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  1. If Horizons is working I’d stick with it and just add videos from education unboxed. Just Play with math for a while. Or add in some critical thinking puzzle books or hands on equations. my first pick would be to watch education unboxed videos and play with your son, it wouldn’t cost you anything to try 🙂 her videos are amazing and explain the “why” behind math
  2. Becca glass on YouTube has done a Nice review on this! I’ve personally used Ivy Kids boxes and loved them. Soo easy to grab a paper/game/book and go.
  3. I forgot he’s already going to be in Kinder class 5 mornings a week, he may need some down time after school, like playing blocks or playdoigh while listening to an audio book or while you read aloud to him. Maybe even having him lie down while he listens? I’ve never tried the Simply boxes but I think they are more for pre-K Kid’s ages I believe. I’d try the IVY KiDs box and see if he likes that? I believe they are both similar in price and contents, one may be more appropriate age range wise though. Something to check out!
  4. The jungle book narrated by Bill Bailey is AMAZING!!! He has a British accent and it pairs perfectly with the story 😉 We also love Jims audio books.
  5. Apologia it Gods design for science. With apologia you could use the audio and they could all listen and one could follow along and one could notebook? For history what about notgrass?
  6. I have the confessions curriculum and it’s a lot to print and prep! It’s almost all hands on though. You can pick and choose. id do The good and the beautiful pre-k. Simple and hands on and affordable.
  7. If you only need an hour of online learning, I’d say Reading eggs/express is your best bet. Express Ian just a huge library of books to reading and I believe questions they can answer about them. It will even read the books to your kids if I remember right. Reading eggs is a phonics program, and it’s fun. Either of these will be a good supplement. IXL is super brining in my opinion, but doesn’t serve a purpose for kids who need flash card practice with math facts. It should good for a busy family to use, If needed. Hope this helps!
  8. Memoria press has secular kits/ literature guides for charter schools! Evan Moore has language fundamentals books, and book shark has language arts packages as well. Easy grammar would work too. Were in CA and with a charter, we use Christian curriculum just have to make sure there’s not any “Christian” things showing.
  9. So that’s it basically, looking for something that is similar in teaching format to the Key to series, but for milultiplication and division? I’m wanting to use it as a review for summer. I know Miquon is the precursor to this series, but I’m thinning that would be overkill for summer review....any ideas for something. Cheap?
  10. Are the videos teaching a lesson or a certain topic to the kids? In addition to or instead of the normal format? Asking since we’ve never used the online version, but am curious. Do you use the online as a stand alone, or mix with the books? is the online version guided or do the kids have to chose what to work on? My DD wants an online math, but I need it to be comprehensive and self TT is as far as lessons go. Im hoping they have an update to the online version so that the text is read to the kids, the id be sold!
  11. Cozy grammar might be a good fit? It’s video lessons, with easy daily work. or Fix it grammar?
  12. Was the workbook worth the price? Was there anything you added to it? I have only found 1 youtube review of this program, and sadly nothing else.
  13. Has anyone used this book with the activity book with their preschooler? It looks fun and engaging, so just looking for reviews. I also want to add in bible, but am not sure which one....any ideas?
  14. I like starfall too, but wish it was guided. I also like THIS READING MAMA apps, and the free Phonograms app from All about learning press. I think there are some good reviews on toddler/preschool apps if you google it. Endless alphabet is good too I hear. Im sure anything they like and will keep their attention is going to be fine!
  15. I have a 3year old that will be 4 in November of this year. Id be interested in trying out some stuff maybe? Depending on what it is you require exactly 🙂
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