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  1. First 10k race of the season tomorrow. Been taking it very easy since Thursday, trying to get past my consistent soreness. I think my body is just sore and is always going to be.... It was sore while I was fat and sedentary and it is sore now 😕. I have run enough to train for this race, but I am going to show up and see what happens. My funky hamstring kept me from mileage goals, but I cross trained sufficiently/ am strong enough and have the endurance to pull this off even if I don't pr! I think I am getting a bit of depression. For me it is hormonal/ chemical and exercise is my med of choice... So, I am not sure this resting thing is working for me. Little things that would not phase me are throwing me for a loop! Not sure if I need more sleep or more action! Keep me in your thoughts! Hoping to run the 6.2 in 58. Minutes. Not sure I can, but I'm going to try!
  2. Back to my regular schedule, also getting ready for my first 10k of the season Sunday morning. Monday: cycle/sculpt Tuesday ran 4 walked 1. Hill run Wednesday: Barefoot class/cycle class Today imam going to run 3 slow and easy...then rest Friday and Saturday so I am fresh Sunday morning. Hope all those who are injured rest up and heal quickly. Faithe
  3. 😩. Oooowwww!!! Sorry you are injured. Glad you are seeking medical attention. Here is to quick healing!
  4. I want something I can give them to read and answer in full sentences. I have tons of real books. They are getting lazy. I read, they lay around waiting for something to happen. Learning is NOT happening, bad habits and apathy are happening. This is a little shot in the arse so to speak. I would rather, much rather, much, much, much rather do this as read aloud, narrate, write an essay kind of class, but I need to undo some bad habits formed in the kids... And one of them is to learn what you are learning. Very frustrating!!! As I said, do t judge me. ðŸ˜
  5. Don't judge me 😉 I want one ( actually one for each grade) that is secular with lots of pictures, maps, section comprehension sections and preferably available cheap from amazon. Prentice Hall, Houghton Mifflin, Glencoe?? K-12?? Anyone have one that is laid out nicely, pretty to look at and sassy to implement. Any ideas?
  6. I did this with ds when he was 15, with This Perfect Day. OY!!! What was I thinking!! The looks that kid gave me. He lived....lol!
  7. I agree!!! I still love the ads. Lol! New stuff is always good to look at. I think it is perfectly reasonable to fund these boards with ads.
  8. Me. I have hashimotos and a list of other auto immune issues. I feel better when I eat completely AI protocol wih the addition of eggs and nuts. Nightshades are a no-go. Yeah, it is annoying about the faddishness and yeah, I would LOVE to eat a pizza, but really... It is not worth it to me for what it does to my health. FTR, I lost over 100 lbs before paleo, and only maybe 15 more post paleo ( going on 3 years). It was not a weight loss took for me and I tend to be gaining weight right now.
  9. Clocked 1.5 miles walking after dh all through Home Depot! He is hard to keep up with in there, and he always goes from one end back to the other and back and forth a million times, so as a joke, I mapped it! Haha". Took a leisurely Easter walk with ds...2 miles looking at bunnies and doggies, and kitties and squirrels and flowers and a horse with very long hair....lol.
  10. Eeeep!!! My first 1/2 is in July. I am nervous! You are amazing!!!!
  11. Hamstring feels good! Back to running & playing hard. Circuit workout with dd this morning. Fun sets! Then 4 mile walk with ds ...hills galore! Yesterday, I ran to friend house 2.5 miles, walked 2.5 with her, then ran 2.5 more. That was fun! Working on getting those first 2 miles not to suck so bad!
  12. Meh, you get used to it 😜 Seriously, it's ok. Continue what is working or doesn't repeat, toss what you can, and be ok with it. Teachers never finish their curriculum. I never do either. My kids survived.... And graduated from college, where they never finish their curriculum.
  13. I went into the main part of my house and found the upstairs toilet had overflowed all through the ceiling and knocked the Sheetrock onto the floor....in many pieces....with poop dispersed throughout. Yep, happy morning to me!!!
  14. So, I am a bit broken. Pulled my hamstrings somehow....💪. Yeah, my arms are way stronger than my core....should have chosen a smaller weight. Anyway, nursing my legs, means no running, so I am going a bit nuts! My trainer is out of town this week, so I am taking a break and hoping to get back to training by the end of the week. I did hike with my kiddoes yesterday...3 miles of gentle trail. Hoping to do some core arms and abs today. Then going to serve Passover dinner at the nursing home my daughter works at.
  15. WTF???? Really. Why didn't I become a career woman instead of a mom with tons of education, no certification and zero earning potential? Someone should have warned me IT'S A TRAP!!!!
  16. I take a Claritin in the morning and a Zyrtec at night. That has been the only thing that works for me.
  17. How about a weight bench and some hand weights as well. You can get some great used equipment pretty cheap on Craig's list. My boys also have a chin up bar in our coat closet ( don't tell, but I use it too ). And a heavy bag for kickboxing, punching. A spin bike would be cool too if you could find an inexpensive one used.
