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  1. Thank you! Yes, that's how it is for my son too. The first year we did MM (3rd grade) I remember switching to MUS right away because of how much he resisted. We ended up going back to MM to fill in some gaps and I realized it was a great fit for us. Once the mental math review is done he does much better. I may do this! I started math a week early and am having him do a page a day instead of 2. If there are still issues, I may just move him ahead and come back. Thanks!
  2. I think I remember this being an issue for us the last couple of years, but for those of you who use Math Mammoth, do you find the beginning of the year to be difficult? The mental math review always upsets my son and makes me think, "oh no! I hope this isn't going to be a problem for us the rest of the year!" We always start math a week ahead to ease into school, but my son is already having fits, lol. Next week we'll be doing all subjects and I really hope I'm right about this being an issue in the beginning and then things get better.
  3. It sounds as though the volunteer work she is doing is somewhat casual, so I don't think you are being overly cautious at all. We've been staying home more than usual this winter because of all the sicknesses. I had a son in school for 1 year and he was sick all the time; we had over 20 sick days. It amazes me how many people go out in public spreading germs and also sending their sick children to school when they should be home resting. Some might think I'm overly cautious too, but we have been healthy this winter :)
  4. My son loved Little Pilgrim's Progress as well. And we plan on reading Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress in a few years from now.
  5. I have a son in 3rd grade Loving Easy Grammar All About Reading MUS Wordly Wise Story of the World Evan Moor Daily Geography So so Daily Grams-This is ok, but thinking of just doing Easy Grammar for next year WriteShop-Great program, but my son doesn't love writing; thinking of doing back to Daily Trait Writing Spellwell-Ok, but my son and I liked Spelling Workout better
  6. Not crazy at all. This is what we've been doing and we love it.
  7. We've been using MUS along with some MM this year. I love Math Mammoth and would love to use it without the MUS, but my son doesn't like all the problems. I pick and choose a lot of the problems from MM for reinforcing all that my son is learning in MUS and then assign concepts that are not taught in MUS for the Gamma level. It's working out pretty well, though I'd love to use just the MM.
  8. We are currently doing 3rd grade, but will likely be using the same for 4th/5th Grammar~Daily Grams and Easy Grammar Writing~Writeshop Spelling~Spellwell Vocabulary~Wordly Wise Reading~All About Reading and then free read after finishing AAR4
  9. That's common where I live as well. There was an event that we couldn't make it to because of sickness and I made sure to send a message to the lady who organized it. Otherwise we always go if we say we're going.
  10. I understand about being unsure of the socializing part and living somewhere where there's isn't much going on for homeschoolers. I live in a very, very rural area and it was difficult for us to find places to meet up with other kids. A homeschool mom just started a group this year and all the hsers have been coming out to get together. We use FB and email as a way to discuss ideas about what kind of field trips to do. We have kids ranging in age from 4k-high school age. It's wonderful. Maybe you could start FB homeschool page and reach out to people? The person who started the group put toget
  11. I guess I'm a "contemporary oldschooler"? The only thing I outsource is piano lessons. My son is in 3rd grade, but I've been researching the different approaches and curriculum for years. We live in a very rural area, so it would be difficult to oursource too much without having to drive for an hour or more. There is a CC group that is over an hour away that we could attend, but I'm not interested. I enjoy researching curriculum and find that the "oldschoolers" have a lot to offer with their advice.
  12. We didn't switch from Singapore; we switched from Horizons. It was an easy transition and we are flying through MUS Gamma. We have added in Math Mammoth for the word problems and some extra practice. If she tested into Beta, she'll be fine :)
  13. I am a christian and a Native American and have had a really hard time with some of the christian curriculum I've used, because of how they depict christians versus Native Americans. There is one in particular I had a problem with and I decided to go with something else. While I know there were tribes and natives that did horrible things, I also know there were people who claimed to be christians that did horrible things as well. It's hypocritical to bash one group of people, but pretend that another group has done nothing wrong. We use SOTW and supplement with many library books :) It's worke
  14. Thanks for the replies so far!! I'm for sure going to get "The ABC's and all their tricks" book!! Ebay has a few for a great price :)
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