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  1. Hi My dd just finished Thinkwell Precalculus. She planned to take Calc 1 at CC this semester but health concerns have slowed things down. She's decided to just review from here. She starts university in the fall and will take Calculus 1. I thought that I saw a list of skills for preparing for calc in another post here but I can't seem to find it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. She was also thinking that she might take Thinkwell Calculus as practice. Susan
  2. Alabama - steep, poor over ice and stir in sugar syrup
  3. My dd has two interviews for 2 different specialty tracks within the Honors College to which she's been accepted. We've been doing mock interviews but these will be her first real ones. Please suggest some possible questions. Thank you Susan
  4. Had a manicure or pedicure, watched Orange is New Black, Game of Thrones or Sex in the City, ate at Krystals or Popeyes
  5. DD University of Alabama at Birmingham -Presidential Recognition Scholarship, University of Alabama Huntsville - Charger Distinction Scholarship, University of South Alabama - Provost's Scholarship, School of Computing CIS Award Waiting on 2 more DS University of Alabama at Birmingham - Presidential Recognition Scholarship So glad this application round is almost done! Susan
  6. We had to do sibling verification too. I have twins starting in the fall and a junior in college already. One of my twins is sure about where he is going but the other isn't. Since she was also accepted at the same college as her brother, I was told to put that down and change it if she decides to go elsewhere.
  7. Thanks all. The grade is based on a clear point system. 1100 total possible and she has 1033. Syllabus goes on to give letter value to points earned. She's really stressing over this. She did take a screen shots just in case. This is an Intro to Theater class and has been a pain in the rear for her since the beginning. Gen Ed credit
  8. Hi My college daughter wanted me to ask about an issue she has this semester. Final grades started coming in and she received a B in a class. This class has its grades posted on Canvas (like a digital grade book). All requirements are on there and graded. She has final grade on Canvas of 93.8 which is an A according to the syllabus. Have any of your children had final grades that were wrong and then corrected? Can an instructor assign grades arbitrarily? She has tried contacting the instructor with no luck. Thank you Susan
  9. Two of my three kids were selected this year but only for dependent verification. This is the first time in 5 years that we were chosen but it might be because there are 3 in college next year.
  10. Thank you all. I think we just went into panic mode. We've been breeding and raising dairy goats, chickens, ducks and geese for so long that it's just our life. It doesn't sound very special. My dd was very involved in our breeding program to increase milk production and the chicken program to restore the older, endangered breeds. Written up her resume looks better. Luckily her twin brother wants to major in business and has been running his own for a few years. That's all his college wants to hear about for the competitive scholarship. I would have been lost without this board this year.
  11. Thank you for your input. She was very discouraged after reading some of the accomplishments on this board. She loves farm work and is fantastic with the animals. Her intended major is computer science so she's worried that farming and painting is irrelevant. I guess we are comparing ourselves to others. Thanks for the reminder not to do so.
  12. My dd has to upload a resume of leadership, volunteer and employment experience. We are very rural so outside opportunities were limited. She was very involved on our farm with goat breeding, heritage chicken breeding and cheese-making. She is an American Dairy Goat Association Youth member. She also worked about 25 hours a week with dh and his painting business. She has been on a USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Bowling team for 8 years. She is a USBC youth delegate for our state as well as treasurer for our local youth board. That's about it. A farm takes a lot time and she is very serious student. Her grades and test scores show academic ability but how does she put together a solid resume? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Susan
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