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  1. As a math teacher who has seen this in a few high-school level kids (for various reasons), my thought is to practice having her say what she's doing out loud as she writes it, and to write it the way she says it. If the problem is 3 x 18, instead of saying, "3 x 8 is 24, write the four and carry/regroup the two", I would say "3 x 8 is 24, write the two in the tens place, then the four in the ones place". It seems like a lot but, the more she does it, the less she'll hopefully need to say it out loud, internalizing it and hopefully having it become automatic. Also, one kid just needed to work on graph paper. Totally solved his issue. Weird, I know, but that was all he needed. Good luck!
  2. I used to dye my hair ridiculously often. Like, blonde one week, black the next, and then red the week after. I was every.single.color that Manic Panic sold at the time. (This was maybe 12+ years ago). Then, I had a reaction and haven't died it again, not once. What I did find is that I had a reaction, about 4 years ago, to tattoo ink. I don't know if the two are related, but just a heads-up. I would love love LOVE to get more ink, but I'm afraid that it will happen again. :crying:
  3. I don't have a favorite, per se, but... ...I've always been partial to the baby-of-the-moment (obviously); and I tend to spent a great deal more energy/worry/caution/concern for my oldest, because he has multiple medical/health issues, he was an only child until he was 13, he doesn't really have anything in common with my husband (his step-father), and he's an adult while the other boys are little so he can be easily forgotten about in the day-to-day of life...
  4. Wow. I haven't heard of a mifi in years. I'm glad you have a way to get wifi; sorry it isn't cheap! Is it possible, if everyone in the house has an internet-connected device in addition to their cell phones, that you have everyone shut the cell wifi off while in the house? That may save some data usage. Or, is it possible that you could get a cheaper unlimited-data plan for your cell and use it to run the hotspot for your house? Hope you can figure it out.
  5. The 2yr old is still napping pretty consistently for 1.5-2hrs every afternoon, about 30 min after lunch. The 4yr old is absolutely fabulous with quiet time - he has been known to disappear into a bucket of Legos for 3-4 hours at a time. I've been starting the daily summer work during nap/quiet time. He'll go off and do the independent stuff (spelling, math, and handwriting workbooks and science reading) and then bring it to me to check. That leaves us with history, grammar, and reading to do together. I've found that this part doesn't always get done, or that we are rushing it at another time because the littlest woke up or their was something else to do during nap time. I think it would be better off having him do the independent work as soon as he gets up (he usually prefers to wait to eat for an hour or so, if given the opportunity), and then do the mom-led subjects during nap/quiet time, so that they get done more consistently.
  6. We are going to start homeschooling 2nd grade in the fall. I will have a 2nd grader, 4yr old, 2yr old, and a newborn in October. I have my curriculum set and materials pretty much gathered and in place, We are doing some 1st grade remediation/homeschool 'light' during the summer, so I do have an idea of what is and isn't working for us right now. I just wanted to get an idea of how others spend their day, focusing mostly on the 2nd grader. Strict schedules? Relaxed routines? Day to day, how does your homeschool work? (The 4yr old and I will spend time slowly working through the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, as well as working on some pre-writing skills and having lots of read-alouds. The 2yr old will tear the place up and be generally demanding, as per his personality. The baby will nurse, sleep, poop, and spend most of her/his time in a baby carrier on my chest/back. Housework will suffer. It's all good!)
  7. Not sure if this will help, but I stumbled across these pdfs a while ago. They are Catholic texts to add in to the gaps in the SOTW for books 2 and 3. Vol 2: Vol 3: Vol 4: I remember reading somewhere that the person who made these lists said that SOTW Vol 4 was problematic, Catholic history-wise, and to choose something else. I'm still looking for the link...
  8. Me, too. Just north of Boston. Get a few drinks in me, and my accent is wicked pissa!
  9. I have what sounds like this, always on my left foot during summer, sometimes on my right as well. I was at the podiatrist for another reason, and she said it was a version of athlete's foot. She wrote me a prescription for a cream and it went away immediately. Thanks for reminding me that I need to have a follow up visit and get another prescription!
  10. My 7yr old just listened to The Red Pyramid and loved it. It is written by the same guy who wrote Percy Jackson, I believe. My 4yr old listened to the Penderwicks and really enjoyed it, though he can't tell me a thing about it - I think he really just enjoyed the narrator's voice? Good luck on your drive!
  11. 21, 34, 37, 39, and I'll be 42 with the next, due in Oct.
  12. (I'm brand new to homeschooling, so feel free to ignore everything I am about to say...) Are you following the history progression of WTM/SOTW? I'm a 'big picture planner' type, and recently made myself a big fat spreadsheet so that I could see exactly how science & history would play out over the next 19 years for my 1st grader, 4yr old, 2yr old, and soon-to-be-born baby. When I saw your question, I immediately opened up my spreadsheet and tweaked it to fit your family. I don't think that it helps with choosing a textbook series, but it helped me kill 5 minutes while the kids were watching tv... *yellow is high school level, green is middle school level, white is elementary school level, and grey is 'just listening' level*
  13. I had my first at 21 and then divorced. (We should have never married in the first place, but that's another story entirely.) I was a single mother until I remarried at 34. Baby #2 followed at age 35, baby #3 at 37, baby #4 just shy of 40, and baby #5 is due in October (I'm 42). I always wanted 5 boys - I have 4 so far! This one is definitely the last, though, as I'll be SERIOUSLY OLD when s/he graduates from college. When my mother was my age, she was a grandmother! ETA: Boy #1 & Boy #2 are 13.5 years apart. The oldest *loved* having a sibling, and the younger boy worshiped the ground he walks on... until we had more. While the oldest loves each little brother, he's not really 'into' family stuff because he has a strained relationship with my husband (his step-father), so we do have to insist that he spend time with the littles. I have no doubt that if this last baby is a girl, he will dote over her because what he's always wanted is a sister!
