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  1. Thank you, that is exactly what I need to know. 5 hrs or so per week based on the pace it published.
  2. How the online course works? Do you supposed to watch everyday? For how long? Or 2 days a week sorta thing?
  3. Lol... Do our kids go to the same camp? My son go to a ymca overnight camp over the summer and it is the same deal. You can send email, and they print it out distributed over the dinner time. And, yes, we send th boy a email every single night. I think it is important( he is 11) for him to know that we miss him and update to him every little insignificant thing
  4. Did you check the cogat site then! There is long long advise for each combination stanines.
  5. Our ymca charges 146 for 8 45 mins lessons for non member. So I think u got a good price. The ratio can get to 1:8
  6. He needs to be very solid on basic operation before algebra. Or you will see sloppy mistake all over tha places. I will say pre A also
  7. this is an older post. I found it helpful http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/361425-aops-or-college-algebratrig/
  8. every school has different policy. you will have to check with your school
  9. My kids uses both. We just started the computer program this year. It certainly is convienent, but it is harder to review the pervious lessons. they do have a flash card app That we use but find the book is a bit easier to review. So they do the lesson on computer and review pervious lessons with book.
  10. Purdue.. Not sure their math, physics. But certainly low cost and with highly regard engineering
  11. I would agree with this. When my older did algebra and now pre cal. I feel those basic stuff are constantly used.. Not reviewed.. But used in problem solving
  12. So when u say 6/7. It is really 6/7/8 combined? not like there is much new topics in that 3 years but still sound a lot to combine. So your district doesn't accelerate kids at younger grade in elementary? around here, you got to get the 1st acceleration in elementary to even get considered to get into double acceleration. It is kinda interesting how differnt area does things so differently.
  13. Do u know live in NY, do u know what is the policy taking 2 science or math class in one school year in high school. Is that allowed?
  14. Out of curiosity, do all kids in your district take algebra in 8th? Or the accelerated pathway skip 8th grade math?
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