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  1. She has free curriculum for everything! What drew me to her site was her Character Bible/Nature study course, then I started to look around and I really like the looks of her stuff too! She has some newer stuff that is already printed and you pay for it, but everything else is FREE! Anyone use her stuff?
  2. Thank you both for the info! I have looked at the scandisk, and am thinking a smaller more portable item is what im looking for. My MIL has another android tablet, similar size to the fire that shes going to give us. So if for some reason that doesnt work then ill consider the Kindle Fire!
  3. Looking for a cheaper (under $100) MP3 player for my kiddo to listen to audio books and some music at night. We have an iPad, but a smaller device with no internet is preferable. I also have a PC and learning ally and Audible, if that matters.
  4. ghcostafamily

    Using AAR level 2 readers with Barton level 5?

    Which reader would I start with?
  5. Beautiful feet books is a great program, though not as many book suggestions. I’d check out guest hollows free ancient history curriculum! It gives book recommendations and movie and activity suggestions too! also look into All through the Ages, it’s lists books in historical order. You can always just add in things you want todo, like games and activities too.
  6. ghcostafamily

    Dimensions Math (New Singapore Math Series)

    I didn’t know they had older Dimensions levels out? Their post said it was only k-1 I this an older program that they are revamping?
  7. ghcostafamily

    Using AAR level 2 readers with Barton level 5?

    Yes, I totally get it! We have all the fluency lists for level 4, that the tutor gave me that we’re going to start going through. She’s with the tutor 3-4 times a week for an hour each time. I used quizlet once when I was in school, I need togo in again and look at it.
  8. ghcostafamily

    Using AAR level 2 readers with Barton level 5?

    our tutor drills her on the fluency sheets that are part of the lesson, meaning she has to read it under a certain amount of time to be able to pass the lesson. She gave me some extra fluency sheets to practice on daily with my daughter, but they are from level 4 and they are hard for her. I think we just need to keep at it for a while so she becomes fluent with them.
  9. ghcostafamily

    Using AAR level 2 readers with Barton level 5?

    Thank you all for replying! It helps to have feedback on this. I dont know any other homeschoolers where I live that have a dyslexic kiddo that I could chat with and get feedback like this. We did reading out of the AAR level 2 book today and she did really good, so I think we will just progress through them naturally and see how it goes. I also have all the Level 2 and 3 readers from Sonlight that I will add in once shes able to handle non-controlled readers.
  10. ghcostafamily

    Using AAR level 2 readers with Barton level 5?

    No. We have BA and she loves that, but its hard for her to read, so Im assuming it would not build her confidence. She hasn't been drilled to fluency, if you are referring to the sheets that she reads under 2 minutes. I have copies of the extra ones that Barton suggests for practice, and they are very challenging for her. Ill look at this and see! Thanks for the link and the info :) NO, I already own all 4 levels of AAR. We used to have a tutor that used F&P, and honestly they are soo filled with sight words it was hard for her and she guessed a LOT. That was before her Barton Tutor though.
  11. ghcostafamily

    Using AAR level 2 readers with Barton level 5?

    Yes, her tutor gave her a few lessons on the silent E so she could read a few books. Its not required, I asked for something for her to read daily to help her. Shes almost 10 and gets tutoring 3-4 times a week for an hour each session. I just wanted something extra to help her along. Exactly, even Hooked on Phonics is filled with sight words! Its crazy, but I have a ton of leveled readers that she caant/isint ready for yet. I already have all 4 levels of AAR that I use with my other daughter so it seemed the best match for her. I totally agree! My daughter reads a ton of pages each session, which builds her confidence! She loves the cute pictures and the books feel so "Real" because of the black and white pictures and the hardback.
  12. ghcostafamily

    Using AAR level 2 readers with Barton level 5?

    I had her read for 15minutes today from the AAR level 2 reader and it went well! I think its honestly just right for her, a little easy, but she has a ways to go with fluency. I think this is a good level for her. She hasnt been drilled to fluency, if you mean she can read all the fluency pages under 2 minutes. I have a stack that we go through daily, along with her reading for 15minutes.
  13. Im going to start my daughter on the level 2 AAR readers while using Barton, and I wanted to know who has done this before? She has a tutor and is currently on Barton level 5 lesson 6. Her tutor looked at the readers from AAR and said it should be fine. Just wondering if anyone has any experience using these two together? The tutor has all the readers for level 3, and my daughter has already read them. Ive looked at High noon books, but honestly the website confuses me!
  14. ghcostafamily

    Dimensions Math (New Singapore Math Series)

    I took a look at it yesterday, and sadly I dont like the looks of it. Like JANEWAY said, it look cluttered and not well organized. I may just be biased because I love the US versions with all the cute kiddos :)
  15. ghcostafamily

    Independent Learning Programs for PreK

    For Apps I’d recommend starfall. It’s amazing and you can lock them in the app on an iPad and it’s childproof. I wouldn’t recommend letting a child spend all day on a device though, or even every day. Just me though.
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