a little extra help between trigonometry and calculus. Janet
  15. I am not sure what I should do for math. My son took algebra 1 in 9th grade. He is taking geometry in 10th. I am planning on him taking algebra 2 as an 11th grader. I am wondering what I should do for math his senior year. I had been planning on him taking pre-calculus, but I am wondering if that is the best choice. Another option that I have considered is for him to take a trigonometry course fall semester of his senior year and then take the math placement test and take whatever math he places into at the local CC in the spring. I wasn't very concerned about this thinking that we still have plenty of time, but in the last month he has started mentioning that he might to get an engineering degree. I don't know if he will stick with that idea or not, but I want to do what I can to help him prepare for that if he still wants to pursue an engineering degree in a few years. Anything I should keep in mind when deciding between these options? Any other options that I should consider? He has mentioned wanting to start algebra 2 over the summer, but I am leaning towards doing algebra 1 review with something like AOPS or Foersters which would go deeper than his first round of algebra 1. Janet
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