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  1. Thanks for the recommendation on Angel of the Square. Needed a read aloud for next week's study of Russia in geography with my 7th grader. My library didn't have a copy, but it was only $2 on Amazan Kindle.
  2. Thanks for this review as it affirms my plans to use OT and NT books this year.
  3. I explain what they mean as they come up, but I do not preemptively teach them. My 11-year-old is constantly surprised by how many euphemisms there are for sex and body parts :)
  4. I am with you, Rose. I don't get the appeal of poetry either. Maybe if you approach it like a riddle, make a game out of it, it might be more interesting? Read books of riddles and invite the kids to compose their own to appreciate the nuances of language and meaning. Then read some boring ol' poems and see if something happens? My STEM-loving kids can learn about the beauty of poetry from their high school & college professors. I just read them the teacher's manual because I rarely can make heads or tails of them myself. For example, I read aloud to them "Out of the Dust". I am not
  5. Thanks to this post, my boys just completed a 4-week drawing unit using about a dozen videos (beginner level) from the "Secrets of Drawing" course. It was a good program and worth the $20 I paid for the subscription. I didn't download anything but did print out the "books" (really stills from the video with commentary) for the boys to create a textbook. Mostly the boys sketched the concepts as introduced, but I did make them do a few full-fledged drawings. It was a little advanced for my 10-year-old non-visual artist (he liked the 'Secret City" YouTube videos we used last year better) but was
  6. I like the Avancemos program from Holt. They have an extensive online companion site that is free! Includes complete audio files for the textbook (but not the online textbook), videos, quizzes, flashcards w/audio, and workbook-type exercises including conjugations to practice the lessons. The book itself is available used for less than $10. It is a high school program, but is adaptable to a middle schooler covering the first course in 2 years of 4 units each instead of 8. Here is a link to the site: http://www.classzone.com/cz/books/avancemos_1/book_home.htm
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