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  1. ghcostafamily

    Singapore Math (5 grade) question

    Id ask Jenny at singapore math. I asked this myself once and she was very helpful!
  2. ghcostafamily

    Math Woes... I Screwed Up.... Now Help Me, Please!

    Id stick with TT if I were you. Not all reviews are bad, we use it with one of my kiddos and I was kind of on the fence too.....but honestly its the way she learns best, and we still do games and I supplement with worksheets from time to time, mainly brain teasers and such. If its working and not broken then DONT fix it! AS far as having memory or recall issues, grab a deck of cards and play games, or dice and so on. You can find math game books at the library or online for free. Math geek mama has a ton of free games to play, and also TPT. Education Unboxed also has some wonderful free videos that use cuisenaire rods that you can play to reinforce concepts in a different way that are fun and you can do alongside TT. Balance Math from Critical thinking company is a fun book that has puzzles, its cheap and could be a fun way to add some challange to his work, I would do it with him to help make it more fun. I switched math curriculum about 3 times between my kids kinder and 4th grade year too, biggest mistake Ive made. Now i am just trying to do what works for my kids and stick to it. TT is one of those things that works, even if I don't like it myself. Again, my advice is to stick to it if hes liking it and retaining the information. Maybe even print out a lesson every so often and do it with him, and use some block/base ten/abacus or something hands on to see if he can explain it to you? Do a problem and get it wrong, then have him correct your work. Great way to see if hes is actually understanding the info. Simple cheap and free ways to make it more/less challenging. Dont stress yourself out, hes got time.
  3. ghcostafamily

    Anyone use Plain and not so Plain FREE curriculum?

    I’ve printed her 3rd grade math, but never used not for any other reason than I had forgotten about it. Her bible character study looks really good, that’s what drew me to her site originally. She has a YouTube with a few videos that I’ve watched too. I think her stuff is good and I will definitely keep her site in my mind when looking for free stuff for the future!
  4. ghcostafamily

    Logic of English game book

    I’d go on TPT and find some fun games! Make take teach has some fun free games to hat we’ve used!
  5. ghcostafamily

    ST Math as a full curriculum?

    No, not necessarily. We have all the books already for level 3, so I would want to finish those out before we went with an online version anyways. I guess we could do it together. Do you have experience with the Beast online? Is it more exciting?
  6. ghcostafamily

    ST Math as a full curriculum?

    Yes, we have looked into it...sadly I think the reading aspect will hold her back, so that’s why I’ve not looked further into it. I’ve emailed AOPS and they have no plans, as of now, to have it changed.
  7. ghcostafamily

    ST Math as a full curriculum?

    Im looking into this for my 5th soon to be 6th grader next year. We have used SIngapore math for the longest period of time and stopped at level 4. My oldest now uses i-Ready as a main curriculum and we add in other math as need be. i-Ready is an online software that had videos and quizes, it will adjust to where she needs help, but I was told by our charter school that it is NOT a main curriculum and mainly used as a supplement. That being said, its the one that gets done daily and without complaints, so thats a win win for us. We tried TT and she hated it, and I dont really like i-Ready myself so looking into something that will work for both of us. My thoughts are to switch to ST math for next year and see if she likes it. From the website is states that it is a full curriculum, so I wanted to see if anyone else uses it as such? The only reason Id like to switch is to have her main curriculum be online, and then we can supplement as we do now. We also have Developmental mathematics, which is all worksheet based, but that I was going to use for morning/clipboard work, just a page a day as review. She says the reason she likes i-Ready (CC aligned), is because they SHOW her the math, shes dyslexic and loves anything visual. She also likes Beast Academy and LOF. But both of thoses I need to sit with her and read them for her to be able to use them, so Im looking for something that she can use on her own for the main portion.
  8. ghcostafamily

    Supplement to TT....

    Never heard of Zacarros before! Ill look into it ?
  9. ghcostafamily

    Supplement to TT....

    I just looked at Mathematical Reasoning and it seems to be nice and colorful and FUN looking. I dont think she would balk at it. Ill give it a try.....geesh the price of that is steep though. I have looked at challenging word problems as well, ill see If i can get an older used copy of that as well. Thank you!
  10. ghcostafamily

    Supplement to TT....

    Hi, My 4th grader is doing TT online version and liking it and doing it without a fuss! Huge success for us. Im currently having her do a page of Balance Math, from Critical thinking Co. each morning. However we are almost done with the book and im looking for another supplement for morning time. The next book in the series if for grades 6 and up and I dont want to push her that hard. It needs to be a simple review, no more than a page long, maybe even just a few problems. I was thinking about Evan Moores daily math or maybe Mastering mathematics maybe? I just want something thats easy for her and will review math thats already been covered for her in TT. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi! Im going to start using grammar land and the Usborne illustrated book of grammar and punctuation. I’d like some worksheets to go along with these, that are either multiple choice or cut and paste for answers. My kids are in 4th and 5th grade but we’ve only made it part way through FLL 2, so I’m looking for something fun for them and to get their feet wet without “hard” work todo. Anyone know of a teachers pay teachers store with these they’ve used? Or has anyone maybe used
  12. ghcostafamily

    Bookshark/Sonlight History Questions

    Is go straight to sonlight or bookshark. They are helpful when picking levels of their curriculum
  13. Kate snow just said in a pod cast that she recommends rod and staff math 6 for remediation/review or Activites for he AL abacus. id suggest going to education unboxed and going through her division videos and going from there. Or anything from Ronit Bird.
  14. ghcostafamily

    Writing out math problems

    Maybe just print the ebook lessons and that way they are writing less than if they’d done it from scratch?
  15. ghcostafamily

    Other series like Liberty's Kids?

    I’d stay away from the Who Was series.... at least we are. In the first episode it has really gross comedy that I don’t thinks appropriate for kids. The first scene was two historical figures (kids) kicking each other in the crotch! That is a very sad and low way to get laughs and my kids don’t need to watch Jackass type comedy to learn or be interested in history. Just my 2 cents though. Just be aware. The producer is Conan, so it has his humor.
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