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  1. No words. Tears & prayers for peace and strength for you all.
  2. is exhausting. That is all. Expletive embellishments considered then deleted.
  3. Am I remembering correctly that during your house-hunting phase, you commented about the trees that would likely fall in a storm at one of the properties you looked at? Y'all all stay safe and warm.
  4. Google "extraintestinal symtoms of celiac" and see if any of those apply to you or your kids. You might be surprised.
  5. Seasider


    (((Rach))) Been thinking about you. I did not learn the sex of my baby (and truly, didn't feel the need to ask, we had already decided to be "surprised" that pregnancy and seemed fitting), but there was/is a solid firm belief in my heart that it would have been a boy. I agree, naming really helps! It gave me a sense of the reality of it all, something to benchmark what happened, kwim? Feeling tired - even for longer than you might expect - is really normal. Hug on those cuddly kids and let them ooze love all over you, it's wonderful medicine.
  6. I can't stop thinking of this. If it were me, that gaming equipment would be going the way of the leg lamp.
  7. This is so nebulous. Sounds like she's been there more than a week? There's more going on. If I were you, I'd be totally straightforward. "MIL, what's up? Is everything ok in your world? Are you sick and making your farewell tour? Did you get evicted from your permanent residence? Are you lonely? There's something underlying your lack of a schedule and we need to talk about it, because the kids and I have a schedule and things are not working well like this. Talk."
  8. Yikes! I'd be pulling the plug on that! What if you just packed a suitcase, tell them how thankful you are that they're both there to watch the kids, and....voila! Vacation! 😄 Seriously, though, I can see why you are frustrated. I hope you are able to get back to normal soon.
  9. Company with no end date???!!!! 😳 Egads. I can't imagine. Isn't there some way to get a date out of her? Doesn't your dh have to go to work? In your shoes, I'd have to start finding something to vacuum at naptime.
  10. Seasider


    (((Rach))) Be gentle with yourself. Take the time you need to grieve. I pray telling your children will go as smoothly as possible. IME, it was a difficult thing to do, but very bonding for our family. It's okay to let them see your tears. They will love you so well.
  11. Could you describe this a little more fully, please? ETA I guess what I'm wondering is whether the perceptions you drew as a child/youth changed as you grew older and came to understand that these situations are often way more complicated than they may appear on the surface. (Of course your situation may not have been affected by other factors, just wondering.)
  12. This is an excellent point. Hospital delirium is a real thing and not quite the same as dementia. Please try to get a consultation with a neurologist. I also agree with the suggestion of making sure the right documents are in place - POA, your name on HIPPA releases, that sort of thing. Do not beat yourself up. Caregiving is very hard. Being her advocate is a wonderful gift - that in itself is a Big Thing.
  13. Oh, bother. So sorry to hear this. Rest well, I hope and pray that soon you will update us with news that you are feeling better and your WBC is up. (((Hugs)))
  14. I recently shopped for a piece of furniture and took a photo of an item I liked in a furniture store. After that, I started getting pop up ads on fb and safari for very similar items ( size, shape, unique color). I had never searched the web for such an item in my device. All I can think is that fb has access to my photos.
  15. Laura, you have served her so well. Enjoy a season of self-care with no regrets! You have earned it. And her placement actually sounds marvelous.
  16. I think there's so much narrative at the beginning, it's a slow start. But the background had to be laid. My son gave it to me after he finished it and I wondered that he stuck with it long enough for the action to start. I personally am enjoying the blast from the past (not completely finished with the book yet). Cline (and the Stranger Things writers) hit a gold mine of a target market. It appeals to us for the nostalgia, the younger ones for the gaming culture & action, and to all for its David-vs-Goliath elements. And a Spielberg film. Date night!
  17. Yes! The "shells" for her ears. I think of that whenever I see someone checked out with earbuds in.
  18. one where most of the human race now spent all of their free time inside a video game. Anyone else eager for Ready Player One? And a little creeped out that it's not too hard to imagine such a reality?
  19. Pilgrimage to Columbine? Oh my soul weeps.
  20. Do you ever imagine there's some dark web site not unlike these forums, where potential mass shooters go to share their fantasies and intentions? Good night, I'm creeping myself out just thinking about it.
  21. In that case, I might reply by saying oh so sorry, I don't remember committing to bring food, we are actually going to XYZ the (hours, days) before arriving at the shower so we won't be able to assist you in catering this event. Hope that's not too inconvenient for you. I understand it you may be agreeable to bringing something, but this reply would kind of set the tone for your possible reply to future expectations. And fwiw, I understand etiquette perhaps "evolves," but for someone who is accustomed to following the normal rules to suddenly bend them all at her own convenience....yeah, weird.
  22. They will never fully get over it, but they will always have each other. There's strength in that.
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