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    Need Orthopedic Shoes for Father

    Yes its helpful I also found for the shoes that I want and other suggestion are helpful as well but I guess I must visit a store with Father to buy orthopedic shoes so that salesperson can guide us more well rather then we just offer it online and don't get the product we actually want. Thanks to all for valuable suggestion
  2. SimonJoshep

    Need Orthopedic Shoes for Father

    My father is a diabetic patient and his doctor suggested him to exercise daily specially jogging in park or any good relaxing environment. Recently my father diagnosed with plantar fasciitis problem and simple running shoes is creating pain while jogging. We asked for doctor, he recommended to buy orthopedic shoes for plantar fasciitis that have specially created for diabetic patients that have orthotic insoles with good cushioning support. I am looking for suggestions from where I can buy this type shoes or which one is good for him.
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    When to start Latin?

    I think in younger ages children pick the language as compared to older one, but I also believe that if you determined something then at least you achieve it.
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  14. Nice thanks for sharing it. For which age bracket these stories are for?
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    if you feel like talking about anxiety

    I believe if you discuss the problems which you are facing then the level of anxiety and depression goes down. So always address issues with your friends or family members to get the solution.