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  1. Hi, I am looking for a way to make my own cursive handwriting pages for the upcoming school year. I would prefer something i could use in Open Office so I can download the pages as a pdf and print them later. Does anyone know of something that will allow me to do this? Thank you!
  2. Thanks! That looks interesting. I’ll pass the website name on to my daughter.
  3. Thank you! I will look through this. I had tried to do a search on the forum for this, but it didn’t seem to work right because I didn’t see anything that was appropriate.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have recommendations for a hands-on engineering course for a high schooler? Thank you!
  5. I'd say 1.5-2 hours between the lesson, problems, and corrections with me.
  6. Hi, My son is using Saxon 87 for Pre-Algebra and it takes so long to complete. If you add up the mental math, lesson practice, and mixed practice problems, each lesson has between 50-60 problems. Since they are all different, you can't even choose to only do the odd numbered problems. What can you suggest that is more straightforward? I'm teaching a lot of kids so it has to be easy to use. He's a smart kid and catches on to math easily. Thank you!
  7. No. I've not had that asked. Hopefully we will find someone who's willing to really look into things. Angela
  8. She's quite uncoordinated. She runs awkwardly. We have to remind her to be careful a lot because she often falls. She fell outside and busted her nose on the house a few months ago (I know, who does that?). A week before she fell and busted her lip trying to show me something she learned in a ballet class. I looked at our Children's hospital website today and the specialists we would need require a referral. She is due for her annual check up with her pediatrician in November, so I will do my best to push for these referrals then. I can probably find a decent SLP locally, so maybe we can do that in the meantime. I do appreciate all the advice! Angela
  9. I could speak volumes on her behavior, so I'm sure I won't completely represent it here. She was a low needs baby. It was as a toddler that we noticed she was different. My husband and I kinda figured that we had become lax over the years and lost our parenting skills or something. She was intentionally disobedient and then would smile about it (still does this). She never seemed to feel sorrow after being scolded like our other kids. The most consistent way my husband and I have described her is by saying, "She just doesn't 'get it'." We would tell her things (this still happens) and then she she responds as if she didn't hear you. It has been as her younger brother, age 5, has gotten older and acted as the others that has confirmed our suspicions that she is "different." With strangers she just smiles at them. Everyone says, "She's so sweet!" This is because she's quiet, calm, and smiles. She almost never speaks, though. She makes cards for nearly everyone she meets (another reason people describe her as sweet) - and I mean everyone - visitors to our house, teachers of classes she goes to (every week, not just once), the zoo, the doctor, the dentist, the public school psychologist who did her testing, etc. I know it's sweet, but to be honest, it seems a bit odd and immature to me. When visitors come to our house, she tends to monopolize them, bringing them bunches of toys and books, never imagining that they may NOT be there to play with her. Whenever we are at a gathering with other children, she tends to play alone, or flocks to the younger kids, usually 4-5 years old. Family photos- she's cooperative, as in, she doesn't act out, but she doesn't usually smile, sometimes has a scared look on her face, or just doesn't look at the camera at all (pretty common). Her go to reaction in response to something she doesn't like is whining, yelling, or a full fit. She doesn't do this in public, though. We've NEVER had a 7yo still throw fits. She throws fits if my husband or I leave the house to go on an errand and tell her that she can't come. What 7yo does this?!? Food...she's probably our least picky eater. But she's also our only over-weight child. She has no self-control, she eats super-fast and is asking for seconds when the rest of us have barely started eating (even though we all start at the same time because no one is allowed to eat until we've prayed). We make her wait now and try to limit her portions, but she whines and begs terribly. Writing...she can't write a 3-4 word sentence. I tried AAS phrase dictation from book 1 and it took forever, lots of reminding her of the word she should be writing, and lots of whining. Yesterday she was writing the date for us, as we do every morning after discussing the calendar. I got up to do something while she was supposed to do it, but I stayed in the room. I came back over to her after a minute, and she had stopped writing. I asked how it was going, and she said, "Terrible!" Her last three letters were barely recognizable. I helped her fix the letters and told her letter-by-letter, number-by-number the rest of the date and she completed it. There's more I could say, but I need to do some things now. Thanks! Angela
  10. Thank you for the info on the OT testing. I think I will look into this next. Angela
  11. Hi, I really do appreciate all the replies. There's so much good advice here. I'm going to read through it several times and talk with my husband. I like the advice to choose what to investigate instead of worrying about it all right now. All I know right now is that she's going to require a lot of patience and one-on-one work. My experience with the ps testing left me feeling like I'm on my own figuring out how best to help her. I'm focusing on giving her a lot of word exposure with read-alouds, discussion, poetry memorization, etc. The past week went well in that regard. The handwriting and math were still definite low-points of the week. Thank you again for all of your advice! Angela
  12. Thank you for this! I do feel like the professionals are not taking me seriously. I have 6 other kids and none are like her. The ps evaluator told me that she couldn't say that she qualified for services because of the possibility of ADD (which she said she couldn't diagnose) and because she was homeschooled and therefore she could not say that she had so far received "appropriate instruction." I asked what I was supposed to do if she continued not to progress, and she replied that we might consider putting her in school so she could work on her social skills and participate in their reading intervention program.
  13. I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with the abbreviations you used: NVLD, DSM4, DSM5? Here are her WISC scores: Verbal - 98 Visual spatial- 119 Fluid reasoning - 97 Working memory- 74 Processing speed - 83 FSIQ - 95 General ability Index - 103 Cognitive Proficiency Index - 75
  14. Personally, I've thought she might need to be evaluated for autism for a while. I mentioned it to our pediatrician and they gave me a list of local psychologists. We live in a small town outside of Pittsburgh. Needless to say, I haven't found much support from local people who are supposed to be helping us. I just don't feel like these psychologist are the right people to go to. That writing was done first thing in the morning. I wouldn't say it took too long. She sometimes does simple CVC word phrase dictation from All About Spelling 1. She can only do three phrases at a sitting with many repetitions of the phrase by me (Her 5yo brother can do 6 phrases and several single words in the same time).
  15. I've tried to attach a handwriting sample from this week: new doc 45.pdf.pdf
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