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  1. Yeah, I actually do have an MA in Linguistics (from back in the late '80's)...although I think I only snagged the interview because of having a friend in the school system that put in a good name for me!
  2. I just got a part-time job as a reading tutor in a local public school, and I love it! My background is linguistics, so teaching young children how to read is so rewarding and fun! My ds is a freshman in college this year and my dd is doing WHA full-time, basically, so this job is perfect as I work M-Th and have Fridays off in which I can proctor her tests and get laundry done. Going to a job interview for the first time in 20 years was more than a bit unnerving, I must say, but I am so thankful that I found a purpose so I do not have to pursue my second option as a WalMart greeter, lol! For you, though, it sounds like the para/assistant in that private school that offers potential tutoring jobs on the side might be a happy, good fit!
  3. This is the strategy that my dd wants to take. She is almost 17 and doesn't care about going in to a doctor. We will just have to 'play it by ear' (no pun intended, lol), but I will likely still call and check in with our regular physician in the morning...
  4. Thanks, all. And I won't use anymore peroxide, Spy Car...good call! I only just got home from a busy day today, but will call someone tomorrow...
  5. Dr.'s office is closed now for lunch and then I have an appt. right after that to help a friend with homeschool options for her dc with CF. all are making some good points, though, that I need to act on this sooner as opposed to later. I guess because there is no pain, it doesn't seem as I do not think of it as a regular 'wound', but it is!
  6. It looks so small, you can barely even see it. Still the same advice?
  7. My dd came to me this morning with a pierced ear hole that has torn all the way down and out the bottom of the ear, leaving a 'slice' instead of a hole. I put a little hydrogen peroxide on it, but it did not bubble and does not look infected at all... Now what do I do? She can no longer wear earrings, obviously, but I do not know how to repair the tear and what priority it should take on my busy August list with a ds heading out-of-state to college for the first time in two weeks... Anyone already deal with this problem? Any advice from the Hive would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!! Brenda
  8. My friend who has no time due to a couple of dc having cystic fibrosis wanted me to check out Virtual Homeschool Group for her youngest who would be taking Saxon 5/4 Math AYOP (At Your Own Pace). She wants to know if this could be an option for her this fall if she has little free time to 'volunteer' or how does the volunteer part work. Feel free to share any other aspect of your experience with this group as well. Thanks, Brenda
  9. Yes, please let me know what you find out for sure from your daughter, fourisenough, and I will pass the info on to my friend. The program looks great. I probably hadn't heard of it before because it is so new!
  10. Omma

    Do I need to see a dermatologist?

    So, two concerning things... 1. a sore that doesn't heal 2. if it is 'indented' in the middle, which it might be if the lower 'bump' is just marking out the lower boundary of the cancer that we can see on the surface. Let us know how your appt. goes and when you can get in! Blessings (from a redhead that has had too many of these surgeries for comfort), Brenda P.S. Did anyone hear about a new tool in which they can tell if you have skin cancer without having to cut and biopsy? It sounds so exciting and gives one hope that they won't have to be 'cut up' and sliced and diced without certain cause!
  11. So, I found Cathy Duffy reviews on this, plus the website and forwarded it to my friend. She really likes the look of it and is going to check out the sample video with her daughter today. She was wondering if there was some kind of workbook with it??? Thanks for the great tips!
  12. I will pass on all these ideas to my friend and will research and consider each one mentioned. Thanks, and now I'm off to check out Unlock Math...🙂
  13. Greetings, Hive, I have a friend who has two daughters with Cystic Fibrosis and she is asking my advice on finding a self-paced math program to replace Saxon. The oldest is a freshman who will be ready for Algebra 1. She doesn't want to give up on quality, but will have times when she is hospitalized and will have to pause from school, so some kind of self-paced program that either has someone else doing the grading or it could be a situation where I would come alongside and help facilitate math class by grading and hands-on help as needed. The younger daughter, also with CF, just finished Saxon 7/6 and will be entering 7th grade in the fall. She seems pretty intuitive with math, according to her mom, but does not want to do Saxon any longer. What should I recommend she switch to? I could also be available to help teach math to this dc, too, if that would work out. I love math and I love this family, plus I have more free time this coming year with my oldest going off to college. Options we have discussed include: Derek Owens, Teaching Textbooks (least on the list), VideoText Algebra, Mr. D's Math (I think that is what it is called, although I know nothing else about it), or even BJU DVD's for math (which I have used). My friend also brought up Virtual Homeschooling, but I think she wanted to know about that for teaching her upcoming 4th grader ds who just finished Saxon 3. The same rules apply to him...I could facilitate his math instruction or not, depending on what is chosen. BJU Math 4 DVD's are another option, or perhaps continuing on to Saxon 5/4 with this student....maybe with Teaching Tapes Technology??? (Family was not a fan of Art Reed DVDs and the Saxon Teacher speaker was monotone but got the job done). The math programs I know best are BJU for elementary and Saxon for middle and high school, just as an aside. As an FYI, the oldest has been ill enough this past spring that she had been considered for the lung transplant waiting list... In your response, please let me know if the advice is for the 9th grader, 7th grader, or 4th grader and I thank you all in advance. Blessings, Brenda
  14. Omma

    Latin - MP or CAP

    Since there is different scope and sequence with different vocabulary words to learn, I'd start with First Form Latin and just move along at whatever pace is comfortable for you.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply! That is exciting that they will allow adults, first of all. But perhaps I cannot audit as they do not allow auditing of language classes, which I assume means no auditing Latin. I am very much intrigued, but a little scared. I have a big collection of Latin resources (including Wheelock), but I am not as fast a memorizer as I used to be (although I do have a great understanding of the grammar involved, since I studied linguistics with a focused interest in grammatical analysis!) 🙂
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