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  1. Yes I remember that...big news because its so rare. My favourite famous baby is Prince George ...people in public office should always have babies so I can drool over them LOL.
  2. I don't really see it that way. Most women Prime Ministers/Presidents are well past child bearing age so its not exactly a normal occurrence in this situation. Its garnering attention because its a so rarely happens that of course people are interested. I doubt there are many people who are thinking she wont be able to do her job because of it. Its going to be a very popular bubba when its born and I think most people are just excited for her. I'm not even a NZ'er and I'm excited LOL FWIW Australia's only female PM wasn't married either...though she also had a partner. Too old to have babies though.
  3. She may pull it off now...but one day she may also be a 40yo old mama herself and I hope she still likes it then. My sister got a tattoo on her lower arm. She's an accountant. Her employer told her she has to cover it with long sleeves...which she really regrets come summer. It was her first tattoo so I'm not sure she quite thought of or understood the repercussions of its placement.
  4. My DD started budding at that age and I was very surprised as well... as she is small and very light for her age...I actually thought she would be delayed. However I found out it is quite common for girls to sprout buds at 8 and then have no further development for a while. Thats what happened to my DD...she had small buds for 3 years that were quite noticeable under her shirts and then at about 10.5 they started growing slowly and now she is 11.5 and they are still only half grown - she doesn't even wear a bra yet. LOL. So your DD may still be a long way off developing fully. My DD was always the advanced developer though...she lost her first tooth at five and had lost the complete set and grown in all her adult ones including the 12 year old molars by the time she was 10 LOL. Don't worry too much yet but if she seems to be developing really quickly into full bloom I would take her to the doctor. If it stays just buds I wouldn't bother..
  5. If you look at the photos...the boys seem to have fared better than the girls. The oldest boy looks a decent enough weight although thin and was almost as tall as his Dad.
  6. We are using the LA. My kids needed remedial help as I have never found a LA program that worked for us and I've bought some expensive ones. I am happy enough so far. Its good at filling in gaps but not so sure I would use it for a total beginner It seems to make large jumps in assumed abilities sometimes. Still I do like it better then anything else so that's good. Havent tried the history but do plan to in the future. We are doing the 4 year cycle with SOTW right now. Once we have done all four years I will switch. I don't mind if her history doesn't cycle. I don't want to start all over again...blah ...not for me.
  7. Not only kids dentist reminds me over and over fruit should only be eaten with meals and never as snacks because the sugar and acid sitting on their teeth is harmful. My two kids who hate fruit have perfect teeth. My kid who eats the healthiest, detests processed food and snacks on fruit and vegies has had a couple rotten teeth..I was so suprised.
  8. Yes they do..its one of the biggest causes of salmonella poisioning. My doctor says he never eats it due to all the cases he has treated over the years.
  9. I doubt its cultural...more like climate dependent. In Germany where its cold you can get away with only drinking at meals. In Australia you'd die from heatstroke. I would have thought that would have been obvious. My mother is German...she adapted pretty quick to drinking more when she moved here and she never suggested we only drink at meals. You cant walk anyway here in summer without being dying for a drink of water within 20 gets expensive if you don't BYO.. I do suspect though ...all those cupholders are for coffee cups rather then water. People used to only drink coffee at it seems they live off drinking would definately count as cultural 😉
  10. In Australia it would have to be a taxi cab stop. The nursing home I worked in the residents were always asking me to call them a cab to go home :lol:
  11. I've used that age level twice. I agree I think you do need a math curriculum that is separate at that age. Maybe not if you are doing it with a 5yo but definitely if you are doing it with a 6-7 yo. Honestly I wanted to love MBTP but my kids just hated it. We have used it for a couple years now and I just gave it up because my kids just would not get on board. I think its a great program...if you can get your kids to like it. Otherwise its too hard of a slog with kids who would rather do anything else because it is so writing intense and my kids are just not good writers. Still keeping it in mind to use in high school maybe.
  12. I only wish this would happen to me...I have so much sitting here that was a dud. I would rebuy CLE Math Build Your Library Sequential Spelling The Good and The Beautiful LA and our library cards as well That's it... we are going minimalist. I cant find science that fits us so I am making my own units for now...based on Guest Hollow.
  13. Thankyou so much. I always miss her sales as I don't check the site often enough. We just finished our current level and I was needing to buy the next. I love this curriculum too...only history that we have ever stuck with. Its the best and we love her book selections.
  14. I'm very pro-vax for my kids. Of course I was nervous when they had their shots but thankfully they were all perfectly fine. Truthfully ..the main reason that made me vaccinate my kids, on schedule and with every vax offerred ( except flu) was the fact that on every online board I belong to ( homeschooling, sewing, etc etc..doent matter what it is) at least half the posters admit being non-vaxxers. In our large local homeschool group only two families ( one mine) vax. Of my kids friends who go to school...there are also many families who do not vaccinate. I decided that with knowing of such a large population of people who don't vaccinate there was a big chance of my kids getting these I vaccinated...because it seems at least in my circle..homeschooled or one else is. So no herd immunity to rely on. I also,decided I would feel less guilty if my kids were vaccined injured whilst I was trying to protect them then if they were injured by a disease I could have prevented..or at least tried to. So I vaxxed them all and am happy with my decision so far.
  15. I got a flu shot for myself yesterday and I left with two pages of info...not just on the vaccine I had but every other vaccine there is 😂. In fact I had to spend time convincing the nurse that my blocked sinuses were a sign of allergies and not a cold before she would consent to even give me the shot. In Australia at least they are so careful about letting you know all the common, normal side effects so if something really does go wrong you will know the difference. Heck...I had to stay in the waiting room for 20 minutes after the shot before I could even leave just to make sure there was no immediate reaction...even though I've had it before.
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