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  1. Lori, do you by chance have any thoughts on how this would compare to K12's Human Odyssey? If you had to choose one over the other, which would you go with and why? Sorry, hope that isn't asking too much. I'm looking for a non history loving 12yo boy.
  2. Lori, is there a similar set up (workbook and tex) for Ancients?
  3. I have always been against the idea. It sounds like I am not too far off so I will sit down with him when he gets home from work today and discuss it with him. He's a grown man and while I can't make him not buy the car he wants, hopefully he will just see the other point of view and look for a normal vehicle.
  4. Yes, you are correct. And I don't post often enough that people here have a better idea of my life so everyone gets snippets. Money was incredibly tight. Years ago we purchased a house in a city where there are several universities and colleges and was relatively close to home. The plan was to rent it out for now and have it available for the kids should they choose to go there after high school. If the kids went elsewhere for school we would continue to rent it out until the mortgage was paid off and either retire there or sell. We ended up with atrocious tenants who not only never paid rent, but basically destroyed the place to the point of it needing to be almost gutted. I don't want to debate this and what we could/should have done as we have suffered greatly for the choices we made. They led us to believe that they were hard up and dh didn't want to evict this young family. We were left with a LOT of bills and not much money to pay them all with. We have since been able to sell the house and rid ourselves of the payments on it but we still need to recover from all the repair costs as well as the costs associated with selling. Dh needs a vehicle for work as his is on its last leg and we were going to purchase one when all of this came to light. Now he REALLY needs a vehicle. He does a fair bit of rural driving and he needs something fuel efficient but also either AWD or with 4x4 capability as we do have snow here. His friend suggested and sold him on the idea of a RHD car. Apparently he can get a Subaru with AWD for several thousand less than what a LHD one here would cost. It's from Japan, or maybe even imported into Canada first, I can't recall all the details. These cars have low kms and no rust. But I don't think it's a good idea. I'm not a troll, I'm not bored and looking to start controversy. I'm just a boring mama whose life has thrown me weird curve balls lately. Dh is trying to save us some money upfront but can't seem to see the long term problems. He has severe ADHD and can be impulsive and has difficulty seeing the long term ramification of things. I don't know enough about RHD cars so I asked here. It's not a "coolness" factor. It's him not seeing the big picture and trying to get a vehicle he needs at a cost he can afford. I'm looking at it more as exploring options but I didn't want to put my foot down if I was wrong about my concerns. I hope this is more clear.
  5. I didn't think about resale. I'll mention that to him as well. I was a bit annoyed that our teen and up and coming teens won't have a car to learn to drive in. It's not that easy to have a Suburban as your learning to drive vehicle.
  6. He's made acquaitances with someone who imports right hand drive cars and I this person has been "selling" him on the idea. At this point in time he is specifically seeking out a right hand drive vehicle. We are in the market for a new vehicle for him so this isn't just him casually looking around because he's bored.
  7. He knows someone who imports them. The one he is looking at has already been imported and the person has been driving it here but is looking to change for whatever reason (I don't know the reason).
  8. My husband wants to buy a right hand drive car. While it is ultimately his decision, I am not 100% on board with the idea and am trying to talk him out of it. Most of my concerns are safety- passing on major roadways, as well as left hand turns. His ADHD has also been very severe lately and I worry about his impulse reactions and ability to focus on something that is entirely new to him. My biggest concern is how much rural driving he does between towns and his constant passing of vehicles on two lane highways. I feel like it's just an accident waiting to happen. I also hear insurance rates and repairs can be significantly higher. He doesn't go through drive thrus or parking gates so those are moot points. :) I've expressed my concerns with him but I also acknowledge that he is a grown man and capable of making his own decisions. I do often drive his car as it is much cheaper on gas but I don't foresee myself taking on a right hand drive vehicle so that does leave us at a financial disadvantage as I'll always have to take the more expensive vehicle. Please tell me this really isn't a big deal and I'm worrying for nothing. Does anyone here in the US drive a right hand drive car (or have a husband who does)? FWIW dh has never driven anywhere else but here and he has never driven a right hand drive car.
