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  1. Learn in color has guides and fun quizzes to go along with 4 American girl movies. They cover the world wars and the revolution. Something fun to change things up!
  2. I don’t have any personal experience with these programs personally, but I would compare the scope and sequence of each program and that should give you a starting place. I know Memoria press uses College of the redwoods for their pre-algebra, and AOPS is always mentioned for for being challenging. That being said, if your child gets the material and can fly through the course, they can move into higher maths sooner. As long as the child is grasping the concepts, and building in their foundation of math skills you can’t go wrong with any program IMHO 😉
  3. I’ve been looking at both as well. Chalk dust will send you a free dvd with samples of the lessons for all grades they offer, he’s a lovely teacher from what I can see. Think well seems like a nice option too, I’d have your kid do the free 14-day trial with thinkwell and then watch the DVD sample from Chalkdust and see what they like best. College of the redwoods has a free pre algebra course with free teaching videos that may fit the bill. The textbook is only $20, so it’s a cost effective choice. thinkwell is computer and printed workbook and chalkdust is dvd and textbook
  4. I have never heard of this book, is it used in any other packaged curricula? Im looking further into this for sure! This forum never disappoints!
  5. I didnt know Veritas had a Transition course! This is very intriguing, now just to find a review on it. Notgrass would be a contender as well, and maybe just not do all of the extras. Are you planning to use the Audio and all of the extra books as well? I like the timeline and the maps books, and was thinking we could just do the Lesson book orally. Thank you!
  6. Ive never heard of the Timestables of History book or Human Odyssey before! Thank you for the recommendations!
  7. Im looking for a one year sweep through history program, or outline that I can use with my 7th and 6th grader. I was considering TGATB but havent seen it in person and am not sure it will fit easily into our daily routine. We have Sonlight core C+D and could use that again, or could go with the older level that also combines this. Not wanting to spend that much though. I have a lot of resources at home and dont really have the energy to piece together a history program. I wanted to maybe do 2 sweeps, one this year and one the next year. I like the idea of TGATB but I think it may have too man
  8. In MUS you don’t need to do every single page in the workbook. If they get the 1st page correct, and they can show/teach it back to you, then move to the next lesson. Some also alternate worksheets. The first 3 are for the new material and the next 3 are review and the last (g) is a puzzle activity. Then there is also the test. So you can speed up or slow down as needed. If you watch and read the teachers manual they go over this. you can make its spiral with more review by alternating the worksheets as best for each kiddo! You could do worksheet In different orders: A,D,B,E and th
  9. The RS games kit covers everything from addition to fractions, so it’s hard to compare. For addition they have several games (don’t have it in front of me so haven’t counted) you would have to read about each game and then play and figure out which ones you liked and preferred. Many options in that book. AFTS has I believe only a few games for each fact group, so not overwhelming. They are simple and take less than 5min each to read about and play. Simple approach. i have both but prefer AFTS (or any in the series) just due to the fact that I need quick and easy for my brain. I don’t
  10. If Horizons is working I’d stick with it and just add videos from education unboxed. Just Play with math for a while. Or add in some critical thinking puzzle books or hands on equations. my first pick would be to watch education unboxed videos and play with your son, it wouldn’t cost you anything to try 🙂 her videos are amazing and explain the “why” behind math
  11. Becca glass on YouTube has done a Nice review on this! I’ve personally used Ivy Kids boxes and loved them. Soo easy to grab a paper/game/book and go.
  12. I forgot he’s already going to be in Kinder class 5 mornings a week, he may need some down time after school, like playing blocks or playdoigh while listening to an audio book or while you read aloud to him. Maybe even having him lie down while he listens? I’ve never tried the Simply boxes but I think they are more for pre-K Kid’s ages I believe. I’d try the IVY KiDs box and see if he likes that? I believe they are both similar in price and contents, one may be more appropriate age range wise though. Something to check out!
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