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WOO-HOO! 10,000 POSTS!!!!! The best thing that happened today!

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Me and you MamaT....we have been here FOREVER!!!! Sometimes, I think my posts don't count.:D



Don't be silly -- you guys probably do ALOT more homeschooling than me.:lol:


I think we should have a party.....




Well, ok, but let's put Jennifer MI in charge of getting the cabana boy, ok?:D
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b/c two houses that I saw in the past three days went under contract




dd12 has a stomach bug (but thankfully she did make it to the bathroom on time)




10,000 posts!!!!!!




That's a milestone my friend! Wear your badge with pride! Well done! :) :hurray: :thumbup: :party: :cheers2:

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That is quite an accomplishment!!! Congrats!


:iagree: DH is ambivalent about it.




I am right behind you. I only need 300 more. :D Congratulations.







You haven't found the right house yet.:001_smile:


I hope dd is feeling well soon!

I keep telling myself that -- but really, the 3rd house we saw on tuesday WAS the right house. :(
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