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  1. I'm turning into a shouter because I'm so frazzled! I don't want to be a shouter... :crying: This. I'm hoping that, after baby is born and my hormones re-balance, that it might not be so stressful to me. However, since I'm expecting my lack of sleep to *increase* with a newborn, I'm not really holding my breath...
  2. DS7 was born loud and needy. He naturally speaks with a loud voice. He can self-modulate when he knows that he is expected to, such as at church and in the library, just not at home. He talks constantly. DS4 was born quiet and laid-back. He has developed a naturally VERY LOUD speaking voice, and we are trying to teach him to self-modulate; he does well at church but not yet in other places and definitely not at home. He can go for hours not speaking at all if he is engrossed in a project. DS2 was born very loud and very needy. He also has a naturally VERY LOUD speaking voice, and I am trying to teach him to ask for things quietly rather than screaming bloody murder. He's two - it's going about as well as expected. He's also a screamer. *sigh* They are also very active boys who are always playing, banging, and fighting. This makes for a VERY frazzled mama. The older I get, the more I realize that I need some quiet during each day. I can usually count on the older two to be pretty good during quiet time while the little one naps, but not always - and it really isn't enough. Add to this the fact that we will be adding a baby in October and I need to find ways to lower the volume in the house. Here's my question - can you teach loud speakers (children) to be less loud speakers? Tips? Tricks? (And, yes, they've all had their hearing checked.) Thanks!
  3. P. 906 Mercy: The loving kindness, compassion, or forbearance shown to one who offends (e.g., the mercy of God to us sinners) (1422, 1829). See Works of Mercy.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! We did 1st grade 'remediation' over the summer in a very laid-back way (way too laid-back for me), because my son's 1st grade teacher at the public school disappeared in January and he had a string of substitute teachers, so I wanted to make sure that he got everything he should have before we started true 2nd grade work. I found that, if we didn't schedule a time to do his work, it wouldn't get done. I also have a college-age kid in the house (he's nearly 21, working but not attending classes yet). A pregnancy at my ripe-old age is extremely tiring!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! He already reads at a 4th grade level, and he *insists* on reading pages to me whenever he is reading... schoolwork, fun reading, ingredient labels, whatever. So, that isn't scheduled but happening organically. He might end up reading some of the history out loud to us during snack time!
  6. Please be gentle! We are homeschooling for the first time this year. I will have a 2nd grader (7), preschooler (4), toddler (2), and I am due in October with a new baby. (Piano practice and fun reading are included ever day either before/after dinner and before screen time, which is usually 6:30-7:30pm.) Sept - Dec, 8:00-10:30am Due to the new baby coming in October, we will be doing minimal schooling. 8:00-8:30 DS7 does handwriting (Zaner-Bloser 2C) and spelling (Spelling Workout B) while I work with DS4 on a daily pre-k notebook and DS2 sits at school table doing 'work' 8:30-9:00 DS7 and I go over math lesson (Singapore Math 2A/B) and DS4 & DS2 play. 9:00-9:30 DS7 does math workbook while I hang with the littles and/or do household stuff 9:30-10:00 snack break 10:00 - 10:30 DS7 reads to DS2 while I work on phonics (OPGTR) with DS4. Jan - Jun, 8:00am - 2:00pm (MTRF - Wednesdays are for the library and/or field trips) Hopefully we will have settled in with the new baby, and we add in the remaining subjects for DS7. 8:00-8:30 DS7 does handwriting and spelling while I work with DS4 on a daily pre-k notebook and DS2 sits at school table doing 'work' 8:30-9:00 DS7 and I go over math lesson while DS4 & DS2 play. 9:00-9:30 DS7 does math workbook while I hang with the littles and/or do household stuff 9:30-10:00 I will read history (SOTW2) out loud during snack break and then DS7 will do activities/writing after he's finished eating. 10:00 - 10:30 DS7 will read from science spine/library books while I work on phonics (OPGTR) with DS4, then I will work with him on any activities/writing that go with his science reading. DS2 will play. 10:30-11:30 recess! 11:30-noon lunch noon-12:30 read alouds 12:30-2:00 DS7 will do structured reading and writing (Classical House of Learning Literature) and grammar (FLL2) with me while DS4 has quiet time and DS2 naps. Jul-Aug DS7 will continue history and science, and any other subjects that we may not have completed. I am a scheduler.... can you tell? :lol: I'm guessing we will ease up and things will get done, but I NEED a rigid schedule to start with or I will have a panic attack!
