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  1. This thread is from 2008 so that could account for the disparity.
  2. I've used them for my last 3 and love them! I do make my own, though I own a couple Bebe au Lait and Hooter Hider brand covers. My body does not lend itself to discreet nursing without a cover IYKWIM so these were lifesavers for me.
  3. This is what I do. Both of my older boys will stop me if they need to know what a word means so often I let it go unless they ask. Lately, I find myself explaining idioms more than individual words.
  4. We are really enjoying Egermeier's for the end of K/beginning of 1st. We also own the Jesus Storybook Bible. I love the content, but dislike the pictures. We are reading through it at bedtime. I prefer the pictures in The Family-Time Bible, but the stories are more suited to preschoolers. We're saving the Vos Storybook Bible for 2nd grade.
  5. I've found that my ds does this too. I was worried about starting subtraction with renaming in 2A because he's so slow with his subtraction facts. It'll take him several seconds to tell me what 10-3 is (and he's known his 10 bonds for awhile). But when we started the unit, I found that he does the problems really quickly and doesn't have any trouble with the subtraction. I think the info is in there and comes out easier if he doesn't overthink it. Based on some posts by Spycar, I've decided to let formal memorization of his addition/subtraction facts for now especially since he can do the
  6. I only dicate the word and use the sentences as an example of the word being used in a sentence. My ds found out how important it is when we learned the words 'to,' 'its,' and 'it's.' For the ages of your girls, I would imagine that most of the WISE Guide sentences would be too long and complex for dictation. I used the examples in the enrichment section for my 5yo (like "I can do it.") when we did a dictation enrichment. After that, it was easy to make my own simple sentences using spelling words. We're backing off of sentence dictation this year in favor of WWE style writing which
  7. I'm another fan of SL's P4/5 and K science books. They are all good and include most of what's been suggested already. Not a dud in the bunch. My dfil wants to borrow my copy of How to Lift a Lion by Robert Wells to show his college students. Many of them don't understand basic force concepts. I just bought the K books this year without the IG or worksheets. We're doing Noeo, but those books looked too good to resist. The Usborne books (Tadpoles and Frogs, Caterpillars and Butterflies, etc.) are fabulous. We're using them as extra readers this year.
  8. It does and would work really well for that. She explains at the beginning of the book that those are all geography topics, it just isn't what most people are looking for when they ask for geography curricula. It is actually one of my favorite books that I bought this year because of her writing style. It's amazing how she packs so much information into one book. I think that I'm going to buy Volume 2: Explore the Holy Land to use when we do Ancients next year.
  9. There isn't a big review in 2A. Subtraction is my ds's least favorite math topic and a lot of that stemmed from not being solid on his facts. The review in 2A in minimal and starts with mental subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers. We ended up taking a break for a couple of days to work with Miquon and Flashmaster. When we went into subtraction with renaming, he didn't have any trouble at all.
  10. Looks great...do you already have some books in mind for literature? Our read-alouds were my ds's favorite parts of our K school year.
  11. I love A Child's Geography, but be aware that it reads more like a science book. I bought it to use this year, but it isn't really meeting our needs for geography. Instead, I'm going to use it next summer as a summer science course.
  12. Now that you're getting the text :001_smile:... I just sat down with our science books and read-alouds to pull out the dictation and copywork for each week. It wasn't hard, just a bit time consuming which I didn't mind that at all. SWB's instructions are clear and concise. I made an excel spreadsheet on my computer to keep track of my selections and then created my own copywork pages. I could have gotten the workbook, but wanted it to correlate with our RAs and science.
  13. I just read it aloud to my ds6. He really liked the book. It started a good discussion about how we should treat others. His only complaint was that he wanted to see pictures of the boys' boat drawings. I don't think that it's an overly girly book, just that the characters happen to be girls.
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