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  1. I voted under, but wish my pants fit me over the bellybutton or at least at my bellybutton. I have a long torso, am petite, am apple shaped and have straight hips, so finding a higher waisted pant is pretty impossible. I've even gone out and spent $$$ on some so-called "high-waisted" premium denim and that also came under my bellybutton!
  2. My cramps can be unbearable as well. Some of the suggestions you've gotten already have helped me tremendously. With the Advil- you need to take 4 of them to get any sort of relief. Take them just BEFORE your period begins. When you know it's coming. And take them every 4-6 hours with food. I get very tender breasts the week before and have found that Evening Primrose Oil capsules taken at the start of the soreness, decreases the swelling and tenderness. I take it everyday until that symptom wears off (about 7 days). Drinking Red Rasberry and Chasteberry teas, helps to tone th
  3. I also have fibro and am treating it similarly to Jean. I take a slew of vitamins each day-CoQ10, B complex, Vit D, magnesium, womens daily, and recently added in Zyflamend. For awhile I took adrenal cortex for the debilitating fatigue. I feel much better than I did (fatigue wise) several years ago. At that time, I even the THOUGHT of exercise would overwhelm me. I've cut out coffee and decreased my intake of carbs. This helped with the fatigue. That said, I would still try to get a second opinion if you can. Fibro is an autoimmune disorder and having one autoimmune problem can ofte
  4. I'm kind of in the same boat as you. The past year I've been doing Zumba and pilates to help ease my pain and get somewhat physically fit. It's been suggested to me several times to try light weights, but like you, my arms just ache and ache after and during. Many years ago, pre-marriage and babies, I taught yoga. Practiced it since I was young. Now I cannot under any circumstances even take a yoga class. My arms just can't do it. During the songs in Zumba that focus on arms I stand in the back and walk in place. I have slowly reached a point where I can at least stay in a plank
  5. Jean, I'm not on the boards that much anymore but I think I remember you saying before you had fibromyalgia? I have it and I know for me any sort of exercise that concentrates on one muscle area and involves repetitive motion d**n near kills me. I can keep up in kickboxing classes, zumba classes, bollyfit classes, but if any of them start to focus on a certain muscle group for more than 1 minute I have to walk in place until they are done. Not sure if it's do to the fibro or something else, but sometimes it's just the way your body responds. Now if it's just an endurance thing, then jus
  6. When my boys were babies and we lived in the N.E., they would where a fleece zip up coverall. It covered their feet hands and head. I would put a blanket around their baby carseat and take them to the car. If we were going to be out and about for some time in a stroller I had a very thick, warm shearling stroller cover that they would be toasty in. After around age 2 and still to this day, I buy them the parkas from Lands End. I remember reading a long time ago that these were safe to wear in car seats. They are not puffy yet they are very warm. They never liked wearing coats in
  7. I don't know how helpful this is, but maybe someone else on here would have more information.. A few years ago a friend of mine told me about an organization where she lives in Charlotte, NC that sews weighted blankets and vest for kids and they do it entirely for free. I think it's a church organization that has a stitching club. You would need to know someone that lives there to pick it up I guess though. There might be something similar in your friend's area?
  8. I like the Kirkland brand green tea at Costco. It is sold as Kirkland but is made from the Ito En brand. It tastes really good and smooth and is not bitter even if I let it steep for a long time.
  9. LOL, that was great! I'm not brave or patient enough to take my boys shopping. I tend to order multiple sizes online and return whatever doesn't fit.
  10. Hmm, I guess I just have to hope that it works well enough to last. I was hoping this one be be good for at least a couple of years, but it didn't even make it through year 1 and if it stops working in another 9 months it won't be under warranty. That kind of stinks.
  11. I agree that this is pretty typical. My boys played with some older boys on our old block and it happens. I did have a few talks with some of the older boys about how they are older and should behave like the older ones and not get too physical with the younger ones since they are bigger. But overall they were nice kids and I knew them and their parents pretty well so I didn't worry too much. If I got the feeling they were bullying or being excessively rough even after being called out on it, then I would not allow my boys to play with them. It's tough if everyone's on the same cul-de
  12. My beloved Kindle died. It was still under warranty and Amazon is replacing it for me, but they said they did not know if it would be new or a refurb. Since the replacement's warranty will only be for as long as my original one which will end in a couple months I'm hoping that it is new. If not, anyone here with a refurb one have any problems?
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