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  1. Well yeah but how do they *smell*? Have they all taken off their shoes yet?
  2. Has your disability not been documented by a medical professional? That seems essential. What do witnesses have to do with it?
  3. Somehow I missed this in the middle of January! Melissa, I have thought of you often over the past few months, knowing you are not at liberty to share openly. Many prayers. Looking forward to your update.
  4. I would see it three times just to see the oh so clever scene in the bar. That choreography with Jackman, Ephron and that amazing bartender was fantastic! Plus, the whole rest of the movie. 😂
  5. lol! Thanks for all the input. I'd never heard of it before and was curious how something called *coconut* "aminos" could be called for in what looked to be salty Asian dishes. It sounds more like a vitamin supplement! We will give it a try, not expecting perfection.
  6. Ok, thanks! That's one taste I know I would miss (soy). I often make fried rice out of leftovers, and have used cauliflower rice, but didn't realize there was an acceptable substitute for soy sauce. That makes me really happy.
  7. Lookin over some whole 30 recipes. Please, enlighten me.
  8. I am fascinated by the three players involved. It seems like a connection maybe made in an elevator a la Melanie Griffith Working Girl, iykwim.
  9. Oh! I replied before I went through and read all the responses! Fun to know I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Jimmy Stewart. Maybe Victor Garber could do it.
  10. I do not like Tom Hanks for this role. I want Jimmy Stewart. Seriously, I'm not sure why I have this knee-jerk reaction about not liking Hanks in this. And I'm not sure who could do it better. Greg Kinnear, maybe?
  11. That used to drive me mad, especially the dropped pencil search. I did two things... 1 - got one of those pen-like clickable erasers - work like a mechanical pencil, sort of, but with an eraser instead of lead. Kept it in.... 2 - a box of nice sharpened pencils that I set on the table during math lesson time. No fishing for pencils allowed. Drop yours? Pick up a new one and keep going. Stray pencils retrieved and replaced immediately following the lesson. Box hidden until next lesson time. Pencils suddenly got less slippery. 😄
  12. I think of this every time I pay the phone bill. Communications technology (acquisition and maintenance) is a huge item in the budget that wasn't there when I was a 20-something.
  13. This is an excellent point. One may never be able to outright buy a house, but saving enough for a downpayment is not usually insurmountable.
  14. Compound that by the HGTV effect and you have buyers willing to do whatever it takes (dual income, extraordinary mortgages) to pay those high prices.
  15. Ah. This reminds me of some young folks I know who are going to college on loans and Pell grants, but a fresh cup of Starbucks is an accessory in every IG pic. Makes me wish I could introduce them to my dad and some other elders who grew up in the Great Depression Era. FWIW, if one chooses to be an urban dweller and never anticipates buying real estate, the monthly cash flow may indeed be looser and allow for a lifestyle of perks. But everything comes with opportunity costs. To be indulging while carrying massive student debt... well, that's actually a mindset of one in poverty.
  16. I agree with this, but might quietly spread the word through one trusted source that large packages of diapers are hard to travel with. I think most folks would understand since she lives out of town.
  17. In his book Spark, John Ratey speaks of the effects of exercise on depression. One point he makes is that it is more successful for someone who initially engages in exercise in a group setting. This has me wondering - do many psychiatrists (or other antidepressant-prescribing practitioners) have exercise equipment on site? So, like physical therapy, a patient could start with supervised exercise therapy in a gym like setting, but with scheduled appointment times for accountability? I realize a doctor will likely suggest joining a gym or something, but seriously, like you say, getting started can be the hardest part for someone struggling with depression. I wonder if exercise-as-medicine would be more successful if there were a high level of (affordable!!! or insurance-covered!!!) support in the initial phases to help build an effective habit of activity.
  18. I am currently listening to Spark on audible (author John Ratey). I just listened to a fascinating chapter on the effectiveness of exercise on increased focus for those with ADHD. I'm not sure if there are any large sample, longitudinal studies on it, but the anecdotal experiences of the author sure seem to imply the link. Worth a listen!
  19. Suspense. Intrigue. Scary. Not horror, at least as I call it.
  20. Oh! Thanks for reminding me! I totally forgot about that one, haven't seen it yet.
  21. Oh well, guess I'll pass on it, thanks for the replies. I saw it at the library and as usual, I am so hopeful when I hear he has a new film out. Hopeful that it will be as good as his first few, scared they'll be lousy. Thanks for saving me a couple of hours (and maybe a lot of bad dreams!).
  22. My beef is folks who walk their dog on the street edge with those extending leashes. The ones the dogs can pull out like 30 feet. I am always afraid ones going to start in front of my car and the owner won't brake the leash reel fast enough. I honestly don't mind well behaved dogs in hardware stores. But grocery stores & restaurants? Blech.
  23. I'm sorry for your loss. What lovely ideas! You will have people smiling beyond their grief. I'm sure you already plan to, but photographs are always nice as well as a time to share personal stories. May all be blessed by the celebration.
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