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  1. Maybe she circle the wrong date for her birthday?😭... I supposed she is on the younger side. Will the fact that she only missed one question in the entire test might disqualify for the age score? Considering it is a out of level test?... we didn't have any say on the level. It is just what school district does
  2. My daughter just had her cogat test results back from school. (We are after schooler) She was tested on form 6 level b and the test was done when she was 9 years old and 2 weeks . She had 99 percentile on all 3 batteries for 3rd grade level. but I am troubled that there is no age percentile nor profile reported. The reports says she is out of the age range? I thought level B was recommended for 3rd grade? Any idea why that is?
  3. Any news? Hugs Rose. Thinking and praying for you
  4. Wow.. That is so horrible. I also will not send money. I can't believe that woman dare to ask you for money. What kind of low live You handle everything well, and you know what you need to do. Hugs...
  5. I am so sorry Rose. But when I read your post this morning I had the same feeling. You will have to let him go and figure it out himself. Hopefully he will see one day that you truly love him. And to be all honest, it might be better for your other kids and yourself. Just let him know that you respect his choice and you will always have a room for him if he ever needs it.
  6. I really hope he can see it soon who is and who can REALLY take care of him... Hugs
  7. Marcy Watson is very cute. Rainbow fairy is about same level as magic tre house. My father's dragon Flate stanly The littles They are all about same level as magic tree house
  8. :grouphug: . We all stumbled along the way as the parents and learn from our mistake. I don't think anyone can honestly say they did everything right
  9. I make a point to my kids that science is everywhere. It is how the earth moves, it is about how a bird grow, it is about how your heart beats, it is about how a ball drop. IMO, there is no science book can cover it all, You as a teacher bear a responsibility to make your kids see that. there is no textbook can do that for you. I am not anti- textbook, I combine them. i review some textbooks that I think that is promising, and I extract the part that I think right for my children and then put my own spin in it. I don't think textbook is bad, I think it is how people using it. If you use it as a regular textbook and make your kids to memorize everything in it, sure it kills science. But if you take what you read in the book and elaborate it by applying it i your daily life. .. I think any textbook will work just fine.

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  11. Regentrude, Any chance you still have those tests that you created?? specific for AOPS - Algebra? Will you care to share?? :D
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