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  1. Thanks, the niche.com one might be legitimate, but so many of the "best online high schools" lists out there strike me as paid advertisements by the schools. The reviews and some of the schools websites sometimes seem so sketchy... all the marketing stuff really turns me off.
  2. We're trying to decide what to do with our daughter for high school next year. I'm homeschooling her this year and it's working really well, but my family feels strongly for the need of a high school diploma and some amount of experiences in high school. I spoke with the local high school counselor and they're willing to let her take classes part time, but will not give credit for anything she does that's not through them or an accredited school. So I think we'll end up in some mixture of part online and part local public high school. I want to leave as many options open, but we need some f
  3. I've absolutely had foster kids who've behaved like this and I know how infuriating it can be. One of my favorite approaches is making clear what the expectation is and then not engaging in a power struggle by walking away. So...something like this: "I really want to be able to trust you to be safe and be able to follow directions. But when I call you in and you refuse to come, it makes me think you aren't ready for the responsibility of riding by yourself out here. I'm going to go inside now. If you want to ride your bike again, you'll want to choose to come in now. If you choose
  4. When we drove across country from CA to CT, we took a southern route, going through Las Vegas, Moab, and camping in the Rockies... If you have time, you could go to the Grand Canyon or Bryce or Canyonlands.
  5. We love our inflatable kayaks and have had them about 8 years. They're not the cheapies that you buy at k-mart, but are the thick pvc types rafting companies use (duckies). https://paddling.com/reviews/product/tributary-tomcat-solo-kayak/ We've been down class iii and iv rivers in them, but usually just paddle around lakes in the summer. They're easy to transport and fun for the kids. Our family had fiberglass sea kayaks growing up and those were great too but we had a beach and never needed to transport those. In whitewater kayaking clinics, I've also enjoyed the zippy little whitewater
  6. My daughter started public high school last fall. The school absolutely didn't care at all what (if anything) she had done in 8th grade or earlier. You should obviously not expect any credits to be given. They did give her (and other 9th graders who had come from out of district) a math placement test to decide if they should go into remedial algebra, regular algebra 1 or honors geometry. My daughter placed in Algebra 2 honors. Here's my suggestion: - Find out what book they use for geometry and use it. - Review algebra throughout the year and summer so that your child doesn't forget
  7. We've had two golden doodles. Our current dog is 3/4 standard poodle and 1/4 golden retriever. Her coat does not shed at all. She's pretty calm and has a great personality. SHe's great around kids. Our previous golden doodle died of cancer just before her 2nd birthday so that was hard. She was also a very nice dog, though shed a bit more (she was 1/2 poodle, 1/2 retriever). They can be absurdly expensive... I'm not sure why. Both were around 60lbs full grown and really cute!
  8. Math - Algebra 1 using the series our local PS uses (SMc Core Focus on Math) and supplementing with Zaccarro and iXL History - World History with lots of materials including Human Odyssey 2 and Crash Course World History videos English - Rules of the Game 2, Spelling Rules book F, Variety of Novel studies Science - Ellen McHenry The Cell, Botany, the Brain, Anatomy Spanish - Basic Spanish and DuoLingo and supplements Plus fitness training and lots and lots of tennis
  9. I was pretty sure my homeschooling days were over when my older daughter started high school last fall. We'd had a great run and I felt very successful. I sold or gave away almost all of my materials a few months ago. Now my younger daughter who has never ever wanted to be homeschooled has been asking to do it next year for 8th grade. She wants to spend more time training for tennis and has been missing a lot of school for tournaments and she frankly hasn't been loving our public middle school. So I'm happily back on homeschooling duty for one more year. I think it'll be a lot of fun a
  10. Also -- he may be waiting for you to say it's okay for him to quit. It was really emotional for my daughter to quit. She needed me to specifically tell her it was okay. She did flounder for a little while following it because her studio was very stressful and it took a while to figure out who she was without ballet. What she got from 7 years of ballet, though... she's incredibly flexible and graceful and has wonderful posture. She can count music and picks up any dance form quickly. She has a high tolerance for pain and can hold her bladder for hours. She knows how to be focused and
  11. I think his opinion is what really matters. My daughter is a total ballet lover, but chose to quit at 13 too. The favoritism at her studio was just too much and short of having a breast reduction and growing a few extra inches, there was no chance she'd ever have been given better roles. She switched to ballroom dance instead and is so much more happy. I'd suggest you open the doors to other dance forms and see if you can encourage your son to rekindle his love of dance. Ballet gives such a wonderful foundation and he will be so successful in anything he tries.
  12. Apples and Pears has rules and also includes some games (Bingo, crossword puzzle). It's scripted so needs your attention, but it really works.
  13. We *loved* staying at the Beehive hotel (luxury hostel?) near the train station. My daughter and I took a private room, but there were hostel rooms too. It was cool, safe, convenient to the train station, friendly, and had a great café. http://www.the-beehive.com/
  14. No - I don't actually believe in it... but I love the idea! I *want* it to be true, it just sounds implausible.
  15. I like Cocobon red wine. At Trader Joes, it's about 7$/bottle.
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