  7. I have that book - I just couldn't see myself having the time (or brain power) to pick the passages myself, either! I like the CHOLL because she already wrote out the questions to ask after the recommended readings and has two levels of copywork/dictation sentences included. My kid loves the history (so far), and has liked reading more about topics we have read about in SOTW. (He listened to the entirety of Rick Riordan's 'Percy Jackson' series in July - I wouldn't even have known about it if I hadn't read her SOTW-linked book list.) I figure this program gets him history, reading, writing, narration, dictation, and copy work all wrapped up in one program, if we use it along with SOTW. I'm trying to kill as many birds with one stone as possible!
  8. My 7yr old loves to listen to audio books. (I prefer to read to him myself, but the little boys just won't let that happen.) He often does puzzles or plays with Legos while he listens. I would love to find a book or DVD that would teach him to knit or crochet so that he can add that in to the mix of things he can do to keep his hands busy while he listens. Are there any books/DVDs/videos that you could recommend that could teach him how to knit/crochet? I can't help him - I've tried to do both, and I just can't. My brain just doesn't function on that level!
  9. A quick google search gave me two threads that might help" My first thought was The Talisman (it's been my favorite book forever). HOWEVER, the follow-up, The Black House, gave me nightmares. Good luck!
  10. We are starting at home with 2nd grade this year. I love the ideas behind WWE, but I was disappointed that the readings/narrations/dictations were not related to the rest of the curriculum. I came across a recommendation in a forum post (wish I could find which one it was) for Classical House of Learning Literature, which ties in the methods of WWE to books that line up with the SOTW books. (Her website is now closed, but all of her files are available for download for free.) She includes suggested picture books and novels and lists narration questions and copywork, just like as in WWE. I like the idea of tying in the history, literature, reading, and writing parts of the curriculum together. I would like to follow along chronologically with science and add in biographies and stories about science in the historical context, but I will have a newborn in October, so that will have to wait until next year. ;-)
  11. I was going to recommend looking into PANDAS/PANS as well. There is a PANDAS forum that was mentioned to me just a few days ago: We have been going through something similar with my 7yr old son for about 4-6 weeks. It was a sudden escalation of things that we considered 'quirks' that he dealt with relatively okay, along with sudden severe anxiety and anger/mood issues. We had him tested for strep on Sunday and his culture came back positive on Tuesday. We've started antibiotics and have a consult with a child psychologist coming up. Still waiting for his blood work to come back, and trying to figure out our next steps. Good luck.
  12. Just checked - UPS is passing mine off to the USPS for delivery so.... I have no idea when it will get here. Boo!
  13. I've been reading through the forum that was linked above and trying to get my head around next steps, thanks. One step at a time.
  14. No, he had no indication he had an infection at all. Well, except for the behavioral stuff, that is.
  15. UPDATE! So, the strep culture was positive and he has started on penicillin. Crossing my fingers that this helps! Still waiting for blood test results. Pedi said that she will culture everyone in the house in a few weeks to see if any of us are carriers, and I have a parent meeting with the office's child psychologist in a few weeks to talk about cognitive behavior therapy.
  16. Can you make a trip up to MA to get my 20yr old licensed? He's killing me! Congrats!
  17. We are using the Common Core version but my question would be the same either way - did you start with the textbook lesson and then move into the workbook for practice, or do you only have the workbook? Our 1st grade textbook is *full* of color pictures to do the addition problems but the workbook has fewer pictures (and is not in color).
