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  1. As a youth and children's theater founder, owner, and operator I thank you from the bottom of my often overwhelmed heart. LOL
  2. I'm 44. Somebody is going to be out of luck if they think they are going to tell me my Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr Who, etc t-shirts are too young for me. LOL I usually pair them with jeans and Converse. I agree with Jean. :)
  3. I would just see it as chatting with them about what's going on with him. I don't think I'd see anything nefarious in it. Just sort of "Oh well, here's what I did today." :)
  4. A bit of both. Sometimes I'm in the mood for simple and it comes straight from the jar from the one I like. Sometimes I'm in the mood to brown some hamburger meat, onions, garlic, etc. So, both. :)
  5. I see the fellows riding around on their bikes around town still knocking. The Jehovah's Witnesses still knock on our door at least once a year too.
  6. I'm a photic sneezer as well. I grew up thinking everybody was like that, found out I was weird but then found out it had a name and I wasn't alone! Happy day! Also, not a weirdity I control but my eyes water over everything; sneezes, yawns, sun, wind, etc. When I throw up my eyes flood like I'm crying hysterically. Annoying! It feels like everything makes my eyes water. It's another thing I thought was normal until just a few years ago.
  7. I have 19 and 17 year old sons and neither of them went through it. Some of their friends did and it was amazing to watch. I'd say they started it around 14.
  8. This has been fascinating to read! I can't stand to be breathed on or breath somebody else's breath. It will wake me up at night if my husband ends up too close to me and I'm beating his breath. I've never told him that either. I hold my breath and don't look at dead animals on the road. I have to actually force myself to start breathing again once I've passed it. I guess I don't want to breath death? No idea! I'm not actually grossed out. I just can't. I know the numerical order of the alphabet as well as I know the letter itself. A=1, M=13, etc I play a game, especially while driving where I alternate adding and subtracting letters in a word to know its numerical value. For instance the word weirdness equals 4. I do it a lot. :) I can't stand loose teeth!! I can handle all the other bleeding, vomiting, etc things but do NOT come show me your loose tooth or, heaven forbid, ask me to pull it!! Gag!! I'm sure there are others. I'm just too distracting with these others I'm thinking about now. :)
  9. No, the behavior of other Christians didn't lead to my disbelief but it wasn't a helping factor either. :) Unless someone has a mental disability I see no reason for any sane person not to know right from wrong without being forced.
  10. My dachshund absolutely does. He'll take however long it takes to get those covers too. It's hilarious to watch but I can't bring myself to watch long. I have to have some sympathy for the little, nearly legless guy.
  11. I forgot I could use these from my iPhone as well! I use them in texting but didn't consider them here. Yeah! 😆 👩👋 ðŸ¶ðŸžðŸŽ‰ðŸ“±ðŸ’µðŸ¡ðŸš£
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