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  1. Raking leaves, basic yard work for the elderly. My kids do this yearly and is so appreciated!
  2. So my son had an awesome time and said he was definitely going no matter the cost. :scared: It is a good school, just don't want him having too much college debt! He will have almost 2 yrs. done before graduating from high school so he shouldn't be there more than 3 yrs. if he doesn't change his major! Still crossing my fingers for the merit but it's hard in the state of VA!! It is amazing how much they have grown and continue to grow. Definitely worth trying to make a CFAW, they really mapped it out well for the kids to really get a feel of college life!
  3. So glad to here it went well. My husband and I are both graduates but that was a lifetime ago... :p So much has changed since we have been there. I loved my time there but was worried of how big it has gotten and how "commercialized" it seems. I am hoping that their standards have not faltered. We are planning on as a family going back and getting a new tour sometime this year. My son is going to CFAW this weekend and is so excited. Our church is heavy LU supporters and many kids end up attending. Unless my son gets a hefty scholarship it isn't going to be happening here though! :)
  4. This made me kids are responsible for their rooms, laundry and bathrooms from 12yrs on. My son would be mortified if I came in with my cleaning supplies in college! Ha!
  5. Awesome, thanks for sharing! I couldn't find on link but will keep trying. Been following your blog for awhile. 😊
  6. Hmmmm...lot of good ones in there but the ones that my kids LOVED in elementary and should not be missed are the following: The Penderwicks, Tale of Despereaux, Mixed up Files..., My Side of the Mountain. Others we enjoyed could do NOW or later Middle School: Around the World, Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson, Call of the Wild, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH Favorites in there that should be read in late Middle School or High school: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Robinson Crusoe (one of my all time favorites!)
  7. Only used homeschool edition here and liked it. has great prices new for it or I would get used off of eBay or other sites. The school edition looks like more than you need? I also prefer a hard copy. Hope you get some replies....sorry I can't help more..
  8. Wish I 5 yr old loves the Jr kit and can do them on his own. Looking at getting the next level for him... Maybe you can make her a simple book to follow? I don't know of any additional books. 😕
  9. Read widely...that helped my kids more than anything!!
  10. Thanks so much for the links! Just might do that, but we love to read so wanted to have some to go along with it and am just trying to narrow down our choices. :-P
  11. Okay Lori D. you are so awesome and better at this than me. ;) There were a few he has already read so I am crossing them off on your post of potentials. Thank you so much for doing this! Easier to view. :) Thanks for your thoughts as always and yes, looking for just American History/Lit. Any ideas for a spine for history? IDEAS FAVORITES TO CONSIDER...THANKS TO LORI :D AMERICAN HISTORY Common Sense John Adams (probably just watch the DVD) Democracy in America Up From Slavery Self Reliance and Civil Disobedience -- essays AMERICAN LIT Red Badge of Courage Last of the Mohicans Moby Dick Grapes of Wrath novels: - Moby Dick (very long novel) -OR- Billy Budd (longish novella) -OR- Bartleby the Scrivener (short story) (Melville) - My Antonia - The Red Badge of Courage (Crane) -- or a short story by Crane - Grapes of Wrath (novel) -OR- The Pearl (novella) (Steinbeck) - Their Eyes Were Watching God (Hurston) - The Chosen (Potok) - I Heard the Owl Call My Name (Craven) - The Joy Luck Club (Tan) plays -- consider watching, rather than reading, as that is how plays were intended to be experienced: - The Crucible (Miller) - Our Town (Wilder) - A Raisin in the Sun (Hansberry) short stories: - Rip Van Winkle, or, Legend of Sleep Hollow (Irving) - Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (Bierce) - Gift of the Magi -OR- other story by O. Henry - The Lady or the Tiger (Stockton) - Story of An Hour (Chopin) - The Most Dangerous Game (Connell) - Jury of Her Peers ( - Thank You, Ma'am (Hughes) - The Catbird Seat; The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Thurber) - There Will Come Soft Rains; The Veldt (Bradbury) - The Lottery (Jackson) - Revelation -OR- Everything That Rises Must Converge -OR- A Good Man is Hard to Find (O'Connor) poetry by: Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Carlos Williams, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes ... WORLD LIT One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich * JUST WANTS TO READ THIS ONE THIS YEAR Great now which would be your top 5 for history and lit? THANKS!!
  12. My son did Latin I there last year and we LOVED his teacher she was probably the best online teacher my kids have ever had and we have been to many places. She was just awesome, unfortunately I don't think she is back there this year but my son is taking Latin 2 and it is going well so far.