  14. If the only dairy she eats is part-skim mozz, then I don't think it will hurt her. My main protein source was dairy, so switching to whole milk/full-fat was a *big* deal for me. (But, I would try to find whole milk mozz, just because I think low-fat dairy=devil. But that's just me.) Is she getting enough good fats to keep her full? I hate to be one of those "I just started this great diet, here let me tell you why you should, too" people, but I have always been STARVING, especially on WW, until recently when I upped my good fats and protein. But, anecdote=/=science, so take that for what you will. She sounds very strong & healthy, with her dance and exercise. You are doing a great job advocating for her. Stay strong - you will figure this out.
  15. I have a hundred things that I want to say/recommend but, due to the fact that I am not a medical professional, I will keep them all to myself... with one exception: With the symptoms of PCOS, the mention of 'doing WW', and the comment that she is 'always hungry', please please please make sure that she is NOT eating fat-free/low-fat dairy products. Low- and no-fat dairy has been shown repeatedly to cause all sorts of hormonal issues in women and girls; it will mimic PCOS in those that don't have it and will make it much worse in those that already do. It causes fertility issues in grown women and can cause problems with the onset of puberty in young girls. Recent research has shown that those that eat full-fat diary have a much easier time losing weight and many other health benefits. I have PCOS (diagnosed in my 20s). Switching over to full-fat dairy alleviated my acne, lessened the excess hair growth, calmed the mood swings, and significantly curbed my appettite (as the fat helped me to finally feel full). Also, you might want to check out the Healthy At Any Size (HAES) movement for ways to encourage your daughter without focusing on her weight/looks and helping her appreciate how awesome she already is. Hugs and good luck to you both.
  16. I keep reading about children, especially older children, 'helping' in the house. That doesn't fly here. That mindset is based in the idea that, "These are someone else's jobs, and I am doing something extraordinarily nice to them to make their work easier". Nuh-hun. :thumbdown: We are a family, and the work that needs to be done in this house is not MY work, or DH's work, but the work of the entire family. You live here, you work. Housework, yard work, work to bring money into the house, whatever - we all do it and no one thinks that they are 'above' it. (Well, 20yr old does some days, but he no longer b*tches and moans about it, he just does it.) OP - keep up the good work! We also demand that when you go out in public that you are presentable, neat & clean, and that you excuse yourself from the dinner table. Our kids go through phases when they fight it, but we stick to our guns and they come back around. This, too, shall pass!
  17. I have RW and love it! My bill is usually less than $17.50/month, as they refund you for data that you don't use at the end of the month. You don't need to buy data if you are around wifi. I mostly use the wifi in my house (and in Target). They are adding 7 new phones to their line-up in July (buy from them, or bring your own). Of course, they will support the old phones forever, even the flip phones. The last update really took care of any dropped call/lost text issues that I had had previously. The customer service is fantastic, too! FWIW, my husband and oldest son are using PagePlus cellular, and each pay $30/month for their plans. I'm trying to get them to switch, but no one here likes change. :lol: PagePlus will work with any Verizon Wireless phone, (non-data, android, and iphone). They have some cheaper plans, too. Good luck choosing a phone company.
  18. It won't really help much for one month, but I use a price book app called 'price cruncher' (android) that has helped me figure out which stores sell my twenty or so most frequently purchased foods the cheapest. Has helped me cut about $100/month from my grocery bill. Also, here's a great PDF resource for living on $4/day per person: Good and Cheap.
  19. Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton was excellent.
  20. 20yr old son works *nearly* full-time. His summer goal is to score a full-time position and play as much PS4 as humanly possible. 7yr old son's summer goal is to learn to walk to the local bodega, ice cream shop, and his best friend's house by himself. (All are within 1/2 mile but involve crossing busy streets with random disappearing sidewalks and/or no crosswalks.) He will do 1st grade 'light' (math/spelling/grammar/handwriting) during our quiet time each afternoon to fill in any gaps left by his lost 1st grade year in the public school. :-( Mom, Dad, 7yr old, 4yr old, and 2yr old sons will spend the majority of the summer in the back yard, at the town beach, and at local playgrounds. We have one weekend planned with my husband's brother and sister and their families at Story Land in the White Mountains of NH. Bring on summer!
  21. Search online to see if there is a physical cloth diaper store within driving distance to you. Our local store provides a cloth diaper trial program, where you can pick out a certain number of different types of brand new diapers and use them on your baby for 2 weeks (for a small fee). At the end of trial, you can buy the ones you like for a discount, or just give them all back and call it a wash. I have cloth diapered 3 children (the oldest was completely in disposables and, looking back, was horribly sensitive to them but I didn't know that cloth diapers were an option 20 years ago). We have used prefolds & covers, flats & covers, fitteds & covers, fitteds & wool, pockets, all-in-ones, sized (s/m/l), and one-size diapers. Everyone has their own preferences and washing routine. Take everyone's recommendations with the knowledge that their kids/washer & dryer/family situation is different and realize that YMMV. (I sold cloth diapers for several years both online and in a small physical store. It was a great learning experience.) We wash laundry every day, and diapers are washed M/W/F. We have used cloth-diaper specific laundry detergent before, without much issue. Just be aware of 'brightening' detergents, which have optical brighteners that coat the fabric and make it less absorbent. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS, pee will eventually run right off the diapers and out the legs - ask me how I know. :banghead: I could write a small book about the pros/cons of diapers, but I have to go shower and get ready for church... I'm sure that you'll get lots of great information here. Good luck!
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