  9. I'm just happy to hear that we are not the only household this happens in. I feared that maybe I was doing something really wrong. I'll just make sure I have extras of things and let it go. I would appreciate a nod if my stash is getting low. It really is disappointing to everyone when we all think there's Christmas chocolate left and really it's been gone for weeks. I could have bought more, you know? But hey, it's true, if this is the worst I deal with then that's a pretty good thing. :)
  10. Mine do too. All the time, for everything. One will get the idea they want an apple and ask. So then the next one asks. And the next. And the next. And the next. I tell them, please just go get it, you don't need to ask. But then there's my mystery food stealer. I really don't get it.
  11. Yes, I've considered him. haha But he denies it. I hope HE'S not the one lying to me. :(
  12. I'm wondering if this is within the realm or "normal" or if this would be an issue. I try to find a balance in our lives when it comes to what the kids eat. A lot of them have allergies so that really limits their choices to begin with. During winter months, I admit that I do limit sugar intake both for immune system and also behaviour. The kids know this and we talk about why. On top of severe food allergies, I also have one who reacts very poorly with red dye. Neither of my parents have a sweet tooth so I grew up not having dessert often and as a result, it's not something we have often either. It not something I think of unless we have company come over. An ongoing issue here is that snack food disappears. I never see it being eaten, but it disappears and nobody will own up to it being them. I don't ask in anger, I'm just truly curious who is eating it and what I can do to curb this a bit. Stuff like the chocolate chips that I buy for baking. I'll go to make chocolate chip pancakes (I do so once or twice a week) or muffins and the bag is almost empty when it was full the week prior. Or, all of a sudden ½ the halloween candy in the closet is gone or the box of chocolates that I was given by a friend for Christmas is ½ empty when I had only eaten 1. I bought marshmallows for a science project and intended to make Rice Crispy squares out of the remainder but when I grabbed the bag, there were two left. Yet, nobody will own up to eating them. We had put all our Christmas candy in a bowl and we were going to have some slowly over a few weeks rather than all at once (the kids as a group suggested this). Well, I forgot about it for a couple weeks and when I went back to give some out to them all, it was all gone. :( This is the sort of thing that happens. I think I know who it is but when I've confronted them in a non-confrontational manner they acted all offended and they got all angry with me for accusing them. When I bake cookies or muffins, they go in a tin and the kids are welcome to help themselves whenever. This goes for whatever fruits and vegetables are on the counter. I guess I am a bit frustrated that my baking materials disappear so quickly and without my knowing. We live a ways out of town so it is often days later before I can get in to buy what I need to bake or make treats. But maybe because we don't have cookies and goodies around a lot that's what the kids see as treats? Do you think that it is an issue of sorts that food is disappearing like this? I'll be honest that it bothers me, but here's why: I typically put the chocolate chips or candies up on the top shelf because my little kids (3, 5) will eat them non stop if they have access to them all the time. I'm not opposed to them having sweets and candy from time to time but we all know how little kids binge. So, I know it's one of my older kids. But when the older kids sneak food that I don't know they are eating then the little kids never get anything. Like the marshmallows- somebody ate them all and the little kids never even got to eat one. I'm a bit tired of hiding food in my own house. It's not that I even want to hide food, but I do need some of it to be there when I need it. I also think it can lead to unhealthy eating habits if one of my kids feels they need to sneak all this food. Do your kids eat all your baking stuff and goodies? I could use a bit of insight from other parents here.
  13. Had a huge turkey for Christmas and lots of left overs but I didn't get all the meat eaten so I shredded it and put into a ziplock in the freezer. I did this on the morning of the 29th (fourth day after). This past Thursday night one of the kids accidentally left the freezer door cracked and the shredded turkey meat was definitely thawing so I put it in the fridge on Friday morning. Made a big soup Friday night and again yesterday but I still have a fair bit left. Meat has been in the fridge. Would you consider it ok to make another soup today or has it gone too long?
  14. Thanks, everyone. I think I may try switching from Ecos. I know it takes a couple seconds to spot stains but I usually grab and dump and have been moving towards having the kids put their own laundry in the wash so I'm no longer supervising what goes in other than a quick glance to make sure they're sorted appropriately. The two times I decided to forego sorting one of the jeans bled and ruined several shirts. I knew better but had read a few blogs about people who stopped sorting and lived happily ever after. Lesson learned!! We don't have hard water and I hang everything to dry. The only items that go in the dryer are baby clothes so it's not the dryer that's setting in stains. Your'e all given me a lot of tips to work with. Thank you!
