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  1. LOL at myself. Completely forgot about Valentine's Day!
  2. Nice for tomorrow? Perhaps I misunderstand. Today - Fat Tuesday - eat up all the eggs and sweets. Tomorrow - Ash Wednesday - a day of fasting. Do you celebrate tomorrow differently? Or are you not thinking at all about holidays and are just hitting the easy button for dinner tonight? (ETA easy OR breakfast-for-dinner)
  3. I dunno, I enjoyed the commentators for the women's halfpipe tonight. Phrases like "ya gotta risk it for the biscuit" and a generally upbeat tone made it fun. Of course, the American gals kind of dominated the event, that may have had an effect. The men's downhill skiing, tho... those guys seemed a little more highbrow in their comments. I don't watch too much of the Winter Olympics, though. I can feel the cold right through the TV screen. And I do not like the cold.
  4. They may be actually glad to have some appointment timebmade available for a more urgent case. If it's not something you really need to do, I'd reschedule.
  5. Or, a twist on live by the sword, die by the sword.
  6. Could you switch your egg heavy meal to breakfast time and do other things for lunch? Boiled eggs can easily be ready to go. Lately I've been making a big pan of baked egg stuff on Sunday, cut and wrap in individual portions, and that's quick in the morning. I make it veggie-heavy (whatever combination I have on hand), with a little meat, herbs & spices, and about 9 beaten eggs - stir all together and bake in a well greased casserole dish. Second to that, smoothies. Coconut milk or tea, vegan protein powder, frozen greens, frozen fruit. Easy to keep all those things on hand. I like to have a green salad early in the day to make sure I get it in for the day. And, bananas. I love bananas. That is a quick satisfying morning food. Eat it with a big spoon of peanut/nut butter for the dose of protein. I also feel MUCH better when I'm not having bread. But yes, it's so hard to find new habits! Not sure how you'd like it for breakfast, but for other meals I've started keeping lettuce leaves on hand and using them instead of bread to wrap up stuff.
  7. SAS is a brand specifically designed for diabetic/seniors. Not sure if they carry a running shoe, but the Propel line is what my folks buy.
  8. If you have an IKEA in your area, they often have some great prices on rugs.
  9. LOL I had a cheap shower curtain for the floor when I had twins in high chairs!
  10. I would buy a rug to go underneath your dining table. You might also want to use tablecloths - at the end of a meal, folding up the edges and carrying the tablecloth out of the carpeted room can prevent a lot of bits from hitting the floor and being ground into the rug/carpet.
  11. I really wanted to love it. Does that count a little bit?
  12. Please share what items/brands you like. I realize I can make my own, but I'm trying to push the easy button here. Trying to have a few things on hand during a really busy season ahead.
  13. Yes - the actress and the vocalist were different. I agree that while I would have loved to see an operatic performance by the real Jenny Lind, the song from this movie's Jenny Lind *character* was right on target for the film style.
  14. Not sure what your purpose for the bodysuit might be, but perhaps a dance supplier would have what you're looking for. https://www.discountdance.com/mobile/mobileThumb.php?skey=Bodysuit&search=true
  15. Thinking of you often. Next step. You can do this.
  16. Yep. But seriously, there's no such thing as a disappeared photo when your sending it to someone who, if quick enough, can easily screenshot it and save the image to their own device. FWIW, my younger kids had no idea SC was originally used in this way. It's just the thing their friends are currently using to communicate, so they do, too.
  17. Jigsaw puzzles. Complexity of image and size of individual pieces can vary with the user's ability. If the person is tech-savvy, an audible subscription.
  18. Yes, that's the original thread. I think a few months later there may have been another "whatever happened with this?" follow up but I do not remember any resolution. Thanks for linking. Still curious. And...kalanamak. 😢
  19. I'm still wondering about the person who heard voices after she went to bed at night. Last i remember she was going try to tape record. Then then the story went silent.
  20. I haven't had many Sunday scheduled deliveries but a couple of those ended up coming on Monday with an oops email from amazon.
  21. Sounds like sometimes sopapillas get confused with beignets. Maybe that's a Louisiana-Mex thing? 😆
  22. In a word, authentic Mexican seems more "fresh" to me, lots of fruit, veg & seafood. But I admittedly have a preference for Yucatán cuisine. I hadn't really thought about the difference between coastal and central Mexican foods. Maybe I should schedule some research via restaurant in next week's meal plan. 😄
  23. The Danskin line (available at Walmart) has some really cute items and a wide variety (in style and fit) of pants.
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