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  1. Personally, when I can't imagine why someone would do something, I take the time to ask before attacking them. I guess we do things differently.
  2. I pm'ed you. I don't think this is appropriate, despite good intentions.
  3. Ecopolitan is an awesome raw food restaurant in Minneapolis that I love!
  4. My heart remains with you and your little girl.
  5. Does anyone know how to say, "Shiny, happy people," in Latin? :)
  6. I just looked at the pictures on a disc. It is completely and utterly black, nothing at all like the other one. It is something bad. I just hope it's not something like cancer. :(
  7. I had an abdominal ultrasound dur to abnormal bleeding. One ovary is measuring 2 cm wider, longer, and thicker than the other. It appeared completely black. I will hopefully hear from the doctor tomorrow. Thoughts? :(
  8. I'm in a similar situation, that's all I'll say. I recommend Greg Boyd as a theist who used to be an atheist, and is well-educated.He writes books for the lay person, but also books for the serious theology "student." Letters from a Skeptic is his lay person apologetics book. He also has podcasts.
  9. Thank you so much, everyone! It means so much to him.
  10. He is a family friend, and one of 11 kids! This scholarship will be awarded based in part on winning votes. Click the link, click Joshua Stranz, halfway down on the left. That's it! http://www.mediainstitute.edu/dad_contest/vote.php Thank you!!
  11. Are daycare providers supposed to sit and watch the kids sleep? Serious question!
  12. Ooo, sorry. I was way too literal in my response. It's in my district, but I'm not actually in PA, either!
  13. Artificial sweetners have been linked in mainsteam studies to both migraines and weight gain. Shoot, I was going to put the slinking away smilie, but my tablet updated or something, and now smilies aren't there. Pretend it's here, okay? LOL
  14. The letter we got didn't say anything about percentage of income.
  15. Yeah except, at least here, if you qualify for insurance through your work, and your employer pays 50% or more of the premium, you aren't eligible for state insurance anyway. Can't afford the premiums? Too bad.
  16. It won't show it on my tablet, and the link is broken for that photo on the site!!
  17. My dd is the same way about friends, and always has been. It's one of many reasons I think homeschooling is a good idea for her (bottom of the list, but still a perk).
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