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    I have for sale: 1. English Lessons Through Literature by Kathy Jo Devore -- Levels 2 and 3. $10 each or $15 for both. Media mail shipping extra. 2. Spell to Write and Read with WISE Guide, flashcards, and Audio CDs which are brand new. $30 for all plus media mail shipping. All good condition. Pay


    Kansas City

  2. THANKS 3girls4me! But does she get tired of the many pages?? We tried CLE LA in grade 2 and it was a bust... to much writing.... We also use CLE math....
  3. Bump! Has anyone tried The Word Wasp and Hornet? And what grade is MegaWords for?
  4. Hunter -- Thanks for this! Do you happen to know what the title of Eli Hoenshel's 5th grade textbook is called? I'm finding a lot of different names and reprints online... Thanks!!
  5. So we've been off the beaten track for a year using a variety of workbooks but I'm wanting to get back on more solid footing for my 10 yr old DD. What are people using for "English" -- writing/grammar/usage/spelling, etc. Or is everyone piecemealing out Language Arts? Would love an all-in-one for usage/grammar/spelling/writing, if such a thing exsits!! LOL
  6. My 10 yr old daughter has very similar issues to yours and was diagnosed as a stealth dyslexic this summer. She reads fine -- but she can't hear each phonogram, and she has very poor phonemic awareness even though she's at a 6th grade reading level. Her visual memory was so strong that she compensated for her lack of phonemic awareness by memorizing her way through spelling and reading. A lot of kids do that to compensate and what the parent doesn't realize is their child actually has dyslexia, that isn't presenting typically. We are remediating with an online dyslexia program and also Spa
  7. Thanks for your response and sorry for the delay! The dyslexia specialist who evaluated my daughter said that her visual memory of words was very strong and that was compensating for her lack of phonological awareness and ability to decode words. I think she was nervous during the testing, and that made her "not do as well"... but again the hallmark of dyslexia is inconsistency... even if it is stressors that bring out the inconsistency... And I'd love to know, what "Phonological processing targeted interventions" did you all do?
  8. Fast forward a year and half later, and my DD was diagnosed with "stealth" dyslexia, in case anyone sees this. :( Reads fine (only secondary to a great visual memory), spells decently enough but has very poor decoding skills... Has anyone used Dancing Bears to help with this?
  9. Does anyone use Keys To... as a stand-alone for those subjects, or is it piecemeal and mostly for supplementation?

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    Hi, I'm looking for Middle Ages books and materials related to CC's cycle 2 -- including IEW's Middle Ages thematic writing student book, and also CC Foundations manual, CC memory cards, CC CDs, Story of the World Book Volume 2. Thanks!



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    Purchased this from someone else and didn't use it -- $15 plus media mail shipping for BOTH!! Great deal to help develop fluency in reading!


  12. Or, you could use Beyond Five in a Row with your 4th grader, and then allow your 2nd grader to sit in and glean as much as he/she wants, but obviously tweak it down for dc. I might do this for my upcoming 4th and 2nd grader! I keep math and LA totally separate, though, with other resources. My other option too, was MFW ECC. With a toddler in the mix, I'm not so sure I want to even attempt it....

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    Would love your gently used Oak Meadow Grade 4 Manual.


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