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Who else is schooling while dh has the day off?

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We are. I hadn't planned today as an off day. I also hadn't realized dh had the day off. But it's good for him. If we took today off, he'd feel he needs to spend it with us. He so rarely gets "me" time. He spends all his time off from work doing kid things.


This morning is just for him. He's meeting with friends about work stuff, he's riding with other friends and he's sighting in a rifle. Things he can't do with us, but need to get done. He will be home shortly and take ds to play tennis, but I'm glad he's getting time to himself and not feeling guilty about it!


So is your dh off? What are you doing about school?

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That is a quandary for us, sometimes, that is the decision to make a day off for another family member into a holiday or not. When his brother comes home from college (a whole month at Christmas) my homeschooled highschooler thinks it naturally is a holiday for him. Then, he'll want all the public school holidays (is aware of those from Scout buddies), then both older kids get different Spring Breaks and the kid is already behind for piddling along on work....oh, my. He will get no summer off, at this rate. With both older kids working, or taking classes, that's prob good.


I loved that you are so tickled that your husband gets some time off from all. Mine really needs some time off, or "down time", too. He'll sit under the porch on the patio that we store tools and grill stuff, and read, even in the cold. He will hide in his gun room and load bullets. He's not avoiding us, but he just likes/needs solitude with no-one talking AT him. Well, I do too, but I'm the mom, so I'll get some in another five years or so, if I want. I'm still grateful that I get solitude in the 'little cowgirls' room', KWIM? I stay at home, and don't go anywhere, for days and days now, since I have no more carpooling and required trips out, except for groceries, really. I'm a cave-dweller.


You enjoy his day off. Hope you see some sunshine!


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we are all very sick. No school today, missed two days last week, missed two days the week before. I've been sick the longest and dd 11 is very sick right now.


Dh is on the couch bundled up. He's next.


Here's to hoping dd7 won't catch what we have.


So no, no school.


Well, that's a bummer reason to be off. :grouphug: Hope you all feel better soon.

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I, too, found out at the last moment that my dh is home today on furlough. I made it a snow day here (1st time this whole winter season) and my dc are eating lunch at a neighbor's house and playing in the snow with friends while dh and I have some time together. It's nice and a refreshing change.



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We schooled this morning. Dh does work today though.


Some of the neighborhood kids came by earlier to see if ds6 and ds4 could play. We were right in the middle of a subject so I said we had to finish our school first.


It was beautiful, sunny and warm this morning when they came and I told them he'd be out after lunch, but darn if it didn't all of a sudden get cold and rainy by noon!

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Dh has the day off. He spent the morning doing Saturday School with the boys (we know, it's not Saturday, but that's what we call the school he does with them). We've got piano, public speaking, and Judo this afternoon, so he'll get quite a few hours to himself to study for the digital logic class he's taking. I was supposed to spend the morning writing, but instead ended up having a rare lengthy phone conversation with my brother.

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