  18. Thanks for the info. I hadn't come across PITANDS; I will definitely check it out. We were seen in the office yesterday (Sunday), and she took a strep culture. We had blood drawn this morning for a complete work-up plus titers. (She's a horrible stick for taking blood anyway and, with his sudden behavior issues, I wasn't going to chance her not getting the needle in on the first try. We drove to the Children's Hospital satellite location and had it drawn by a professional.) Now we wait....and research.
  19. The equivalent of 180 days and 900/990 hours in MA. I'm spreading school over the entire year (Sept 1 - Aug 31), so I'm not worried about the hours.
  20. That's the weird thing about it - he doesn't 'need' to go that frequently during the day. It only happens at bedtime. I think it's an anxiety thing, but I'm not totally sure.
  21. Anyone have experience with Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus (PANDAS) or Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS)? My 7yr old has previously had two 'bouts' of anxiety, lasting a few weeks, were he suddenly is deathly afraid of being separated/left alone from one or both of us. He will follow us around the house, constantly check that we are still there, and call out to us frequently. If left alone for a few moments (like if I go downstairs to do laundry), he will lose it completely, screaming for us and running around frantically trying to find us. He won't be able to sleep without the lights on. After this slowly passes (one to two weeks), he will go through a period of time (a few days to a week) where he gets up every 2-10 minutes for an hour or so after being put to bed where he complains that he needs to urinate again... And again... And again..., until he finally falls asleep. That passes too, and then he's my normal kid again. This has happened twice previously in the last 2 years. This time (the third time), I though he was out of the woods and suddenly he is constantly worried about being poisoned, being fed something that he is allergic to, about dying of some rare mosquito-borne disease, or some other horrible thing (fire/flood/whatever) happening to the house. He's also been very moody and flies into a screaming rage for the smallest of things. He can also seem completely sweet and normal for stretches of time. I googled "sudden onset anxiety in a child" and got lots of hits on PANDAS/PANS. Anyone been there, done that and can offer advice? I'm going to call tomorrow and make an appointment to see his pediatrician next week. I'm not expecting her to have heard of it either, but will ask her to do the swab for strep, just in case. What else?
  22. Your signature says that you have a 25yr old and a 4yr old... I'm about to have a 21yr old and a newborn, both in October. Glad to see I'm not the only one with such a large span between first & last!
  23. I sent in the homeschooling form to the school department. We are officially homeschooling 2nd grade this year! (And a k4, and a toddler, and a newborn in October.... ho, boy. What have I done?!?!?! :lol: )
  24. We had our (now) 2yr old seen for severe tongue ties at 6wks old. The ENT at Boston Children's Hospital tried a procedure in the office, covered by insurance, that required two other providers to help, me to hold the baby, and it bled like crazy. Also, it didn't work. He recommended the next-step-up procedure, also fully covered by insurance, that would have included anesthesia (and an anesthesiologist), a surgical suite, 3 more providers, and serious bleeding complications. Instead, We went to Dr. Kotlow in Albany, NY. He's a pediatric dentist, uses a laser, and is the most *highly recommended* tongue tie doctor in the country. The entire procedure took less than 15 minutes, including swaddling the baby, taking before and after pictures, and printing me the pictures to take with me. It cost $500 out of pocket, which I successfully recovered from my insurance company about 6 months later. We went back with my (then) 3yr old (now 4), who has speech issues (attends therapy twice a week) and also had some decay issues on his front teeth due to his previously undiagnosed tongue ties. Both issues were corrected with the same laser at the same appointment. His speech is improving a year later, his decay issues are all gone, and it cost less than $1000 out of pocket. (He required ketamine sedation - he did NOT want any part of the dentist!) I highly recommend lasers over surgery. Neither child had any sensitivities or issues with healing after the laser. No blood at all. It was a 3hr drive (one way) and made for a long day, but it was definitely worth it.
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