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  1. Hi! Im going to start using grammar land and the Usborne illustrated book of grammar and punctuation. I’d like some worksheets to go along with these, that are either multiple choice or cut and paste for answers. My kids are in 4th and 5th grade but we’ve only made it part way through FLL 2, so I’m looking for something fun for them and to get their feet wet without “hard” work todo. Anyone know of a teachers pay teachers store with these they’ve used? Or has anyone maybe used
  2. ghcostafamily

    Bookshark/Sonlight History Questions

    Is go straight to sonlight or bookshark. They are helpful when picking levels of their curriculum
  3. Kate snow just said in a pod cast that she recommends rod and staff math 6 for remediation/review or Activites for he AL abacus. id suggest going to education unboxed and going through her division videos and going from there. Or anything from Ronit Bird.
  4. ghcostafamily

    Writing out math problems

    Maybe just print the ebook lessons and that way they are writing less than if they’d done it from scratch?
  5. ghcostafamily

    Other series like Liberty's Kids?

    I’d stay away from the Who Was series.... at least we are. In the first episode it has really gross comedy that I don’t thinks appropriate for kids. The first scene was two historical figures (kids) kicking each other in the crotch! That is a very sad and low way to get laughs and my kids don’t need to watch Jackass type comedy to learn or be interested in history. Just my 2 cents though. Just be aware. The producer is Conan, so it has his humor.
  6. ghcostafamily

    1 year elementary World History?

    We did Sonlight’s b+c last year and it was fun! I tweaked it soo much though, Like cutting out all the Bible and added in our own geography. Id say get CHOW or any other Historical timeline book and read through it at your own pace. Get library books on certain topics that interest your kids, and get a scratch off world map(amazon $20) and scratch off the countries you read about! It’s fun and easy 🙂 masterbooks has a world history curriculum....or maybe it’s geography. Also MFW has a history book that has all evolutionary content taken out of it, we have that book and it’s a great resource! guest hollow has a free curriculum too and you can just get library books. My last but favorite curriculum would be Beautiful feet books.
  7. ghcostafamily

    Help me pick a science for this year!

    ID pick Science Shepard. 2-5 min videos, and multiple choice/ matching worksheet to go with each lesson, usually one sided. Easy and gets it done! And both kids can do it together. Easy peasy!
  8. ghcostafamily

    Spelling help for 9 yr old dd

    If you do a lesson a day, like we did, you can possibly get through levels 1 and 2 by then. They are super simple! AA3 is a different level and it takes us one week to get through a lesson, or STEP as AAS calls them 🙂
  9. ghcostafamily

    Review of all basic elementary math

    Math Mammoth or the Activites for the AL abacus book by RightStart. Or any cheap book from costco or other summer math books. You can combine that with games from educationunboxed or YouTube, math antics is a great channel as well as Math Mammoths channel.
  10. ghcostafamily

    Beautiful Feet History of Science

    I looked at Rainbow Resource and couldnt find that review....Maybe they removed it? Id email BFB. They have awesome customer service and will help you out! Could you please post here and let us know what they say, id be curious to know too 🙂
  11. She has free curriculum for everything! What drew me to her site was her Character Bible/Nature study course, then I started to look around and I really like the looks of her stuff too! She has some newer stuff that is already printed and you pay for it, but everything else is FREE! Anyone use her stuff?
  12. Thank you both for the info! I have looked at the scandisk, and am thinking a smaller more portable item is what im looking for. My MIL has another android tablet, similar size to the fire that shes going to give us. So if for some reason that doesnt work then ill consider the Kindle Fire!
  13. Looking for a cheaper (under $100) MP3 player for my kiddo to listen to audio books and some music at night. We have an iPad, but a smaller device with no internet is preferable. I also have a PC and learning ally and Audible, if that matters.
  14. ghcostafamily

    Using AAR level 2 readers with Barton level 5?

    Which reader would I start with?
  15. Beautiful feet books is a great program, though not as many book suggestions. I’d check out guest hollows free ancient history curriculum! It gives book recommendations and movie and activity suggestions too! also look into All through the Ages, it’s lists books in historical order. You can always just add in things you want todo, like games and activities too.
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