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  1. Here is a blog post by The Car Seat Lady that describes when is is best for a child to move from a 5pt harness to a booster seat: My extremely tall about-to-turn 8yr old son is still in his 5pt harness but I will be converting it to a booster as soon as he outgrows his Britax Frontier90.
  2. Flowers? I always send flowers. Something beautiful, but small, to let them know that you are thinking of them.
  3. I'm constantly ravenous while nursing, so I haven't fasted for the past 8 years (nursing and/or pregnant the whole time). We did abstain from meat and I tried to limit my snacks to only what was necessary and only plain, whole foods. I live in the Archdiocese of Boston, and St. Patrick's Day is on Friday during Lent this year. Those of us with Irish ancestry will get a dispensation for corned beef that day. (You couldn't pay me to eat that stuff. Ick.)
  4. We do that here, too. (I'm north of Boston, on the NH line.) I have always said "ten of", "quarter of", "five of", etc... If you asked me what time it is right now, i would say that it is 10 of 2. (It is 1:50pm.)
  5. I used to wear a Goofy watch (friend of Mickey Mouse) that ran backwards (counter-clockwise). Drove other people crazy...
  6. DS7 and DS4 both have analog Batman watches. DS7 can tell time on an analog clock, and prefers to read the wall clocks (kitchen or living room) over the digital clocks (microwave or stove) in the house. We are working on 'ten til' and 'quarter past' usage. He's starting to get it. DS5 can identify which hour, but hasn't learned to count by 5s so he can't tell the minutes yet. We will work on this over the spring/summer. I do say things like, "When the little hand is between the 11 & 12 and the big hand is pointing to the 6, it will be 11:30 and we will have lunch." ETA: Several years back, before DS4 was born and I was still working, I found that almost all of my students (10th grade geometry) couldn't read an analog clock. I spent a lot of time standing on a chair, drawing on the clear plastic covering the clock with a dry erase marker that year.
  7. There is a small amount of cursive writing in the Wimpy Kids books.
  8. My oldest just got his license in November - he's 21. (He waited til he was seizure-free for over 2 years, as he finally stopped growing and the meds were finally dosed properly.) He's been driving for about a year, and failed the exam the first time. He's driven probably near 100 hours since he first got his permit, and he's only just getting the real hang of it. (The first 20hrs were with an instructor.) It took a long time and a lot of practice. He has epilepsy, inattentive-type ADHD and NVLD. He is not medicated for the ADHD due to the significant amount of seizure meds he already takes. He just needed more practice than a neurotypical kid would. Good luck to you both.
  9. Forgive me for skipping some of the responses but - this is an almost 17yr old with less than, what, 10 hours of actual driving experience? He needs to drive more. And then some more. And then some more. And then more! Practice will make him better. Start with quiet neighborhoods/non-rush hour areas/times of day. Once he has driven for more than 50 hours, reassess his needs for medications.
  10. DS7 will be working on chemistry for 3rd grade science, and I would like to add in beginner's Latin and some logic to his day. Besides what is listed in TWTM 3rd/4th editions, what do you love for chemistry, Latin, and/or logic? Thanks!
  11. We've recently started adding some mathy games into our days, to help DS7 practice his math skills. He's currently loving Prime Climb (board game), Sleeping Queens (card game), Math Dice (dice game), and cribbage. There are lots more games for math practice. You can search the GameSchooling group on facebook for other recommendations. Good luck!
  12. now: no. of quarters: Q no. of dimes: 20-Q amount of money she has: .25(Q) + .10(20-Q) switch Qs and Ds: no. of quarters: (20-Q) no. of dimes: Q amount of money she has: .25(20-Q) + .10(Q) - .30 set both scenarios equal and solve: .25(Q) + .10(20-Q) = .25(20-Q) + .10(Q) - .30 . . if Q=9 and D=11, then total=$3.35 if Q=11 and D=9, then total=$3.65 (Last line reads "if she switched...sje would have less", so answer is 11 quarters and 9 dimes.)
