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  1. I had a bout of school in a box right after the Circe thread. Due to family circumstances, we needed a get it done approach. Biggest waste of time ever!!!! My panic led me to order enough workbooks for several families knowing in the depths if my heart that my kids could never just produce finished pages without the benefit of learning anything. Long story short....lesson learned. We do use historical fiction because we like it, but it is not the backbone of our historical studies, but more like a little ice cream with our cake :-) Our homeschool tends to look like life happening. Kids don't always know what is on th roster, or whether or not what I put in front of them is part of a curriculum or something I just found to share. I like to keep them guessing. One caveat before throwing all caution to the wind....don't neglect skill subjects! Even if they are taught in context....and reading/grammar/vocabulary/ handwriting/ writing etc. are easy to incorporate into a good piece of literature,....math, not so much....you must make sure the tools of learning and thinking are in place. A building without a strong foundation does not stand long. It is all well and fine to study the ants outside, or Alice in Wonderland inside, but neglecting the messy partin order to do the more beautiful part can come back to bite you in the nether regions....just a heads up!
  2. My mom worked in a factory putting the little plastic dots on those souvenir purses you get on vacation. She hated it and it didn't last long. Dh worked in manufacturing at IBM. It doesn't sound like a factory job, but it was. His dad worked in a factory too, metal smelting, before he became a police officer. Dh's mom worked in an electronics factory. I never worked in a factory and I am not sure if my dad did!!!!
  3. Congrats!!! I am right there with you. Slowly working my way out of my job and back to our homeschool. Good luck!! Hope it all works out for you.....and me!
  4. What size kettle bell are you using?.. I want one for Mother's day! I think it would be fun to do kb workouts outside....and they will travel easy so crazy mom can work out during kids' swim practice this summer. Tuesday, I ran 3.5 up hilly roads in the freezing cold. It was brutal, windy, horrible. Should have stuck to the treadmill, but kids were at karate....and I had a free few minutes. I hurt my knee running down one of those stupid hills! :-( Ice and elevation today.....before barefoot/ cycle cross training. I love Wednesdays. <3
  5. I think it depends on the kid, how well they comprehend what they read, and whether or not they have an interested other person to listen to them and their ideas. Some books left alone in the hands of a child can lead to some very weird ideas....but those same weird ideas can be the sparks of some great learning and conversation/ writing. A few times in our homeschooling years, my kids were "just" reading and writing...and doing a math program. We had some of our best homeschooling years that way, but they always had me, their dad, other siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles , family friends etc. to discuss their reading and new ideas with. They were NOT left alone with their reading and learning. It was a process. Some kids studied things I would never had thought of for them. It was an interesting experiment. My kids have grown up well. They are students or college graduates with good careers and clean lifestyles. Yes, it was an experiment because I did not know at the time how it would turn out....it was desparation, because we can not utilize the public schools in this area, we did not have enough money for private schools and either I was ill, or taking care of ailing parents. Just my experience. YMMV. Faithe
  6. My new trick: Push ups! [attachment=15788:new trick.jpg]
  7. I can tell it is on its way.....it comes by mud and snot, right?
  8. I have a houseful! Well, they each have their strong points, or things they like to do which may someday translate into real life....and for my older kids definitely have, but as little kids, we were all about playing and developing their play into interests and hen ino passions and then into careers. That did not happen until they were way older.
  9. I wouldn't use CHOW with SOTW. Too much narrative of the same info. 50 famous people is good. Short biographes of some of the people you meet in SOTW, or from the time period if you rearrange the stories accordingly. A history textbook or encyclopedia is a good edition. Our Island Story or This Country of Ours, in my opinion, is not necessary with SOTW. Choose one narrative spine and one factual type encyclopedia/textbook. Kids do not appreciate overkill. If they get sparked by something, they will persue it in their free time, or you will know and add in some extras.
  10. Forcing myself to take a rest day. Nice easy walk in my new Brooks....have to break them in a bit....not sure I like them after yesterday's lead foot run. Stroll...then back to the office. I think we need a school rest too. Starting to get on my own nerves....sigh.
  11. Whelp, like all good plans....ran 2 instead of 5, legs turned to lead....and I gave up. I never give up, so I must need a rest day....tomorrow is it! Then back to hitting it hard. I haven't had a rest day in 2 or 3 weeks! I didn't realize until I looked t my calendar....yikes!
  12. Me too. I was about 8 lbs lighter last summer, but my clothes are smaller and my muscle more defined. I'll take it, and try to get over my obsession with the scale. I eat clean....paleo...do not count calories other than what I burn according to my hr monitor.
  13. New week....new sore :-) Hoping to get in 5 miles and yoga. That's the plan, let's see if my body cooperates. Sigh.
  14. Yup. Lift heavy to muscle exhaustion....rest, rinse, repeat. Change it up too....use different sets, kettle bells, dumb bells, bar bells, medicine balls, rice sacks, anything to make changes. Oh, have fun!
  15. I had a good workout week... Got in about 20miles and quite a few hours in the gym too. I am sore but happy. Bought new running shoes today, so will try them out tomorrow. Can't wait! I love new kicks!!!
  16. We do bible, history, poetry, read-alouds, art, music, phys Ed, some science, nature study etc., as a family. Everyone has their own math and language arts study.
  17. it only took you 4 months to figure that out?? Either you are a genius or I am a dumb@ss. I am hoping the former. :-) Yeah, I am quite the rebel!
  18. I am. I don't outsource except for a few writing classes here and there or music or phys ed. I am also. Or as rigorous as most. My kids like how we learn, steady progress, low stress. My older kids didn't have many outsourced classes and had no issues moving into college. They all said they were very well prepared and well educated in comparison to their classmates. This was backed up by their grades and awards. My kids are not interested in stem majors. If they were, I would need to outsource heavily. As it is, we are good. My daughter will probably Dual enroll for her senior year, but for now we are enjoying eachother and our studies.
  19. Yes, with great results. Just watch out for days 4-8!! That s the " Kill All Things" phase. Grumpy does not give those days justice. I have also done Whole 60's, 90's and a 120. I remain grain, gluten, soy, alcohol, dairy, sugar, processed food, nightshade free, but I am not so careful about getting take out food within my parameters or eating extra high carb fruits, dried fruit and starchy veggies as I was on my whole 30's. My weight is down and stable, my blood sugar feels great ( no ups and downs) and my gym performance is definitely better. Whole 30 is a great kick start to life changes, breaking food addictions, finding out what causes your body issues etc. just be careful not to go nuts and undo everything when you come off! Make it a life style change rather than a fad 30 day diet. Go to the website and read the forums. Make sure you read the entire It Starts with Food before you begin, so you know why you are doing what you are doing. Good luck!
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