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  1. I would say kindergarten :). Locally our our kindergarten cutoff states that you must turn 5 by December 1st so there are plenty of 4 year olds, just turned 5 year olds, and almost 6 year olds in each kindergarten class :).
  2. Actually my sister was able to get my nephew a medical fast pass so that they could bypass the lines. He occasionally gets low blood sugar and has fainted like once in his life and apparently that was enough to let him bypass the lines, lol.
  3. I bought these for my 6 year old on our recent Disney trip. We walked A LOT (close to 100 miles by the end of the trip) and he complained about a lot of things but at least he never complained about his feet, lol. https://www.zappos.com/p/plae-mimo-toddler-little-kid-green-spruce/product/8953476/color/196216?ef_id=WiXyfAAAAaU1V1Ek:20180223044909:s
  4. I love, love the patterns at "Tin Can Knits". There are some nice beginner level patters there :).
  5. Mmmmm..dijon ketchup! 🎶..if I had a million dollars..🎶
  6. I love this recipe :). https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/rachael-ray/pastitsio-with-lamb-and-sausage-recipe-2201097
  7. Body Glide :). My husband works in a factory that is hot and sweaty and was getting constant chaffing rashes..since he started using this they have disappeared :).
  8. I think Suzuki may fit what you're looking for :). Keep in mind that I don't play an instrument or have any musical training, lol, but it's been a great fit for our musical kiddo :). Suzuki typically starts out by learning songs by ear while progressively working on foundational techniques and then begins working in learning to read music a little later. His playing ability is still above what he can read but we've been working on reading/playing music and the gap is quickly closing :). This is ds (just turned 6) after two years of lessons at a local Suzuki school.
  9. So how do we find out what the cut off for National Merit contention is in our state for the current year? We're in NY so I assume it requires a relatively competitive score but ds 15 is a sophomore this year so his score doesn't count towards NMS until next year. His index score this year is a 219.
  10. My sophomore took it this year partly to practice (outside of the CAT this is the only national test he's ever taken) and partly because he'd like to participate in a local dual enrollment program next year that requires a PSAT score. He scored a 1470, which from the report looks like a nice score so everybody is happy here today :).
  11. I understand..but really how long and how much effort does it take to chime in or call and say, "You know what we can't make it today after all." especially after reminders and requests for a "who's still coming?" update are sent out. I am absolutely guilty of backing out last minute on events but I ALWAYS let the host know and I always pay regardless. Thankfully this was a pay for yourself when you get there event so I didn't lose out on any money but like I said, our destination was to a children's museum an hour away..if I had known we were going to be walking around by ourselves with no friends to talk to or play with I would have just waited until my husband was on vacation and gone as a family. There's life getting in the way and then there's thoughtless and rude and based on the replies here it seems like there is a thoughtless and rude epidemic currently ravaging the homeschooling community, lol.
  12. Thank your for commiserating and for sharing your own experiences..it's good to know that we're not alone because I was about to start taking it personally, lol!
  13. Hi all..this is part vent and part curiosity as to whether other folks are experiencing the same thing. Flashback to a year ago. I planned a homeschooler get together at our local science museum through a local, active homeschooling Facebook group. Out of the TEN people that committed as "definitely going" ONE person showed up (and I don't think they were even on the "going" list..I think they were on the "maybe" list and decided to come last minute). There weren't any last minute, "Sorry we can't make it." the morning of or even any, "So sorry we missed it!" afterwards. Nothing. Folks just didn't show up and didn't bother letting me know. Flash foreword to a couple of days ago. Against my better judgement I planned another outing to a children's museum that is about an hour away. Same group of homeschoolers. I first asked if there was interest. Oh yes..lots of interest! I then asked which date was best..everyone agreed on said date and I officially put it up on the calendar. I bumped the event and posted to remind everyone that it was coming up. I messaged the folks on the "definitely going" and "maybe" list the day before and asked them to check in by the morning to confirm they were still coming so I knew who to look for. I sent out my cell phone number so that if something happened last minute or someone was late they could give me a call. Out of the four families that were "definitely coming" once again ONE showed up (2 hours after the planned meet up time). Nobody chimed in on the FB group or called my cell phone the morning of to say they couldn't make it. WTF? Ten years ago when I was just starting out with my now 15 year old son people planned things and if someone signed up and couldn't make it for the most part they were courteous enough to let the host/organizer know. Am I the only one living in the land of uncommittal, flaky homeschoolers?! Signed, Baffled in Buffalo
  14. I had his happen once only the fluid was bright orange..like Tang colored. There was no warning...it didn't hurt...I wasn't sick...I bent over to dry the underside of my hair and gush. It was gross. I, being a rational person, immediately panicked and assumed the only logical conclusion was that I was leaking spinal fluid out my nose. Turns out it was just the remnants of a sinus infection from a few weeks back.
  15. I enjoy seeing them :). I've never bothered posting any "NOT back to school photos" (although I have lots of homeschool friends that do, lol) because, to me, it feels a little passive aggressive. For the brick and mortar school kids it's their first day back..their parents are excited, nervous, proud, happy whatever..I just "like" their pictures and let them have their day :).
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