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  1. I also has Ds1 do Singapore 6A&B before AOPS Pre-A. And will have Ds2 do Singapore 6 as well. I just don't see any reason to skip it and it had plenty of value for us. I definitely would not go straight into AOPS Algebra either. Pre-A was a good intro into AOPS and a good foundation for Algebra the AOPS way. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. This is usually a question I have when people say they didn't like reading aloud certain books because I've experienced it myself. The first time I read Uncle Wiggily out loud, it was hard. Then I read Winnie-the-Pooh and it was so difficult! I had always read aloud but my experience had been limited to books like Goodnight Moon and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It was a big jump to those long, complicated sentences in addition to the added story length for me...the kids loved it even when I'd get tongue-tied. I was surprised when I read Uncle Wiggily the 2nd time two years later. It was so easy, much easier than I remembered the first time. By this time I was reading for a longer period each day and it has steadily increased each year. I do agree that they could be influenced by your lack of enthusiasm or they just need some training and practice on how to sit and listen (I don't say that condescendingly at all, I have 4 active boys). I've never had an issue with my kids during read alouds but we've always done them and we all love literature. I just don't think our schooling would be as rich without read alouds.
  3. This is how I scheduled it but DS12 was able to get a whole section done most days. He worked hard to do that so he could have extra time for the review/challenge sections. I'd schedule 3-4 days for those combined but some of those challenge problems were doozies and it took longer than scheduled. Even so, he ended up finishing the book 2 months earlier than planned. I liked that schedule because he never felt rushed or stressed by the workload. After he finished, we casually worked on Alcumus and he's finishing Pre-A alcumus while working on intro to Algebra this year. Ds only watched about 5 videos the whole year. He likes them but doesn't need them and he doesn't like to take the time. I might try to have them set up on the iPad for him each day once we get past the review in Intro to Algebra to encourage him to watch them this year.
  4. I'm 27th of 7 copies. I just didn't think my library system would order it that quickly so I didn't even check. Guess there was a rush to request it since they ordered 7 copies!
  5. We plan on doing it next semester and finish by the end of the year. Ds is flying through Fallacy Detective and Thinking Toolbox this semester. Does anyone else think the DVDs are that important? They are expensive but I'm willing to splurge if they will really add that much to the course.
  6. I've never used LOE but I definitely fall into the camp of quality, not quantity. I have found that my boys do really well with a white board because it has less resistance so we use that more often than paper. FWIW, I remember talking to my ped about the attention span of one of my boys and she gently reminded me that he was a 6yo boy. It was good to have my expextations knocked back down to reality. Glad you already have that perspective! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. you have me poking around the SM site and it says that NEM 1 & 2 are basically prealgebra and algebra. I may consider that for DS10 and then go straight into geometry. So many options.
  8. My ds went from SM 6B to AOPS Prealgebra with very few problems. We did take about 1.5 years off just to give him time to mature into the workload. He was a young 9 when he finished SM and didn't have any trouble with the math in AOPS Pre-A but it was taking too long to finish the first few chapters. We did fun math for a few semesters and then tried AOPS again at the beginning of 6th grade (11yo). He did it independently and loved it! Now he's upset with the review at the beginning of AOPS Algebra...he wants to get to the meat. He's still happy to be using AOPS, just needs me to know he is booooored with review. I like the way the AOPS books are written to the student so he doesn't need me to teach him the material. I did sometimes help him with some of the challenging problems he couldn't figure out but that's about it. I like everything that I've seen of the follow-on SM programs but wasn't sure I wanted an integrated math. With Dimensions Math that only goes to level 8, I wasn't sure what to do after that. Ds12 is a perfect candidate for AOPS so it was an easy choice. However, DS10 is in SM 5A and is not a good candidate for AOPS Pre-A. He would get very frustrated with the method. If SM had a complete secondary math, I might use it with him. Instead, I'm thinking MM7 for pre-a and Foerster's for algebra. He can handle rigor, just not the discovery and leaps that AOPS requires. I'm hoping to add some AOPS stuff in for enrichment since we own the books. We'll see.
  9. Depends on the kid for me. My first 2 had assigned reading at the beginning 2nd. They were both early and good readers who read a lot on their own. I assigned them Sonlight readers and add some extra books in there. They are very fast readers. Ds#3 isn't ready for that yet so he still reads his readers aloud to me. It takes more time at his level since the books are getting longer, but I just don't trust him to go off and read by himself yet. He does read a lot of library books of his choosing on his own. They don't get any say over school reading. The read so much in their spare time that I am happy making school book decisions. However, this last year was the first time I've let any of them drop a book. Ds#1 absolutely hated "Around the World in Eighty Days." He read about half of it and I let him quit. He reads A LOT of good quality books on his own so I had no need to torture him through it. I even offered to let him finish it using an audiobook and he didn't even want to do that.
  10. LOL! My oldest could easily sit and do math for an hour or more in 1st (, no). I had to make a huge expectation adjustment when my 2nd started school. He was more in the 15-25 minute zone and I had to stay close or I'd lose him. The hardest thing about those years was not comparing him to his brother and having unreasonable goals.
  11. That's one reason I've always like SWR's "think to spell" idea. I am a PNW'er and dh was an army brat and our kids have mostly grown up in Texas. We have a myriad of accents around us (except me...PNW'ers have no accent, LOL). We think to spell words like fair. It still says ay to me but I agree that it is slightly different than paid. Some here in TX pronounce it the same as paid. When we think to spell it, we overpronounce the ay sound. We only do that when they are learning the word.
  12. I do agree but this is a different use of 'sight words'. Yes, your brain does end up memorizing it, but you learn it by sounding it out. True sight words you never learn to sound out, you just memorize from the start. Our school system teaches a lot of phonetic words as sight words such as "like, is, to, the", etc. The kids do not learn to sound out those words just to recognize them by sight.
  13. How does fair sound to you? To me it sounds like it has an ay sound.
  14. They are most definitely not sight words. They follow the rules perfectly since they use a normal sound for that phonogram. It just has 3 normal sounds just as a and o. Ou has four sounds. My boys learn all the sounds of a phonogram at once so they know all three sounds for oo. When we read a new oo word, we always try the first sound as it is the most common. If that isn't correct, we try the 2nd sound and then onto the 3rd. As they read more, their brains automatically associate the right sound and the sounding out process also becomes automatic and faster when they encounter new words.
  15. Thanks for posting this! My library has them available for download too! We aren't using them for a couple of years so I need to write this down somewhere.
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