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Hysterical flyer I saw today

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Someone has gone around my town and posted a Found: Cat poster.


It's photocopied, so the two pictures aren't great - but they're both of a POSSUM -- A snarling, enraged possum showing all it's teeth! It doesn't look remotely like a cat. :lol:


The poster says:


Found: Cat


Not very friendly. No collar or tags. Doesn't seem to like being in the house very much.


Then there's the normal phone number tags, etc.


It's got to be a joke! I think it's a joke..... I really want to know who cornered a possum to take the picture and what possessed them to make the posters and put them up all over town!!

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Dh once mistook a possum for "the biggest rat I've ever seen!" But a cat? Gotta be a joke. At least, I hope it's a joke. :lol:



It is a joke. Posting joke posters, and then posting THAT on the internet is great fun.


I once had a roomie from China who came home one night completely aghast at the size of the "rat" he almost hit in the road. And, it had babies clinging to it.

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