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  1. Behind in my posts! Swim team for kids started this week so for me that means more running. Sunday, 8M Monday 3 walk, 3 run....spin class and body sculpt in the evening Tuesday, 3 walk/run intervals. 4 run miles Today is a meet....will probably walk/ run this morning and then come home and do some sort of strength and stretching exercises.
  2. Wow, I just saw this!!! I am so scatterbrained I forgot I posted. Thank you so much for taking the time to type this all out. I really appreciate this!
  3. I need a quick, to the point economics course (1/2 credit) for dd. it needs to be simply written....think artist, not economist or brain surgeon. Just the basic learn the material and get it done. TIA Faithe
  4. 6 miles run/ walk/ crawl... Lead legs. Tired. Hope you are feeling better Negin!
  5. inter illis, non ex illis Does this work? Among them, Not of them.
  6. My 20 year old would like a tattoo for his 20th birthday. He wants it to say : Among them. Not of them. we do not trust google translate! He believes it is Inter illas. Non ex illis. BUT, before it is permanantly etched, I figured i'd check with the experts! You guys! Thanks. Faithe
  7. Cycle class tonight. Surprised I not too sore from this weekend! Maybe my legs are getting conditioned to run? I think I may lose a toenail though...OY!!
  8. Sunday I ran my 1/2 marathon! 13.1, 2hours 19 minutes! Hilly course. Walked a few of the steeper hills. Bonked at mile 7.5...ran to a store for a Gatorade and Kind bar. Lol! I did it on my own because I wanted to get it done before I turn 50 in 2 weeks. Going to buy a sticker for my car and a new t shirt! I deserve it! ðŸ˜ðŸƒ
  9. Ran 6, walked 1. Wow, it was hot!
  10. Hits: chucking the workbooks, the schedule, the scope & sequences, credits, requirements and actually stepping back and recreating my relationship with my kids... And teaching HOW I love to teach! Science kits instead of science books Reading and discussing like big people... Not over analyzing everything. Focusing on writing... And teaching grammar and all language skills off of their writing. Misses: CLE full program with their oversight. Shoot me square in the eye! I love CLE for math, la and reading, but really more for how it lifted dd's self esteem. Took us down a MAJOR bad time!!! Now, I can not even look at a light unit! Ugh!! Their history and science are awful!
  11. I may not be faster, but I have more endurance. I can out mile them....but they can sprint faster. I call it even...because, well.... I am old and they are not.
  12. Ha!! Me too! I think I may have detected a pulse. 🚙
  13. Oh, those long drives! Still all cramped up. 2nd time this week I made a drive like that. Have my trainers by the door....only got 16 miles in last week...need at least 25 this week to keep up on my 15 k training plan. I have to find some time for longer runs and some strength training. Last week was a total bust....this is a new week! Time for me to get serious busy again!
  14. Ran 4 yesterday ....after driving 6 straight hours! I should have stretched! I was so antsy and it was such nice weather ( very rare these days) that I jumped out of the car, grabbed my trainers and iPod, and off I went. Hard run! Went out too fast, and shins are sore! Want to run again today, but should unpack and clean up kids mess first!
  15. I cross out the days and just write in the number. Not fancy, but it works. I also like my days down the side and subjects at the top....easier to see where we are if the days get shuffled.
  16. Can you and your daughter come play with me? I need someone to push my old butt!
  17. Barefoot on the conveyor???? OUCH!!!! And I barefoot everything except spin and running. Yikes!!!
  18. Why did I not know about Fitness Blender???? Kid in a candy store here!!!!! ðŸ˜
  19. Thank you for sharing! I also believed in the magic bullet....and I do have some pretty great kids, but as I said before....I am crispy! We tried online too.....that does not work for us. I pray for your peace and have fun reinventing! Take some time for you. 16 years is a long time! Good luck!!!
  20. I could have written most of your post word for road! Homeschooling would be so wonderful if it weren't for these darn kids! 😳 Honestly, I love homeschooling, but it may not be best for these kids at this time. Taking a few weeks off is not going to solve our problems, but maybe I will be able to have a better perspective. I used to be so convinced and so fervently pro homeschool! The idea of NOT homeschooling all the way through breaks my heart, but losing my kids hearts and my own sanity is not worth standing on my laurels.
  21. Oops, You asked about my younger group. Dd loves homeschooling and hates being a homeschooler. She loves learning at her own pace, studying what interests her etc. she hates how isolated we can become. She craves friendships and social scene, which is not easily available in our rural area. I do whatever possible to make this happen for her, but she is shy and awkward...so that doesn't help much. The 2 boys are 10&12. They have not really voiced an opinion. This is what we have always done. It is normal for them. They are not academics! They want to play. A lot. Homeschooling gives them that opportunity....almost too much!
  22. All of my older kids are thankful they were homeschooled. They are all a bit quirky and all 4 have either finished college or are pursuing a degree. My youngest of those 4 is at a weird place right now that I do not think was effected by school choice as much as him having a chronic illness which dominated his mid teen years. He is much healthier, but emotionally scarred. He is figuring it out, thankful we educated him the way we did, yet feeling cut off from his peers as well. I don't think homeschool/ family therapy is a joke either.....just the dynamic in a homeschool family is so different than a traditional family, with a large amount of the burden falling on the teaching parent. I know we didn't know what we were getting into when we started! It was a grand experiment and I am trying to determine the results, and also determine whether the cost was worth the outcome. Can you tell I am exhausted?
  23. Oh Tammy, I know the drill...and abide by it. I am talking the long term, not the short. And I am geared for a good 6 week break, but life will not cooperate. Putting the books away is easy. Taking them out again is going to be a challenge, especially when I see my deepest and most precious relationships deteriorating. I am not sure there's such a thing as homeschooler therapy, but I think if someone starts offering it, they are going to rake in the bucks!
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