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  1. Our school year is coming to a close. This was possibly my worst homeschooling year yet. It was my 20th year, and maybe I am just burnt. Today, I am away from home, resting, trying to relax and pondering where to go from here. I am beyond burnt! My hubby is beyond burnt....my kids are burnt too. I am at a place where I know our lives will always be a bit hectic. But, what I am really rolling around in my mind is how homeschooling has affected our relationships. My hubby has never been pro-homeschool, or anti-homeschool. He has always been neutral to withdrawn and really has no interest in making educational decisions. He has always left it up to me to figure out how and what, and why and to carry it all out with my other chores, my job etc. as long as we didn't bother him, he stayed out of it. When I do bring up homeschooling problems, his only answer is to send them to PS. For me, that is not really an option, but it is looking better and better. So, anyway, there is a bit of resentment, but understanding too... It takes all he has running his business, being a good dad, spending quality time with our kids when he can etc. Right now, my relationship with my kids is very strained. My older ones are finding their independence and my younger ones are not as driven to learn, nor do much of anything. I am looking forward to a few weeks off. My younger kids are ahead in humanities, behind in writing and math. I know what we have to do, I just don't have the energy to do it. My teen is going through teen nutters old, and making us all nuts too! Oh, I need this break SO MUCH!!!! So, really, I would like to know how homeschooling has effected your relationship with your kids and spouse....for me, I think it is straining it big time. I originally started homeschooling to encourage a strong family and sibling bond. I have seen that in my kids. What I did not see coming was my kids view of me and their relationship with me as they grew older. So far I am 2 -2, with 2 kids very close and 2 kids very distant. The 2 distant ones hurt my heart....but I am not sure how to heal that rift. There is no anger, or fighting, or rough words...just they grew up and got out as fast as they could! The other 2 are grown and make it a point to come home as often as possible, keep up communications, text, Facebook etc.... So, can we talk about this?? Faithe
  2. Today is a real live rest day!!! Completely! I am holed up in a hotel room while dh is in a class. I could work out, brought my weights and running shoes, but I think it is a good time for me to rest. School is done for the year! I am getting ready to run a 15 k in August and a 1/2 marathon is September....did a 9 miler this week. So, anyway, yesterday was an exercise rest day....but a 6 hour drive...today, I am sleeping! And eating! And watching tv! Tomorrow, I will get back to itðŸ˜. Tell me it is OK!!!!
  3. 😥 more sad news.. I am so sorry....Tom will be missed.😥
  4. I just found out that after 20 years of homeschooling, I have read a ton of kids books!! I need to reAd some grown up ones IF my brain can still handle it!!
  5. For once in my life, I have been speechless. 😰. Just whiplashed and speechless. No words ....
  6. Thinking of you all and praying for a speedy recovery.
  7. You said ask!😠I think it deserves and needs its own thread! Please! Tell me!!
  8. Honestly, it was a nightmare that literally caused PTSD to rear its head and took 2 years to heal from. Seriously, do not do that to your kids.
  9. It isn't. They say Trail Guides ARE, but I am not convinced. I met Maggie Hogan years (20?) back at a conference and she was wonderful, made me feel really able to homeschool my kids, and I am sure trail guides are great, but Beechick is simpler. Use the materials you have to teach the skills kids need to learn. That is Beechick! Don't neglect the Bible, or good books or that cute wipe off board that is laying around. make it simple, quick, rich. Don't drive them to wrath with hours of busy work. Get more bang for your buck by combining language skills with reading skills with writing skills. All language arts can be integrated instead of having a workbook for each subject. One bound composition book can be used for all lessons. I added a box of colored pencils, some highlight markers and some stickers to jazz things up. I have wandered away from CM and Beechick over the past few years due to health issues and family issues, but I could kick myself! Instead of things being easier with workbooks, they became ridiculously cumbersome! I have spent the entire year undoing the damage, and because if that for the first time ever, my kids are not at grade level. Nothing at all sank in!!! We are back to the drawing board! Took a bit of a break and will be starting lessons back up in the way I am comfortable and convinced my kids learn.... Simple, to the point, No bells or whistles unless they want them😠good books, sharpened pencils and a happier mindset.
  10. 2 runs... 2 miles, then 3.1. On vacation... The hills are killing me!
  11. I am an adopted kid. I had an aunt like that. I noticed. It hurt deeply. No one ever said anything so I thought it was my fault, or something I did. I was over 40 when one of my cousins, who also adopted a child, said something to me about my unfair treatment....and she said this aunt treated her dd the same way. Say something!!! It is not unnoticed!