  15. There. I've admitted it. I used to think I was pretty good and am pleased with myself because it never seems to pile up around here and I am dutiful about getting one load washed, hung, and put away every day. Thing is pretty much all our clothes come out stained, or, if cleaner than they went in, still not 100% clean. My kids aren't especially dirty but I'm really not able to get simple marks out of clothes. For example, one of our rubbermaid bins leaked a bit and some clothes had some wet dust (just a streak, it wasn't even mud, just a smudge of brown dirt). I looked a it and figured it would come out in the wash. Nope. It looks the same coming out as it did going in. Now, I could have used a stain remover, but I was out. And honestly, I don't have time to spot stain all 7 of my kids' clothes. The baby has plenty of spit up or diaper leak stains and the older kids get stuff... not even the big things like blood or coffee or grass stains. Just some dirt from here and there and... spots. Often, after a few washes their clothes come out with some grease looking spots on them and I have to toss far more than I would like to admit. Usually to avoid this we have at home and going out clothes but their "at home" items far outnumber their ones or going out. What am I doing wrong? I have a top loader (old style, not even a new one and this is non negotiable for now as we are renting temporarily). I sort clothes into the following: Blacks - wash in cold in Woolite Dark liquid and hang to dry to avoid dulling of black Whites- wash in hot with regular liquid soap. Sometimes I wash in cold because some of the whites are more delicate fabric and I don't have time/energy/desire to sort by fabric Jeans/Underwear- hot with regular soap Colors- wash in cold What am I doing wrong? Is hot water better for washing clothes? I recently spoke to someone who told me that none of her clothes have stains and she washes everything in cold. Does cold water wash as well? Is it my detergent? I use Ecos from Costco mostly because my kids don't do scents or dyes well. Is it my soap? I'm so tired of staying on top of all our laundry needs (no small feat) and yet always having dirty clothes. Oh, and if kids are sick, stomach virus or more serious things, hot is always better right? Will cold get clothes clean? I use hot for jeans/underwear because I figure it cleans germs better but correct me if I'm wrong.
  16. My 8yo loves reading but it is not an area of strength for him. He has really been enjoying the Geronimo Stilton series but feels like he is ready to move on to something a bit more difficult. Because reading is hard for him I need recommendations for a step above this reading level that would also be of high interest to an 8/9 year old boy. What have your boys loved at this reading level?
  17. We are going through a tough financial blip right now and I needed to reach out and ask on a local FB group for some clothes for the baby. A couple people replied and gave us some but the ones that would fit best and are in the nicest shape came from a smoking home. Or maybe it was smoking grandparents as I picked up from the grandma's house. Some of the clothes are better than others. At any rate I am really in need of baby clothes but I'm a bit worried about these. My husband used to smoke a long time ago but never inside and I never had an issue with the smell sticking to his clothes so I thought a run through the wash with OxyClean would help. It didnt do the trick. I've read to soak the load with white vinegar (which I can do because I have a top loader) but I'm wondering if this will be good enough? Do I really want to use these clothes for a new baby? If they no longer smell like smoke will they be "safe" or should I possibly pass them along? I know beggars can't be choosers but I'm not willing to risk my baby's health if it comes down to that.
  18. Squeeeee. Congrats!!! I had brutal morning sickness with my last baby but wasn't able to find much relief. :( I have heard good things about acupuncture but have been told that it's something you have to do regularly. It only lasts a couple of days and doesn't work for everyone (according to the acupuncturist i saw at the end of my last pregnancy)
  19. The schizophrenia is a real possibility as it runs in that side of the family. I brought this up as I was aware of this but family member says this is incorrect and brought up a bunch of websites which state otherwise. I don't know enough. But yes, the schizophrenia angle scares me for them. And their children.
