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  1. Supposedly, not supposably. (Looks at *very* close family member... :glare: )
  2. I'm about to have this problem, too. We drive a Mazda5, which seats 6 (2 parents, 1 grown child, 3 car seats). We are about to have a 5th and, if all 7 of us need to go somewhere, we will need to take 2 cars. It won't happen very often, but it still isn't what I want to do. Good luck!
  3. For my family of 6 - DH, myself, and four boys 2, 4, 7, & 20 - the table gives monthly values of about $880 (thrifty) to $1730 (liberal). Looking at our budget, I spend around $850/month for buying groceries, which probably includes 1/4-1/2 of our detergents, paper goods, etc. However, it does not include: -pizza takeout every Friday night; -drive-through burgers for the kids once a week; -DS20's work lunches and out-with-friends meals/snacks that he buys himself; -DH's dinner between job #1 and job #2 twice a week; and -DH's alcohol. We do pay a premium for milk/cream/eggs that are delivered weekly by the last local dairy, which is probably $25-30 per week. We usually only drink milk & water at home and the kids eat fresh fruit like crazy. We do not eat nearly enough vegetables! I do use coupons, stock up on sales, and I shop at the local supermarket as well as BJs (big box store). I make >75% of all meals/treats from scratch and we keep very little junk food in the house.
  4. We are *days* away from welcoming our 5th child. We already have four boys, ages 2, 4, 7 and the oldest is weeks away from turning 21. :ohmy: I had 3 losses (2 singletons and a set of twins) between babies #2 and 3, so I now have pregnancy-induced anxiety.. I'm 42, and this pregnancy was physically very hard - I wasn't in great physical shape when it started and my back issues (only during pregnancy) made it pretty much impossible to get any exercise. My 2yr old quit sleeping through the night a few months ago, so I'm sleep-deprived again which made it that much worse. All that aside, while I've been telling people that this is THE LAST BABY EVER, I don't know that I really mean that. My DH is only 36 and talks about having more. I have always loved being pregnant, and I LOVE the newborn-to-two phase. If I was younger, it wouldn't even be a question that I would have more. We will see how I feel after this baby is on the outside.
  5. Singapore Challenging Word Problems 2. The solution in the back was incorrect. We spent a *lot* of time on that one problem - I thought he was going to cry when he saw that his answer didn't match.
  6. We borrow lots of audio books on PlayAway from the library. They are little self-contained mp3 players that you plug your own headphones or portable speaker into. I type in "BookTitle playaway" in the keyword search.
  7. Salmon. I got a &%$# fish. Ugh. I'm in Ravenclaw - This I can deal with.
  8. This is excellent advice. I had inverted nipples with my first - I knew absolutely nothing about breastfeeding and didn't even decide to do it until they handed him to me and asked if was going to breast or bottle feed. I used the shields religiously (be aware - you will drip milk CONSTANTLY) but they did the job. With each feeding, my nipples got better and better at doing their job, and baby boy got better at his part, too. He lost weight the first 10 days or so, but he eventually got the hang of it and he breast-fed exclusively until 5+ months old (until he was diagnosed with multiple food allergies). Is there a new moms' breastfeeding group near you? My OB/GYN/midwife office runs one in conjunction with the hospital. I attended with baby boy #2 (13 years after baby boy #1) and it was extremely helpful. Good luck, mama! Congrats!
  9. My son works at the local grocer, and spends part of each day shagging carriages in the parking lot (and down the *very* steep hill at the old folks home behind the store where the residents leaves their carts). I pretty regularly leave my carriage out (where I'm sure it won't roll into another vehicle) because - job security!
  10. I chose "Mistakes will be made..." My oldest will be 21 next month, lives at home, and works nearly full-time. Most people don't realize that he is not neuro-typical, but we've known for years that his brain is going to take a bit longer to mature than other boys/men his age. That being said, we are actively pushing him towards the "you are an adult, this is your job/decision/responsibility" portion of his life. It is slow going, but he's getting there; however, there is still a lot of maturing and/or learning to do on his part. It is also hard to have to force ourselves to step back and make him fly by himself.
  11. Sorry - I just remembered that I was going to reply to this! Baby #4 had a 15" head also... Baby #3 was 14.75", baby #2 was only 13.5". Can't locate baby #1's measurements, but he was teeny. (He was the 0-5th percentile until about age 13!) Here's hoping this baby is slightly smaller... but I'm not holding my breath!
  12. I have it upstairs somewhere - I'll find it tomorrow. He was actually followed by a neurologist for 12 months because his head growth was so ridiculously off the charts... poor kid is still top heavy and falls down a lot!
  13. I did coached pushing with my 1st, 21 years ago next month, and I ended up with a 4th degree laceration. DO NOT GOOGLE THAT TERM - you will have nightmares for days... I've pretty much run the show with the last 3 as to when I push. My nurses were STUNNED at the size of baby #4's head size - they took it multiple times to make sure it was correct. He also weighed 10lbs 12oz, so... big babies! My best friend has had 4 epidurals for 4 kids - she does it so that her husband won't freak and pass out again. I find it funny that she needs pain meds to keep HIM calm! :lol:
  14. I'm going to write this down and repeat it often! Due to age (I'm 42), sheer exhaustion, and how uncomfortable I've been these last few months, I'm thinking that this is THE LAST (planned) BABY EVA. You are my hero!