  13. I'm looking online and seeing a few of the textbooks and workbooks that I am planning on using with my 3rd grader are currently 30-45% off. I can't decide if I should buy now, or wait til spring/summer. When do you buy your materials for next school year (assuming that your year starts in September)?
  14. Looks like a full schedule! This is what I am planning for next year: morning time: religion, memory work, poetry, family read-alouds, etc. handwriting: continue cursive practice with Zaner-Bloser 3 spelling: Spelling Workout C grammar: First Language Lessons 3 math: Singapore Math (Common Core Ed) 3A/3B (textbook, workbook, challenging word problems, and extra practice books) science: general introduction to chemistry (haven't chosen spine yet) history: Story of the World 3 literature: Classical House of Learning Literature (grammar stage Early Modern) Narration, copy work, and dictation are spread throughout the subjects. We will also include as many board/card games as we can, and will try to add in piano & Spanish (Latin?).
  15. The hospital will most likely send you home with a day's worth of diapers. Car seat, clothes, blankets, more diapers, bottles & formula (if needed), etc can be purchased by loved ones while you are still in the hospital and brought to you as needed. Be gentle with yourself, mama. We never truly get over those losses.
  16. My oldest (21) sees his ped for the last time later this month. She will discuss finding an adult doc during the appt. He's been going to the same place since he was 6mos old!
  17. I'm not a big soup eater, and I had never eaten lentils before... until this soup! (Leave out the onions? I made mine with 1/2 lb bacon, too. Yum!) Mad Hungry Vegetable Lentil Soup
  18. Here's my list, grouped by theme: More moving (exercise 3/week): 1. do 5 military push-ups 2. do a pull-up 3. do a cartwheel 4. complete a couch-to-5k program More reading (read every day): 5. read 12 fiction books 6. read 6 non-fiction books More flossing! 7. floss every day More making (do something creative each day): 8. sew 1 thing each month 9. try twelve new (mostly) vegetarian recipes 10. learn to embroider 11. redecorate upstairs bathroom 12. redecorate master bedroom More happiness (misc stuff): 13. dress more stylishly 14. sing & dance more! 15. spend more time outside 16. give my boys more hugs 17. spend more quality time with DH Honestly, I'm behind on all of it. Just started my 1st book of the year, haven't sewn a stitch, the redecorating will have to wait until warmer weather, etc etc etc... (I *am* trying my second new recipe tonight, so I'm doing better there.) Thanks for the reminder, though. Maybe I can get to the gym this week.
  19. This reminded me that I taught myself to write my name backwards (and in cursive!) with my right hand when I was bored in high school. I'll have to see if I can still do it and see if it helps me to better understand what my lefty is trying to do... Thanks for the idea.
  20. We have kits of all types. Here is a listing of the kits I found using the search term 'media bag' from my local library.
  21. Me! Me! The older I get, the more quiet I need! I've recently figured out that I am my 'best mommy' when I can have 10-20 minutes of silence in the morning, an hour after lunch (not happening so much, now that DS2 quit napping) and an hour or so after everyone else goes to bed. If I don't consistently get that bit of quiet time, I get overwhelmed, frazzled, and b*tchy. Loud noises can actually feel like physical pain... So of course, I have five boys. :willy_nilly:
  22. adult darks - cold, regular cycle, one rinse adult light/whites - hot, regular cycle, bleach, one rinse towels & sheets - hot, heavy duty cycle, one rinse kids' clothes (mixed darks/whites) - cold, regular cycle, one rinse kitchen laundry - hot, heavy duty cycle, bleach, one rinse diapers - cold, heavy duty cycle, one rinse PLUS hot, heavy duty cycle, double rinse No fabric softener, everything dried on hot. Lost my wool dryer balls in the move - boo! DS21 does his own, though not often enough.
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