  13. Okay, yeah I know another vague question....I am just at the wire and am scrambling since my son's dual enrollment course fell through. :( I am needing to do American History this year for high school credit and then we plan on clep for college credit. :) He took Omnibus 3 in 7th grade so a lot of the must reads I felt were in there so trying to figure out some other must reads. I am trying to find a good spine with a few Lit/History readings to add to it. I could also use some lit choices for his 1/2 credit of literature we are doing this year since he already took a dual enrollment writing course this fall. He has a heavy load this year and so I am looking to do more of a get it done lighter load for this year in history/literature and just focusing on the clep exam. However, I don't want him to miss out on some GREAT literature. So out of what I have listed or your ideas that he has not read what would be the best and most "moving", "applicable", and "life changing" books? Any recommendations for a history text that is good and would help if it included what one needs to know for the clep exam would be a plus. For 7th grade he did the following: BJU American History (11th grade text) Frankenstein Pride and Prejudice Gulliver's Travels Benjamin Franklin: The Autobiography The Autobiography of Charles G. Finney The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Little Women The Killer Angels Christianity and Liberalism Old Man and the Sea Animal Farm Death of a Salesman Postmodern Times How Should We Then Live? Foxe's Book of Martyrs The Westminster Confession of Faith The Pilgrim's Progress Of Plymouth Plantation The Social Contract The Federalist Papers The Anti-Federalist Papers A Tale of Two Cities Reflections on the Revolution in France Uncle Tom's Cabin Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and Writings The Communist Manifesto The Great Gatsby Mein Kampf 1984 Also has read: Pilgrim's Progress Pride and Prejudice Frankenstein Edgar Allan Poe's stories The Scarlet Letter Mere Christianity Some ideas: Clueless on a text I thought of A History of the American People but it looks so intimidating... ;) Common Sense John Adams (probably just watch the DVD) Red Badge of Courage Last of the Mohicans Democracy in America Important of Being Earnest Up From Slavery One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Invisible Man Self Reliance and Civil Disobedience Moby Dick Grapes of Wrath A Dickens choice? which one would you choose that would be the best? Want to know your top 5 that are NOT on his 7th grade reading list (and does not have to be in my ideas). You guys are awesome, thanks so much for your help!!!
  14. Thank you Alison, I know how time consuming that was! Really appreciate it! :thumbup:
  15. We are up for 4 if we get the amount needed...let me know.
  16. I'm interested in 4 if we can make it happen...let me know :)
  17. Bumping this old thread...anyone else homeschooling on here in the Fredericksburg/Stafford area? Looks like the originals are no longer on the board?
  18. My son loves reading eggs and math seeds and he is now 5 1/2 but started messing around with it at 3 1/2 yrs. old. He still enjoys it even though he has moved onto Reading Eggs Express (which is quite a challenge for a 5 yr. old!) ABC Mouse I liked but it just was way to easy and moved too slow even after bumping him up a couple grade levels. My other kids loved Starfall but we only did the freebie side.

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  20. Awesome...going to check it out! Thanks!
  21. I am excited about my last year of K, haven't done it in awhile and wanted to make it fun. We are doing a study the world theme and also community helpers "study" since I have neglected doing a lot of hands on things with him in his early years. You can check out my blog below on my name which has a list of everything we are doing under curriculum for the year for K. I'll post below a few ideas for what our geography studies will be like to get your creative juices flowing. ;) Beginning Geography – (August-September) o My World map booklet- make and read Me on the Map (take pictures and make) o Continue sending Flat Stanley people when opportunity arises o Work on map skills- See Beginning Geography section 1 (directions) n/s/e/w game place cards on floor and have him go in that direction o Scavenger hunt using maps o Read How I Became a Pirate before going on hunt o Use a real compass to practice directions outside o Discuss classification of animals- o World map –Geopuzzles o Make a city with felt using maps with block center o Countries of the World & nature on certain animals – My Book House search- each month o Playdough on world map – place brown/green playdough on land o Continent and ocean song o Draw symbols on maps in sand tray o Discuss climates- ocean, desert, rainforest, grasslands, mountains o Talk about landforms and bodies of water- Beginning Geography section 2 – o Make a clay form and discuss varies bodies of water- island, make