  20. WWYD if over the Christmas holidays a close family member made it clear to you that they would like to start using marijuana? They state that they don't see how it is supposed to be worse than drinking a glass of wine or beer, don't want to get high, but want to look into the healing it gives when taken in multiple manners. They stated that pot "isn't bad for a person and that if I were only to look into it I would know that too." . I sat and listened how apparently marijuana use has great benefits for ADD and anxiety sufferers and that there are cannabinoid receptors in the human brain. I've also been informed that it's engrained in all humans (not quite sure what was meant by this), part of every culture for the thousands of years, and that the Talmudic priests used it in there holy anointing oil. They are trying to open my eyes to the truth that cannabis use has remarkable benefits and that it has only been denied for the past 100 years. Apparently I am ignorant for thinking this is an unwise idea. I don't like being called ignorant, so WTM Hive please enlighten me. This isn't exactly a conversation I ever thought I would see myself having with this person and even typing it makes it more real, which I would rather not. My first reaction is to walk away and watch the train wreck from a distance but it's not something I can do in this instance. Help? WWYD? I'm defeated enough with a lot of other things going on in my life that this is really pushing me over the edge. What does one even say to this? How do I refute this or make any sort of point?
  21. We are going through some life stuff and money is beyond tight, almost non existent for the next couple months. I have an opportunity for my kids to get into swimming lessons for free, but my young teens don't have swim wear. Would buying them used swim wear be that unsanitary? I plan to spray the crotch and breast area with a light coat of Spray 9, which is supposed to kill most virus and bacteria and wash in hot. Would this be sufficient? I know it's not ideal, but wanted to check that there wasn't something I wasn't aware about before searching out used swimwear. I don't mind used clothes and even used swim wear for little kids but somehow getting used ladies swim wear made me wonder if there's something I don't know. They would both require ladies sizing.
  22. There are few things that are going well for me in my life at the moment and most are out of my control. One thing that I know can help me is to get back into shape and lose this baby weight. Plus, I think exercise in general can very likely help my mood and take my mind off things that I can not change. Unfortunately, my budget is next to nothing for the next bit while we get some large, unexpected bills paid off, so I need suggestions for workouts that can be done at home. To complicate things, I had a c-section :( so a program that would primarily target core strength and reconditioning post surgery would make me so happy. Oh, and to add to the difficulty factor, I need it to be things I can do indoors (not swimming) as outside activities are not possible for me at this time. Please tell me there's something out there for me. I really need a boost right now.
  23. I have a couple boys (8 and 10) who have a very hard time doing school work when they are sick or tired. And by sick, I mean sniffles or cough and nothing worth noting or keeping them home for if they were in PS. If they are really ill we don't do any school :) Some of it I know is just them milking it but there are days when it's not worth the battle. Either their output is lousy (even just oral narration or oral comprehension/discussion) or they simply don't retain much and I have to cover the material again with them when they are well. My 8yo has some learning disabilities and has to be on his "A" game in order to grasp new material and my 10yo would rather do anything but school on the best of days so I do choose my battles with these two. However, I am not comfortable letting them simply do nothing for days on end. I'm looking for suggestions of activities or videos that can keep them engaged or at least save their brains from turning to mush on "off" days. I used to rely on Netflix documentaries but we have cancelled our Netflix account and have no other such memberships. I do have Internet so anything that is free online would be great. They enjoy Crash Course history videos so similar things for both history and science would be great. I also have them work on typing and they do art, and am not looking solely for videos to keep them entertained. Perhaps a website that offers hands-on learning ideas or projects that are more fun? I'm out of ideas but I'm sure I can get several by asking here. Oh and games that have educational value would be great as well. Money is tight but I'm willing to invest in a few if they'll keep the kids learning and not just building Lego while they recover. :)
  24. My 10yo 5th grader does not like history at all. He has had no interest through the 3 years of SOTW that I went through with him and his siblings. It was painful, I won't lie. I would like to kick it up a notch with logic stage studies this year but he really dislikes the content and has no interest. I don't want to do SOTW again with him as he didn't enjoy it the first time around. Although he does read for leisure, he's also not the kid who is going to find additional reading and novels fun and I know it will be a challenge to get him to do much supplemental reading. Due to strong lack of interest he really has not retained much from SOTW so a lot of the material will be new for him. What's the least painful way to get him through history this year? We are having a bit of a difficult year outside of school so I have been more lenient with work output but school has always been a struggle for this one. There are very few subjects that he enjoys and overall he really dislikes school. He is very immature for his age and while his skills (writing, math, spelling, reading) are all at grade level his critical thinking and logic skills are very weak and he seems to be a couple years behind in his understanding of things. I would like a program that is more of "get it done" type but that may perhaps ignite a spark in him at some point. Nothing too writing intensive would be great, but I would like something that requires output so that I can gauge if he's actually doing the reading. I have 4 other kids to teach and it's hard enough some days. :)
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