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  1. Have you tried just plain probiotics? All the benefits of yogurt without the dairy! Or sauerkraut, kimchee, or kombucha? Don't they all have the same good microbes?
  2. I second this. My 7yr old started with something like this over the summer (compulsive hand washing, intense separation anxiety, fear of germs/disease/poisoning, etc). We treated with antibiotics right away (he tested positive for strep without any obvious symptoms) and he seemed to get better. My husband is absolutely against therapy of any kind (long story) so my son is still living with OCD issues, though the high anxiety/fear stuff subsided after the antibiotics. He still cradles/hides his right hand (the one he eats with) when doing some dirty tasks, but it is a lot less noticeable now. Good luck.
  3. Does your son finger knit or use knitting needles? I think my 7yr old would like to learn to knit - I think it would be good for getting him to sit and focus.
  4. I found a lump at 32 and had a mammogram at that time. After using more than one online assessment tool, I have decided to delay starting regular mammograms until *at least* 45. I should be finished breast feeding by then, at least...
  5. I had never heard of this before...can you elaborate for me, please? Thanks!
  6. From the American Cancer Society: " Breast cancerWomen ages 40 to 44 should have the choice to start annual breast cancer screening with mammograms (x-rays of the breast) if they wish to do so. Women age 45 to 54 should get mammograms every year." You can use an assessment tool like the one at to see if you have any risk factors, if it makes you feel more comfortable about waiting.
  7. Following! My sons, ages 2, 4, and 7, are already making me nuts this winter! It's hard to get them outside when I have a baby in the house...
  8. I like the idea but I'm notorious for saying I'm going to do things and not ever doing/completing them. I think I'll kick this around for a bit before I list them here...
  9. I ordered the same! (Well, no pen loop.) Happy birthday!
  10. I agreed to let my 10yr old DS skip his weekly visits his father for much less than that... :hugs:
  11. I apologized to a cashier a few weeks ago for the behavior of the customer that had been in front of me... my mother. :ohmy: She wasn't horrible, she was just rude. :banghead:
  12. Oh, dear. I should not have opened this thread. I know what I will be obsessing about for the rest of the week now... :lol:
  13. We've been married for 8 years; during that time I've had 7 pregnancies and 4 more children. (I *literally* got pregnant on my wedding night!) I've been nursing for the last 4.5 years straight. I've had maybe a half-dozen cycles and, at 42, I'm not looking forward to them starting again.
  14. I have. I was stunned by it, and had to watch it again. Horrifying.
  15. DS21 works and lives at home. He's getting two pairs of wool boot socks, a board game, a video game, and a watch, along with stocking stuffers (candy, snacks, toothbrush, etc).
  16. Oh, thank you for giving me hope! I have a newly-21yr old who is just starting to show signs of 'getting it'. He eats most of his paycheck each week... *sigh*
  17. Here's another website to check out : If you hover your mouse over the categories (sex, language, etc), a box with the relevant info will pop up. I would like to see Hacksaw Ridge myself but I *cannot* do gore. :leaving:
  18. In my experience as a public HS teacher, male teachers get promoted out of the classroom to administrative roles while female teachers have babies and come in/out of the profession as needed by their family situation.
  19. I dry-brined and spatchcocked ours here. The skin was wicked salty, but the meat was delicious! I have the carcass in the freezer, and I will make broth in a few days. I have been there. I hope it was delicious!
  20. As someone who has miscarried multiple times, this is not always traumatic. Sometimes, it's just sad. It can be slow and relatively pain-free (not unlike a period), and sometimes it can be quick and painful (not unlike a delivery). Each miscarriage, as well as each woman, is different. This. Tell her that you will support her in whatever *her* decision is, and then stand by her. No more, no less.
  21. We also paid about $50 for our 13lb turkey from the local farm up the way. The line was so long that there was a police detail... Poppy, you live in MA - you don't live near the MA/NH line, do you? You described the farm we buy from pretty accurately- well, of course, except for the 'supplementing' part. :laugh:
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