various landforms with clay o Landform story print out booklet o September – focus on State of VA o make a little state lapbook (printouts) o Color an outline of where our state is on map o Memorize capitol of VA Country Checklist o Send out request for Flat Stanley each month*** o Countries of the World – My Book House search- each month & Holidays and community helpers along with monthly events o Find on map and color (personal map) o Learn geography countries in that region (at least 5) o Learn to say hello and goodbye in that language o Explore animals in the area: classify-land, sea and air – mammals, reptiles, birds, etc. (pick a few from list below and read about them) Use jars (blue water, soil, empty) o Use a ruler or tape measure to see how large each animal is o Explore landmarks – place on map and try to match name to object o On globe listen to info and their national anthem and flag o Explore climate – read encyclopedias or books o Explore plant life - read encyclopedias or books o Read various books on country o Art project – for that culture (Geography Through Art or Global Art projects) o Cooking project- for that area o Explore daily life in each area o Clothing that is worn – (Burma have shoes) Children Like Me o Look at homes types of houses-check book o Transportation- check book o Work on Geo Puzzle of the country o Copywork on continents o Stickers on world map – where to find o Use Atlas to look at what grows there and look at major rivers and oceans (Scavenger hunt sheet) o Google maps- explore other areas o Continue on with Flat Stanley project o Missionary stories with the Millers on areas that we study o Read folktale in that area o Figure out time difference in each country compared to us o Listen to some common music (World Music CD or World Playground) o Stamped passport (see printed and made stickers) o End- play people memory game o Read- Window on the World on each country o Check on Around the World for ideas beginning each study Chapter Books for Each Country & Info on each country studying NORTH AMERICA (August-September) o Alaska- Kalitan, Our Little Alaskan Cousin (kindle) o Seven Little Sisters Who Live on the Round Ball That Floats in the Air (kindle) o Missionary Stories with the Millers ch. 1, 22, 25, 28, 29 Animals: rattlesnake, beaver, cougar, iguana, black bear, raccoon, alligator, moose, pronghorn, bison, mountain goat, wild horse, river otter, falcon, scorpion, fox, coyote, puma ASIA (October/November) o Twin Books – Japanese (kindle) o Burma Peeps at Many Lands (kindle) o Peeps at Many Lands – Japan (kindle) o Our Little Korean Cousin (kindle) o Hok-Hwa of the Waterfront – China Children’s Hour bk 9 p. 58 o Monkey Spirit- China Children’s Hour bk. 9 p. 140 o Bim’s Gift from the Forest (India) Children’s Hour bk. 9 p. 150 o Rikki Tikki Tavi Children’s Hour bk. 14 p.257 o Fairy Tales from Russia Junior Classics bk 1 o Fairy Tales from India Junior Classics bk 1 pgs. o Missionary Stories with the Millers ch. 3, 8, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20, 23 Animals: Red Crowned crane, Siberian tiger, golden haired monkey, yellow-throated marten, red panda, giant panda, golden pheasant, Chinese alligator, Asian elephant, Bactrian camel, fugu, Asian Black Bear, Raccoon Dog, Himalayan Wolf, Bird of Paradise, Indian Cobra, Snakehead fish, spiny-tailed lizard, gharial, indian peacock, Himalayan mountain goat, sunbeam snake, Sumatran orangutan, Siberian chipmunk, leopard cat, Chinese pangolin, indian rhinoceros, Siamese fighting fish, python, Japanese macaque, snow leopard, Chinese white dolphin, Asian giant mantis, Chinese tree frog, silkmoth, Asian shore crab, Asian forest scorpion, horned frog, finless porpoise, flying lemur, keeled box turtle, blue tiger butterfly, Japanese spider crab, giant pacific octopus, Samson snail, loggerhead sea turtle, yellow-lipped sea krait, squid, Arctic fox, oryx, snow leopard, water buffalo Other ideas: earthquakes, martial arts, play with tanagrams (Global art p. 52) ART: (Stone inlay Global Art p. 57) Tet trung Lantern (Global Art p. 72), Japanese fan (pinterest account) Recipe: shanghai noodles, garlic sesame chicken? eat with chopsticks! India: eat with your hands rice Find 2 rivers in China and 2 islands HTH :)
  22. So my son finished his 4 yrs. of HS Latin and I want him to do a modern language for his last two years of HS in hopes of gaining college credit by clep. I think he should take Spanish because we have so many resources for that! He has dabbled with German and wants to pick up that again due to the fear of confusing Spanish and Latin since they are so similar. Have anyone who has taken both languages had trouble with this? Learning Latin alongside the kids and now trying to teach Spanish to my little one I am catching myself saying Latin instead of Spanish...whoops! Thanks!
  23. Ha ha! :P I just didn't know if it would look bad if he didn't have a history one year and say two another year.
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