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  1. Colombo! I love that suggestion! Sneaky Socratic method, LOL.
  2. The Tahari dresses are gorgeous. Macy's carries them. Downside, they are unlikely to be on sale this time of year with prom season upon us.
  3. And oh hey congrats on paying off the mortgage! That's a terrific accomplishment!
  4. Arugula goes on pizza! Or paninis! Which are two more excellent ways to get in more veggies.
  5. To be honest, I'd bear that extra expense for the peace of mind knowing that the mortgage was paid off in a highly documentable way, and that you are free and clear, especially after the instrument going through numerous ownership changes. TBH, I might even close that account so no further drafts could "accidentally" come out of it, in case they don't get all their i's dotted and t's crossed before the next cycle. But that's just me. I like lots of proof that I'm no longer obligated financially.
  6. These are nice little snacky bites when you cut the rolled tortilla into pinwheels.
  7. What about omelettes? You can sauté all kinds of veggies, fold them into an omelet, lay a piece of cheese on top and runnit under the broiler just long enough for the cheese to melt. We have these for breakfast, lunch and dinners, any meal of the day. You can also make a deconstructed omelet by sautéing the veggies and then just scrambling in some beaten eggs, with a little shredded cheese tossed in at the end.
  8. Agreeing with the don't give up and let them pay a sibling to do it advice. I did make them do their own assigned chores enough to be sure they knew how to do it - learned that skill - before being allowed to pay someone else to do it. I was pretty "mean" about tying privileges to chores (aka responsibilities). No computer access, no being chauffeured anywhere, no fun thing they wanted to do until the jobs were done. I made very clear rules and stuck with them. I did not engage in nagging and did not budge with the whining. "You know the rules" on larger, rinse, repeat.
  9. Great!!! Thanks for sharing. I've got my last starting to take ACT practice tests pretty soon.
  10. Hey Night Elf, my grandmother was a fantastic old fashioned cook. She had lots of recipes, but her most beloved dishes were things she made regularly enough to not have to use recipes. So my cousin went over there one day to watch as she cooked. My cousin had grandma add ingredients as she instinctively would into a separate bowl first, which my cousin measured, recorded, then added to the concoction. This is how some of her best loved recipes got written down and passed down to grandkids. All that to say, try opening those little packets and bottles into a measuring device before adding them to the dish you are making. That way you could more easily duplicate them.
  11. Oh I recently made a recipe for low carb lettuce wraps. That called for just a small amount of meat.
  12. Agree! Perhaps one day he'll turn up in a video montage of Stupid Criminals.
  13. Yes, privacy is an issue for sure, but with some workarounds the story could and should be told. This should never have happened to Melissa, and shouldn't happen to anyone else, either. Also, I'm guessing an investigative reporter could turn up additional stories of coerced placements gone awry and the lack of support the system gives foster families when mismatches become evident.
  14. Hmm. As an advocate for year-round DST, can't say I'm unhappy. But the dark in the morning is a challenge to overcome. I guess it's hard for me anyway, being a night owl, so I'll just resolve myself to do it. Enough with the back and forth, though, I just wish they'd pick one and stick with it. OP, to make it easier to move about on those groggy mornings, I try to eliminate as much decision-making as possible. The night before I try to set aside daytime clothes and lunch for the next day and have an idea of if there's anything I need to do for dinner before I leave the house for the day. I'll even take my shower in the evening so that I don't have to get a shower in the morning. The less I have to think about it, the easier I can stumble through. And, coffee.
  15. Not necessarily. Balconies, deep raves**, other architectural features make a difference in how much light actually enters the home, even with good windows. And that's just the structure itself, not counting what's outside around it. OP, I think your question is too general. It's not simply a second floor, there are a lot of factors. **meant to say eaves. Guess autocorrect wants to party. If you're having a rave I'm certain that would affect lighting! LOL
  16. This is how I would handle it but would probably not even explain why. You could just say that you need to discontinue lessons with him; he can chalk it up to your budget, your displeasure, whatever. IF he asked for details, you could then say that a more experienced teacher with a schedule that better suited your needs had contacted you about an open space. Switch now, get those kids working with their new teacher. Recital season is just around the corner. My kids would be getting their recital music just about now. Picking recital pieces is a sure hook to keep them invested, better to avoid that if possible, to prevent the kids from being disappointed about not being able to play the piece they chose.
  17. If I have been following Melissa's story correctly, the third child should have probably actually never been placed in her home care, as it was counterproductive to the siblings' healing. But iirc there was a lot of pressure to do so and M eventually said yes (please correct me if I am mistaken!). So, I think we're talking about a questionable placement to begin with.
  18. At the very least you might could go public with your story, in a 60 Minutes sort of way.
  19. I believe this is grounds for a counter-suit sort of action on your part. At the very least, you should take legal means to seek the judgement be nullified with no effect on your own biological family and future employment.
  20. Is it earlier than ever before? Someone just told me it was changing this weekend and I was shocked.
  21. I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. Praying for a reprieve.
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