  18. Did Bed Yoga last night... That is for when I have had a stressful exHausting week and fall flat on Friday. I do all my yoga stretches, but do them in bed. Lol! It is pretty hysterical, but very soothing on my body and spirit. Plus hubby and kids think I am a riot! This morning I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone on the way to the gym. My daughter was having a meltdown ... And I WAS on the phone. It was the first time I have ever been pulled over! I have never gotten a ticket before. Not sure how to handle it. Went to the gym anyway, and put in a hard hour of strength training. Tomorrow is long run day. Hope I m not too sore to do it. Weather is finally gorgeous and I am sitting in the sun soaking in some D and making a list of what needs to be done around here. It was a hard winter on us, our house, our vehicles etc. time for inventory and rescue.
  19. Justamouse: sometimes I think we could switch places in our homeschools and our kids wouldn't even notice!!! Lol. Maybe instead of materials, we can talk methods. For me, materials are secondary to method. My methods have taken years to develop. They are natural to me. They transfer to my kids because they are part of my mentorship, and thus become part of daily conversation and lessons. Spelling, grammar, mechanics of writing, memory verses, vocabulary, literary devices etc are part of our daily learning. Each child needs focus on some particular part depending on age and stage, so programs or workbooks become somewhat useless to me in my individual mentorship position. At best they have been a waste of time and money... At worst burdensome and harmful to our relationship. I do have goals and the means to attain those goals because I have gathered years of experience. It is not a magic formula or pill. Sometimes I feel badly for my oldest dd because she was my practice kid. I made mistakes, but she came out just fine. The end result was a genuinely awesome adult who reads, communicates and creates. She is a happy, fulfilled adult, so I didn't screw up too bad. A big part of teaching without the safety net is knowing that sometimes you are going to free fall, sometimes what you are doing is going to baffle the snot out of other educators, sometimes you will question yourself, hopefully you can without doubting yourself. Moms who want to teach this way need to become students themselves. You can not give what you do not have. If you do not know grammar, you cannot teach grammar. If you do not understand or relate to literature, you can not pass on what you do not have within you. That does not mean that you have had to read every book or piece of great literature before approaching lit with your kids, but you must reach into it and keep your mind open to having it touch you in a new and different way each time. Opening our own minds, becoming mentor and scholar, absorbing beauty, wrestling ideas and ideologies, living in a lifestyle that is beautiful for you. Peace comes from tuning into the energy of your family: it needs to be organic, natural and their needs to be a heart connect. Those things can not be taught, but can be modeled. So, I come from a place of modeling to my kids my journey and my struggles. I try to keep it very real. Learning does not end after 12 or 16 years of focused study. It continues, hopefully for a lifetime. I see my job as a homeschooling mom is to equip my children with the tools they need to become happy, healthy, productive human beings. With an eye to that purpose, I look at homeschooling as an opportunity to create those things in my own life as well. I need to run, but will be back later. Enjoying the conversation and remembering being that very young mom with a house full of little hooligans ( my kids are not the wide eyed sit and listen to mamma type of kids!) wondering how I was going to pull this whole thing off. I think this is a conversation worth having and I really hope I can be a helpful part of it. Faithe
  20. My problem has always been that I could plan it or I can do it. I choose to do it. I do have loose plans and I do keep some records, but mainly my kids notebooks become my record keeping. Pre planning is what I call my summer sabbatical. This is where I read teaching theory, watch lectures, learn philosophies, home my skills as a teacher and out myself into a place of rest. My summer sabbatical consists of grappling with ideas and ideologies. It focuses me on what I wish to accomplish in the coming year. I look at each individual child and set goals for them and a tentative plan on how to attain those goals. I make back up plans and sometimes back ups to my backups. I immerse myself in reading books my kids are going to read, making notes, looking for my own connections, thinking how I relate to the book so I can relate freely to my child or children. I try not to get in the way of the author, but I also need to not get in my own way. This process takes weeks, but it is an enjoyable time for me and my kids. I do this in summer because they are busy swimming or working summer jobs or doing what kids do in summer. They have their own book lists, math and writing for summer. Those activities do not change. Other activities change according to season. For me prep work does not include a plan book. I have tried. It doesn't work for me and I refuse to feel guilty about it one more minute. Prep work includes looking at my materials, looking at any teacher support materials, looking to see what calls into my goals as helpful and what to toss aside -and what goes into the maybe pile. Taking those materials and figuring out how long I think they will take to get through and then doubling that! I know us well. We tend to trudge... We like to mire. We haNg out in our time period or putter around with our science observations. We tinker, we play, we battle, we make peace. It is all part of the journey and as you go deeper into it you settle into an equilibrium, or a place of teaching at rest.
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