  12. Ok, so here is my two bits FWIW, and from my own experience with SOTW. I have used SOTW consistently with my kids since it came out. So, my younger kids have been around it for 3 goes now. They jump in wherever we are in the cycle and I always include extra books ( short picture, lit, etc.) at their level. I find VERY LITTLE to almost NO recall in the first 3 grades. They sort of kind of remember some of it, or will say OH YEAH, I remember this....but, if I question further, they really don't remember!!! Round 2 is going on now with my youngest. My next one up is also on round 2 and my teenager is listening in ....because for her SOTW is comfort food ;-) My 6th grader is getting the flow of history and understanding how all things that happen effect others. My 4th grader is more focused on people stories...this is the good guy/ this is the bad guy. This guy beat the tar out of that guy. This guy was beat up by that guy. Same book, same stories, different perspectives. My older group first heard SOTW, and then read the books themselves, repeatedly...well into high school. It was their jumping off point for deeper study...to help them choose topics they wanted to delve deeper into... So, anyway...my 3 year old got stories, my 6 year ol got an intro to history, my 9 year old got to have good guys and bad guts, my 12 year old got to see the interconnectedness of the human experience, my 15 year old had a simple intro in which to jump off into reading more difficult primary documents or literature, or their textbook. So, honestly, do not expect recall from children under at least a 4th grade level...even with narrations, coloring pages, timeline cards, review, review, review, extra reading etc. from 5th on, their focus will be different according to where their academic level is. This applies not only to SOTW, but to our science curricula, language arts skills, math skills etc. we build a good foundation, then build on the foundation.
  13. Oh my goodness!! This is so true! I have a big problem there too!
  14. Beechick was my intro to teaching theory. I still love her simple, basic, no non-sense, no busy work, combining subject to get the most bang for your buck approach. From Beechick, I learned about CM and still use Beechick type LA with my kids. It is most natural to me...it makes sense. It is easy, yet as rigorous as the literature you are reading and the copy work/dictation passages you are using. I can use one literature read aloud, a scope and sequence for grade level skills and choose passages for each child from the same book. When I had 5 children homeschooling, it was cost effective, time effective and as challenging for them and as easy for me as can be. I really love Beechick's books....they are simple to understand, deep in theory and reassuring that teaching children is not some magic formula that only certain people can understand.
  15. Been away from the forum for a few weeks, but I am back now. Life got hectic. I am still working out. Did some runs, 2 10k races, one was a trail run... Now I am in love with the trail!! And a 5 k obstacle race in a captain America tutu! Ran a lovely 5k trail yesterday and plan a few miles on the road today along with a cycle and sculpt class tonight. We are technically on vacation this week, but staying in our cabin 40 minutes from home, so I can run home and back ( by car!) easily. For those of you who run early in the morning, Were you always morning people? I just can't seem to get myself moving that early!!
  16. Sh*t happens. You are ok, kids are ok... No one hurt, stuff is replaceable... Chocolate helpsâ¤ï¸
  17. Just despicable!! I can not fathom what these women are thinking! Or not thinking! Obviously, karma is not on their radar. The law of the universe...every religion has its form of Karma. I am praying for your SIL, that justice prevails and she and her children remain safe and deaf to comments from idiots! She is blessed to have you!
  18. What a load of CRAP!!! Men like THAT would know better than to send a woman like me!! I am just shaking my head!! My dd is set to go to the prom in 2 weeks....and she looks GOOD! And if anyone gives her any sort of hard time they will have MOM and BF MOM to deal with!!! BTW, my oldest girls were shunned from a homeschool group for wearing ...GASP....denim jackets!! Because, well, we all know how sexy those are....GRRRRRRR!!!!! Talk about setting up a rape culture! Oh, boys, you can't control yourselves around all that denim! Ugh!!!! I feel even more sorry for the girls who fell in line with this stuff. They tied the line not to be bullied. They are now set to be bullied the rest of their lives and who will stand up for them?? And who in turn will THEY bully???? Ugh!! Just, UGH!!!!
  19. For a book series there are Prairie Primer (Little House series)& Further Up and Further In ( Narnia) . Teacher Created Whole literature Units make lots of single units for many books. We used them for some of our early American lit.
  20. 😰â¤ï¸ðŸ˜¥
  21. Well, myou fit in HERE just fine. Welcome to the " shunned Christian club.". 😉
  22. Well, we are Christians and my kids have been shunned numerous times because we are obviously not the correct brand. We have been shunned as well. Oh well, not my loss. It hurt for a while, but really.... Do I want those people as friends?? Nope! We are very open to friends of all sorts as long as our basic morals are connected. IOW, I want my kids around honest, kind, intelligent, hardworking, thoughtful people. Those come in all creeds and colors, religions and economic backgrounds. We Choose friends by their character qualities, not our preconceived notions of who is a star bellied sneech and who is not 😉
  23. I read these aloud to all of my kids as they turned 6. So, except for my youngest, they have heard them multiple times. For my little guy, I bought him the audio set ...lol! He lives it.
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