  15. I know two Violets... Violet Snow O. and Violet Vesper G. I didn't chime in on the Rose thread, but Rose Marie is woman that I know. I like the sound of it!
  16. I don't tolerate pain control medications well. I get obnoxiously nauseous and vomit everywhere. I can't even handle Aleve - it's that bad. I'm not against them, I just don't think that they are for me.
  17. Made it through our first "real" week of homeschooling! Brought DS7 home from public school and didn't have the funds for DS4 to go to preschool again this year. DS2 is tagging along and making a loud mess... We are taking it one year at a time. Lunch today was the current 'usual' - crackers & peanut butter (4yr old gets hummus instead - he hates peanuts), fruit, and milk. Any day when the kids at their lunches and then go off to nap/quiet time without a fuss is a winning day in my book. :laugh: Friday night is pizza night here - paper plates and all; no cooking, no dishes. Thank goodness! Lesson plans for today were: (DS7) fun reading, handwriting, spelling quiz, and math; (DS4) daily pre-K notebook (days of the week, months, weather, letters, numbers, shapes) and phonics. We are taking it easy Sept-Dec as I am expecting a baby in Oct. We will add the other subjects for DS7 in Jan (grammar, science, history, literature, and writing). We live just north of Boston and it is 92degreesF and HUMID. It is gross. Here's to predicted fall weather for next week!
  18. My midwife said that they FINALLY have the ability to use laughing gas in the hospital where I delivered the last 3. She said that it takes the edge off of the pain and that you are in control of using it whenever you want/need it. My fear is that I will puke all over the place, as I get really nauseous from most pain meds. If it's the same stuff I had 20+ years ago when I had my wisdom teeth out...ugh. They never did get that carpet clean. :leaving: All of my babies were post-dates (42wks, 41wk+1, 41wks+3, 41wks+1). That being said, I won't be allowed to go much past 40wks this time as I am 42 and they consider my pregnancy 'high risk'. If I'm forced to be induced, I will discuss pain meds at that paint. With the last baby, I went into labor on my own. I woke up w/contractions starting at 5am, we called my mother to come watch the boys at 6am when they were getting stronger/closer, got to the hospital at 7am (husband needed to stop for gas - ha!), and baby was born at 8:20ish. I started talking about pain meds before 8am, but the midwife said that she would break my water and the baby would be delivered before the paperwork was done - she was right! Baby #3 was almost born in the 'laboring' tub (I went from zero dilation to pushing in minutes) - the midwife held him in as two other nurses and my husband pulled me out and carried me to a gurney. Tub births ARE NOT ALLOWED... one nurse kept talking about all the paperwork that would have to be submitted and how much trouble they would have been in! These babies come out fast - it just hurts a lot, too! :iagree: Yup. Totally.
  19. I have never heard of hypnobabies or anxiety hypnosis tracks... off to see if my library carries these! I have that book around here somewhere - maybe it's time to read it again?
  20. UPDATE: Long story, short: My anxiety got so bad that I couldn't cope anymore, so I asked to be induced 2 days before my due date. Second day of induction I asked for an epidural, which took my anxiety away the minute my toes got all warm and tingly. (However, the itching was horrible and there is still something wrong with the nerves in my left leg.) Baby was born with a grand total of 2 pushes. :wub: I am now the proud mama of FIVE boys! :wub: I just don't want to go through labor and delivery again. :scared: There, I said it. I have four boys (20, 7, 4, and 2); each was delivered vaginally and without pain medication. All were post-dates, so three were induced; the youngest was the only one where I went into labor on my own. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that the amount of time I spend, on average, in active labor is about an hour - with about 15 minutes of that pushing, at most. I'm 34+ weeks pregnant with baby #5, and the due date is suddenly coming very fast. The problem is that I'm scared to death of delivering again... :crying: A tv commercial last night, including maybe 5 seconds of a woman in labor, sent me into a total, all-night anxiety attack. I have always had a mild, undiagnosed/untreated level of anxiety and this is generally made worse during pregnancy. However, it's usually better towards the end, not worse! I know that my fears are probably exacerbated by the fact that I am seriously sleep-deprived (2yr old still wakes every night and I get up at least 2 more times to pee), I have gotten exactly NO exercise the last 34 weeks (too tired - no sleep!), my entire midsection aches all day long, my sciatica is a mess and the usual treatments aren't helping, and my 7yr old has been going through some physical/mental/emotional issues all summer that we are still dealing with. It's been a tough year so far. Logically, I can understand why I'm such a mess, but that doesn't change the fact that every time I think about labor and delivery I want to run away screaming or roll into a ball and weep. :crying: Has anyone else ever felt this way? How did you manage?
  21. Classical House of Learning Literature for a reading/writing program that is linked to the SOTW progressions. (Her website is closed, but her files are still up for free download.)
  22. You know, I was just wondering the same thing. Thanks for asking it! Hope someone can answer...
  23. Holy %$#@, how did I miss that!!!!?!?!?!?!? I follow her on facebook, twitter, instagram, and get her email updates.... seriously, I can't BELIEVE that I missed that. :huh: I'm stunned...
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