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  1. The ink cartridge refill place, where I buy ink cheaply, always recommends Brother brand. I have had a couple Epsons and they drink ink, and I LOVE to hit print. They print lovely pictures though. I loved my last Epson Workforce, but went for a Brother MFC-J825DW this time, and absolutely adore it. It has a very small footprint, and does everything. Wi-fi, double sided printing, etc. Individual ink cartridges is a big deal for me, too. I think it is less than $130 right now on Amazon.
  2. We tried light therapy for my son when he was 10-11. He was not thrilled with doing it, but we had high hopes. If it had been successful we could have gotten a home unit thru insurance. In the end we did not see enough improvement to even warrant the trips to the dr. and the $25 deductible. I think we went about ten times thinking that would show some results. Finally, we decided, he would simply go outside on our roof and get ten minutes a day on as much skin as he cared to expose. (He's too shy about simply taking off shirt while mowing grass or something like that.) He'll do this even in fr
  3. I would continue to call, I have never had problems with shipments, but I remember thinking the last one took a long time. I am spoiled by Amazon Prime though, so maybe skewed my expectation. I'm guessing this is a very busy time for them, if they are not answering the phone.
  4. The History of World Literature TTC 2300 vs. Great American Bestsellers TTC 2527 I'm working on planning my son's 11th/12th grade year. He's 17, and we have not read enough good literature. He'll be finishing U.S. History and starting world history again. I just want him to have some experience with college style lecturing, then we can read and discuss. Which history that we mesh with is less important than which course is more engaging. Older boy, likes to read lightweight stuff....I need him to learn to get over some heavier ground, so the World Lit course might be better, but we
  5. We are using Road Map to Last Best Hope. There are projects, AP info and more....two levels of testing on each chapter. I printed like crazy, made a notebook and direction for my 10th grader, and he can do it himself, asks for tests when he needs them. I NEVER subscribe to online stuff, but this is different to me. I have not used any projects, and you are wanting them, so I cannot speak to that particular need.
  6. Alive! Not the version Wal-Mart sells though, the max potency one.
  7. Clinical strength of any brand. Mitchum was considered the stongest, serious deoderant when I was a youth. Switching around might work. Men's deoderant without antipersperant. I love one of the Old Spice ones, and it seems to last a long, long time. Not sure why, but it smells really great going on.
  8. I do it for my vitamins and save a major bundle. It's easy to change the schedule, and once it got off-kilter, from my fiddling with it wrong, so I called and rather than stop and start and lose the low locked in price, the customer service lady gave me a $2 credit to even it out. (I live about 15 minutes from a ratty grocery store, 30 minutes from small town with other places to shop, and 50 minutes from Sam's or Costco, so Amazon Prime was a huge upgrade for my life, in timesaving and money savings. It more than pays for itself in gas saved, much less the books I find, the savings on so
  9. Congratulations Happyhomemaker25! Yesterday, I was lucky enough to catch husband in the mood to go check out a couple of Craigslist finds. I'm onto carpets right now. First one, listed for $200 for an old Karastan Kirman, has beautiful color, fringe worn off, some stains, couple of holes, got it for $50, it's an odd size about 12' by 10'. The second one looks much more valuable, possibly a real hand-tied rug, some edge damage, some stains, only $100, maybe 12' by 18', great colors. I am learning to wash wool rugs at home, repair (edging, mend, replace fringe, etc.) for my own use, and, if
  10. I have often used "Do you work outside your home?" or "Do you work for a paychecks?" for women. Husband says "what do you do?" I think, and that leaves it easy to say "my career is.....", "my degree is....", "on my off time...." and not really go into working or not. It is hard, these days, I agree.
  11. Thanks, Naturegirl. Love your name. I keep going thru the state park and forest listings, VRBO, Homeaway, Flipkey, and nothing catches my eye or it is so expensive. We kinda wore out the area north of Watoga already, and it is beautiful. We stayed in Seneca State Forest cabins, very neat: propane lighting and refrigerator, vault toilet, pump your own water, my younger son fished the little lake off the back porch! Thanks so much for your reply!
  12. We want to take a low stress vacation, not too far from home. We cycle a lot and kayak, and can take sets of both on a trip. I'm looking at Greenbrier SF, Moncove Lake SP, Bluestone, Babcock and Hawk's Nest.....mostly in the southern part of W.V. because we want to be within driving distance of the Greenbrier Trail. My adult children will travel with us still! 17, 21, 23. We like to make day trips to cities, historic sites, used book stores. We read, we hike, we swim. We need down time. We sleep. All three can sleep 20 hours. Dad and I want sunsets and sunrises, with coffee. Are any of the
  13. Reviving the part of the thread about sewing patches on to uniforms. Use the color of thread of the garment, not the patch. Catch the threads of the back of the patch of the outline stitching, so thread will show on the back of the shirt fabric or sash fabric, not the front of the patch. Machine sewing is best for patches that are not changed out, like the council strip, and I taught my sons and some of my troop to use a sewing machine,or needle and thread if they preferred. To Seranade: JUNIOR Assistant Scoutmaster is an appointed job, for 16-17 year olds, who have done it all, but s
  14. I have visited both campuses, and they are quite different, I felt. Also, both great! As I read replies, I feel like both would be great for your child for her major choice. What I would do: if you can manage one more visit to each....campuses closing down right now, though. I wonder if she might get a feeling for the places she'd be living: library, dorms, classrooms, etc. Meeting with professors MIGHT help, but more than one, as one person could just not fit. Good luck. As others said: "no bad choice".
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