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  1. Sorry! Baby Benjamin joins big brothers Nicholas, Wesley, Carter, and Theodore. :-)
  2. This. I did a bunch of research earlier this pregnancy about this topic, as I am 42 and about to deliver and was told all sorts of scary stats by my best friend because that was what she was told when she delivered in a major Boston hospital that deals mainly with 'high risk' pregnancies (of which I'm not). I wish I hadn't deleted the folder full of research papers I had found, because this kept coming up over and over again...
  3. My MIL has paid for classes at the YMCA for each boy for birthdays, Christmas, etc before. She gave them a small toy and we talked about how their class was a gift from Amah & Grandpa every time we went. My mother buys us a basic membership to the New England Aquarium each Christmas, and then I pay to upgrade it. So much better than cheap toys that get thrown away come January...
  4. We have two rentals. One walks over every month (the house is around the corner) and pays by bank check, on-time and in full. The other (the unit is the next town over) gives us the run-around every month and is still paying (never on time, sometimes even post-dated) with starter checks; sometimes he drops it off, sometimes we have to go pick it up. Both units will go up for sale next year, thank goodness!
  5. I see the midwives in my OB/GYN office. The office has recently become affiliated with one of the larger hospitals in Boston and have one of their Maternal Fetal Medicine docs on staff who, I guess, is *technically* in charge of my case due to my advanced maternal age (I'm 42). Because of my age, it was recommended after my 20 wk scan that I have ultrasounds at 24, 28, 32, & 36 wks, and then weekly there after. After discussing it with my primary midwife, I declined several of the earlier scans but have agreed to the weekly scans after 36 weeks, as 37wks+ is when things tend to go south for women my age. I know that they are grading the baby on an 8pt scale at each scan, with overall movements, breathing movements, and amniotic fluid levels being three of the things that they are looking for. It was also estimated last week that the baby was around the 75th percentile, and 7lbs 10oz +/-1lb. The tech kept talking about how 'big' the baby was. I said, "Honey, my last baby was 10lb 12oz - this baby is a peanut!" She nearly fell off of her chair!
  6. We are in MA and we see the public school speech therapist even though my kids are home.
  7. So, I'm still pregnant... Due date is in 9 days. The last month went pretty well; my anxiety calmed down and I absolutely crushed my to-do list of all the things that needed to be done before baby arrives. The last week or so, though, the anxiety has come back with a vengeance. I've been having on/off gastro-intestinal issues and each time it happens I get a 4+ hour span of time where I have horrible contractions accompanied by what I guess is adrenaline surges that make me feel dreadful and exhausted. Next U/S is Tuesday afternoon (39wks+1day) and I'm only slightly hoping that they say I need to be induced immediately so that I can get this over with! (I honestly don't want to be induced yet - I usually go over 41wks and I don't want to set myself up for more interventions/possible c-section if it really is too early.) I am going to do some research before my appointment on laughing gas and other pain-relief options. I finished the Hypnobirth book but never opened the CD - I'll do that tomorrow and hope that maybe it will help. Thanks again for all the responses to my original post - I appreciate everyone's stories and perspectives.
  8. DS7 absolutely LOVES audio books! He spent the summer listening to the entire Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series, and just finished The Hobbit. (He likes things that are slightly scary/full of adventure/above his reading level). However, DS4 doesn't really like the audio books - he prefers if his father or I read to him - and distracts DS7 until he puts the audio book away and plays. I will have to search the library catalog again...
  9. So, quiet time isn't going as well as it used to here. Since DS7 is home this year, he and DS4 want to play together during quiet time, and that generally doesn't make it QUIET, if you know what I mean. I'm about to have baby #5 and am hoping that I can use quiet time to get rest for myself each afternoon, while the new baby and DS2 nap. I'm looking for recommendations for some interesting, fun, and (preferably) educational shows (DVDs or Netflix, as we don't have cable) to keep them quiet for 90 minutes or so each afternoon. The boys like Magic School Bus, and are nearly finished season 3. What else is there? They do not have any other screens to use, so apps and games are out. FWIW, this is only temporary, as quiet time turns into History/Language lesson time in the new year for DS7. (The rest of his schooling is finished before lunch each day.) Thanks very much!
