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  1. Thanks, the niche.com one might be legitimate, but so many of the "best online high schools" lists out there strike me as paid advertisements by the schools. The reviews and some of the schools websites sometimes seem so sketchy... all the marketing stuff really turns me off.
  2. We're trying to decide what to do with our daughter for high school next year. I'm homeschooling her this year and it's working really well, but my family feels strongly for the need of a high school diploma and some amount of experiences in high school. I spoke with the local high school counselor and they're willing to let her take classes part time, but will not give credit for anything she does that's not through them or an accredited school. So I think we'll end up in some mixture of part online and part local public high school. I want to leave as many options open, but we need some f
  3. Southern Oregon University has a pretty campus. I adjuncted for a little bit there and am not a huge fan of the administration in the department I was in, but the kids there wouldn't ever come into the same contact so it's totally irrelevant. Ashland is a progressive, theater town in a beautiful location. It attracts a lot of tourists and has low crime. People are very health conscious and there are lots of outdoor activities - hiking, rafting, skiing... I think the quality of education will be comparable to the other state schools you mentioned, but I prefer the small town vibe of Ashland
  4. My daughter loved the fashion museum in Bath at that age. Obviously all the big museums in London have already been mentioned. The museum of London is also nice. What about Harry Potter Warner Brothers studio? Not educational but it looks like fun.
  5. I'm a huge Terry Pratchett fan, so have to recommend Wee Free Men here. Also, Stardust was mentioned above and is awesome and my own daughters have read it (at age 11 and 13) and I would absolutely recommend it, But... some parents might find a scene or two objectionable, so think YA not kids... or pre-read if your family is sensitive.
  6. We're focusing on paragraphs this year and I'm actually strangely happy using an older ESL writing textbook I used to use when I taught at community college. It's called "First Steps in Academic Writing" (We use the 1st edition -- by Ann Hogue, though there's a newer one out there). There is a lot of grammar and writing mechanics instruction and some cool sentence combining exercises. Plus, the books have nice model paragraphs and lay out step-by-step how to construct them. Every once in a while, I have to skip an exercise because the book is aimed at adult ESL students in a classroom, n
  7. I'm in southern Oregon. Anybody else in the area?
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