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  1. DS21 works and lives at home. He's getting two pairs of wool boot socks, a board game, a video game, and a watch, along with stocking stuffers (candy, snacks, toothbrush, etc).
  2. Oh, thank you for giving me hope! I have a newly-21yr old who is just starting to show signs of 'getting it'. He eats most of his paycheck each week... *sigh*
  3. Here's another website to check out : If you hover your mouse over the categories (sex, language, etc), a box with the relevant info will pop up. I would like to see Hacksaw Ridge myself but I *cannot* do gore. :leaving:
  4. In my experience as a public HS teacher, male teachers get promoted out of the classroom to administrative roles while female teachers have babies and come in/out of the profession as needed by their family situation.
  5. I dry-brined and spatchcocked ours here. The skin was wicked salty, but the meat was delicious! I have the carcass in the freezer, and I will make broth in a few days. I have been there. I hope it was delicious!
  6. As someone who has miscarried multiple times, this is not always traumatic. Sometimes, it's just sad. It can be slow and relatively pain-free (not unlike a period), and sometimes it can be quick and painful (not unlike a delivery). Each miscarriage, as well as each woman, is different. This. Tell her that you will support her in whatever *her* decision is, and then stand by her. No more, no less.
  7. We also paid about $50 for our 13lb turkey from the local farm up the way. The line was so long that there was a police detail... Poppy, you live in MA - you don't live near the MA/NH line, do you? You described the farm we buy from pretty accurately- well, of course, except for the 'supplementing' part. :laugh:
  8. I really want a piece of mother's jewelry - ring, pendant, or necklace, but I haven't yet found something I like.
  9. We just finished Charlie and and the Chocolate Factory as a read-aloud, and are about to start Matilda.
  10. I've asked for activities, rather than gifts, for my middle boys (7, 4, &2)... museum/aquarium passes, movie tickets, bowling passes, etc. I also bought Catan Junior as a board game for my 7yr old (we don't play a lot of board games here).
  11. I could, once the co-sleeper and the changing table are out of the room.
  12. No attached bathrooms here. The we have three of the *tiniest* bathrooms ever in this house! I failed to mention that we also have a finished basement which my 21yr old currently uses as his bedroom. In a few years, when he moves out, that will become a study/quiet area for the other boys, possibly with a daybed for guests. The toys will likely stay on the main floor, where they are now.
  13. We moved into this house just about a year ago. There are three bedrooms upstairs, one large and two small. Currently, my husband and I have the large room (with the newborn in bed with us), the three little boys share one small bedroom (one bunk bed, no toys in the room), and the other small bedroom is set up as an office/craft/sewing space (though it is used rarely and often a complete disaster). If money/furniture was no obstacle, how would you arrange the people into the rooms so that it makes the most sense to you? Additional information: The boys currently all go to sleep at the same time. There is plenty of closet space in each room, though the largest room does have a walk-in closet. The boys currently spend very little time upstairs in their room - only for quiet time, naps, and bed. All the toys live downstairs.
  14. My oldest DS's levels were once measured at three (3). THREE. (Last doc visit, it was 15.) He's on seizure meds for epilepsy, and a side-effect of long-term seizure med use is decreased vit D levels. When he has a week or two of mega-doses under his belt, the improvement in his mood is amazing.
  15. We are taking the week off from school. My husband will take the boys (7, 4 & 2) to school with him on Wednesday (it's tradition that the HS teachers take their kids to school with them that day - they all go to the pep rally and it is only a half day). I am going to use next week to try to start a morning symposium time (30-45 min), and then continue it when we pick school back up the week after. We may go to the aquarium and/or the museum of science Monday/Tuesday, since they should be pretty quiet those days.
  16. We don't have screens for the littles at home. I have tried to borrow tablets from the library for the 4 & 7 yr old for quiet time (with headphones), but they end up fighting over them after the 2nd day. Grrrrr.... Oh, how I wish that my kids could play together quietly. Pick any two kids, put them together over any toy (legos, blocks, trains, play dough, whatever, and a screaming fistfight will break out in under 20 minutes. *sigh* This is my husband. He has a second job so, on the days that he is home in the evenings, he is usually napping before dinner and in bed right after the kids go down. Poor guy.
  17. 7yr old loves to listen to books with headphones! 4yr old is hit-or-miss with headphones, but I'll try to find some new playaway books from the library. I have two hours of active time (recess!) built into our school day, but it's been really hard to get 4 kids, one a newborn, dressed and outside. I'm too tired and it's been too dreary outside to make it happen. They've been following along with yoga dvds instead, but it's just not the same thing!
  18. My 4yr old used to be great at quiet time- he would play for hours by himself -until we brought the 7yr old home to homeschool. They want to play, but that is never quiet! We will be transitioning after the holidays to using quiet time for the 7yr old to do history/language arts work (had a baby mid-oct, so we've pushed these subjects off until then), so I need the 4 & 2yr old to be able to be quiet on their own during that time.
  19. My 2.5yr old seems to be dropping his nap. He only naps once every couple of days now. I've always nursed him down to sleep (he only nurses at nap & bedtime) and don't have another method (besides car ride) to get him to sleep. Any BTDT moms have recommendations on how to keep him napping? My 4yr old gave up his nap just shy of 3, and he suddenly seems like he needs to nap again! Afternoons are killing me - I *need* the quiet that naptime brings and the boys' *need* the rest!
  20. *sigh* I read her first book and thought it was amazing. I laughed, I cried. I laughed some more. I borrowed her 2nd book from the library and as soon as I got it I heard about her separating from her husband. I returned the book without reading it... It just didn't feel right to read a book written about saving her marriage when the marriage actually ended. I hope her kids are doing okay. Male or female new partner, this must be a stressful time for them.
  21. My 4.5 yr old hasn't really been interested in school so far. I printed out a daily preschool notebook but he is only interested in it about once a week. However, when he is tracing the letters/numbers he writes them from bottom-to-top and from right-to-left. I asked him if he would like a handwriting workbook to learn to write the letters properly and he said yes. However, he wants to learn to write like his brother is learning (cursive), not like the letters in his daily notebook. So, is there a cursive book out there for lefty 4.5yr old who know all their letters in manuscript but doesn't yet read? His brother is using Zaner-Bloser 2C - should I just get him his own copy? I'm not sure that he has the fine motor skills yet to really 'do' handwriting, but he wants to try...
  22. Ah, sorry. I quickly cut/paste it into my browser and it sent me to the Western MA Homeschoolers page. :-/
  23. Thanks, I was looking for blue hyperlinks, so I missed them the first time. Just an FYI - Western MA Homeschoolers has a statement of faith so, not secular.
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