  10. After DS7's most recent flare-up (his third), I did a lot of research online and truly believe that it is PANDAS that is causing his problems. Our pedi was open to listening, testing for, and then treating his strep infection. However, they are affiliated with Boston Children's Hospital, which may or may not accept PANDAS as a valid diagnosis, depending on the department/doctor/day of the week... Thankfully, he has tested clean since the antibiotics but he has retained some *quirks* (as my husband refers to them), mostly anxiety/fear issues. I would like him to receive some cognitive behavioral therapy to help him work through these *quirks* and have some tools to deal with them in future flare-ups, but my husband is not very fond of doctors and absolutely against therapy/psychology/psychiatry of any kind. This is one of the factors that tipped the scales for me keeping him home this year - keeping him from having to deal with these *quirks* in a classroom full of kids AND lowering his risk of catching strep again in the public school setting. I continue to research to help him the best I can from home.
  11. I have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation, but I just wanted to wave :seeya: hello from 30 minutes to your north. Methuen, MA (on the NH border) here!
  12. I DO have a teaching degree (I have indefinitely put off finishing my dissertation for my doctoral degree in order to have more children/raise my family) and I STILL get crap for deciding to keep my 2nd grader and preschooler home this year! Grrrrrrr....
  13. My 7yr old most likely is suffering from PANDAS. we've had some treatment (not enough, in my opinion, and just enough, in my husband's). Stay strong, mama.
  14. Supposedly, not supposably. (Looks at *very* close family member... :glare: )
  15. I'm about to have this problem, too. We drive a Mazda5, which seats 6 (2 parents, 1 grown child, 3 car seats). We are about to have a 5th and, if all 7 of us need to go somewhere, we will need to take 2 cars. It won't happen very often, but it still isn't what I want to do. Good luck!
  16. For my family of 6 - DH, myself, and four boys 2, 4, 7, & 20 - the table gives monthly values of about $880 (thrifty) to $1730 (liberal). Looking at our budget, I spend around $850/month for buying groceries, which probably includes 1/4-1/2 of our detergents, paper goods, etc. However, it does not include: -pizza takeout every Friday night; -drive-through burgers for the kids once a week; -DS20's work lunches and out-with-friends meals/snacks that he buys himself; -DH's dinner between job #1 and job #2 twice a week; and -DH's alcohol. We do pay a premium for milk/cream/eggs that are delivered weekly by the last local dairy, which is probably $25-30 per week. We usually only drink milk & water at home and the kids eat fresh fruit like crazy. We do not eat nearly enough vegetables! I do use coupons, stock up on sales, and I shop at the local supermarket as well as BJs (big box store). I make >75% of all meals/treats from scratch and we keep very little junk food in the house.
  17. We are *days* away from welcoming our 5th child. We already have four boys, ages 2, 4, 7 and the oldest is weeks away from turning 21. :ohmy: I had 3 losses (2 singletons and a set of twins) between babies #2 and 3, so I now have pregnancy-induced anxiety.. I'm 42, and this pregnancy was physically very hard - I wasn't in great physical shape when it started and my back issues (only during pregnancy) made it pretty much impossible to get any exercise. My 2yr old quit sleeping through the night a few months ago, so I'm sleep-deprived again which made it that much worse. All that aside, while I've been telling people that this is THE LAST BABY EVER, I don't know that I really mean that. My DH is only 36 and talks about having more. I have always loved being pregnant, and I LOVE the newborn-to-two phase. If I was younger, it wouldn't even be a question that I would have more. We will see how I feel after this baby is on the outside.
  18. Singapore Challenging Word Problems 2. The solution in the back was incorrect. We spent a *lot* of time on that one problem - I thought he was going to cry when he saw that his answer didn't match.
  19. We borrow lots of audio books on PlayAway from the library. They are little self-contained mp3 players that you plug your own headphones or portable speaker into. I type in "BookTitle playaway" in the keyword search.
  20. Salmon. I got a &%$# fish. Ugh. I'm in Ravenclaw - This I can deal with.
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