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  1. Around here it is required to take a covid test 5 days prior to surgery, and of course it must be negative! And then you are supposed to self-isolate until your surgery...
  2. I found out that even removing a melanoma insitu is considered elective surgery around here, as it is not yet considered cancer at this stage by the plastic surgeon (since insitu means it is contained and hasn't spread to lymph nodes, etc.). Thankfully, elective surgeries are up and running right now, anyway, but one never knows for how long...
  3. You crack me up, RootAnn, and have always had that ability! Well, at least we can keep in touch via comparing notes on oral surgeries this summer. No LINK in person this year!
  4. Oh, thank you everyone! I guess I had better get on this right away, then. My dd graduates next weekend virtually from her online academy and she is still hoping to go to Cedarville University for Getting Started Weekend in mid-August!
  5. Should we go ahead with dentist's recommendation (made last January) that our dd get her wisdom teeth out this summer? We live in NE. I was thinking if we do this, I would want the first appt. of the day!
  6. www.whio.com is out of Dayton, near where my ds is a first responder. And my dd is taking her first solo flight to go visit Cedarville University, and him, in less than two weeks. Ugh!
  7. My son is on the EMS/Fire Squad in that area. He said he was up for 23 hours, including driving the ambulance around and spotting funnel clouds in the darkness to report in to the news channels. Today he is out again, helping out in Dayton.
  8. I heard about Unlock Math here on this site (yeah for WTM forums!!!) and my friend who has two dc with CF is using it this year. She told me the other day she is loving it (although I think there was a bit of a 'ramp up'). One of her dc emails the instructor continuously (or so it seems to the mom) and the instructor is very responsive and helpful. I believe one is doing pre-algebra and the other Algebra 1.
  9. I am just so sorry to hear this, Arctic Mama! I had foot surgery a year ago for the ball of my foot and was so relieved that I could do a bit of weight-bearing as I could not manage crutches well at all. They look so much easier to use than they actually are (at least for me). I am glad to hear you are getting a wheelchair and many items arranged ahead of time that will aid you in your convalescence (at least we hope that is what you will be able to do...convalesce, that is!!!). That ice storm in OH was pretty bad. My ds had broken his elbow 3 weeks previously, falling off a longboa
  10. Yeah, I actually do have an MA in Linguistics (from back in the late '80's)...although I think I only snagged the interview because of having a friend in the school system that put in a good name for me!
  11. I just got a part-time job as a reading tutor in a local public school, and I love it! My background is linguistics, so teaching young children how to read is so rewarding and fun! My ds is a freshman in college this year and my dd is doing WHA full-time, basically, so this job is perfect as I work M-Th and have Fridays off in which I can proctor her tests and get laundry done. Going to a job interview for the first time in 20 years was more than a bit unnerving, I must say, but I am so thankful that I found a purpose so I do not have to pursue my second option as a WalMart greeter, lol!
  12. This is the strategy that my dd wants to take. She is almost 17 and doesn't care about going in to a doctor. We will just have to 'play it by ear' (no pun intended, lol), but I will likely still call and check in with our regular physician in the morning...
  13. Thanks, all. And I won't use anymore peroxide, Spy Car...good call! I only just got home from a busy day today, but will call someone tomorrow...
  14. Dr.'s office is closed now for lunch and then I have an appt. right after that to help a friend with homeschool options for her dc with CF. Hmm...you all are making some good points, though, that I need to act on this sooner as opposed to later. I guess because there is no pain, it doesn't seem as serious...so I do not think of it as a regular 'wound', but it is!
  15. It looks so small, though...like you can barely even see it. Still the same advice?
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