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  1. Maybe I can help a little. All of the main subjects are done in the morning so that you have time to do other things in the afternoon: nature study, music practicing, handicrafts, etc. There is usually depending on the age an hour possibly of other reading in the afternoon but for the younger years all of their main work is done in the morning. I haven't used Alveary yet but it depends I think on the age of the child as to how long the morning looks. What are your kids ages/grades? Do you combine subjects with your kids and if so, which ones? There are some subjects that you can combine I will post a link to help you see what that looks like from their site. For me even though I like AO, I felt that it didn't coincide with what CM had to say on "times" and meeting each child. Who could finish all of those books listed if they were sticking to her time table? If I didn't read all of the books I felt like a failure! I have found in the past reading too much too fast my kids would not remember anything! However, when I slowed down and read smaller portions they were able to remember so much more and isn't that better to learn some things then none! Rereading her works and looking at how CMI is trying to really implement what it would really look like today is so helpful and refreshing! HTH some. :)
  2. I believe I am jumping in. :) I need more time to "learn" some of the subjects before my kids get there particularly math, foreign language, etc. My oldest taught himself EVERYTHING almost from 7th grade on and I outsourced many things. I don't want to depend on having to do that for my younger two. It just takes SO much time away and really not a lot is gained from what I have seen. So if I can spend my time learning them so I am prepared to help them along the way it would save them so much time and frustration! I love planning but it has taken SO much of my time (since I am such a perfectionist) that having it all laid out for me is so worth it! I am very excited about all of the extras and helps that are included for implementing the program. I might have to tweak a few books since it is has a few things we have read to death (particularity my youngest) but with the extras given as choices it shouldn't be that hard. :) I am so thankful this is available and thanks Emily for sharing with us all! I am SUPER excited too that I am going to be able to go to the CMI conference this year! My hubby and kids are great giving up their vacation to go so we are coming to KY a bit early to do a little sight seeing. Can't wait to check out the ark and The Creation Museum! Will anybody else be going to the CMI this year?
  3. Thanks for the you would have him take another English class his senior year even though he doesn't need it in college?
  4. Thanks for responding...we are in VA too. How did you list your classes by years or subjects? Did you have children not take all of the core classes each year in HS?
  5. What type of schools did they attend? Curious to see if it matters. He is thinking on doing engineering/aerospace etc. but not sure. How did you label the transcript? I see where here they really like to see it broken by grade not subject. If I could do subject I feel it wouldn't look so bad. :confused1:
  6. That is yet to be seen. :( He still is not solid on a major either and gap years are looking good right now! I am hoping to get him in public speaking but wasn't sure if that would really count in the english category. Thanks for all of your replies!
  7. I have posted a similar question in the HS forum but still not sure what to do. I have talked with our homeschool agency here in VA and some to colleges and still can't get a straight answer. My son took many courses early on for instance in Literature/Grammar/Writing etc. 9th Grade: Rhetoric (1 credit ) and Literature/Grammar (1 credit) 10th Grade: Grammar Comp (1 College course) 1 credit? + Literature (1/2 credit done at home) 11th Grade: Grammar Comp (1 college course) 1 credit? + British Literature (college course) 1 credit? So would he need to have another english/lit class his senior year? Would it look bad if he didn't take one? He has already filled all prereq for college in this area... He is planning on taking the following DE courses his senior year: American History 1 & 2, and a Higher Math, and Biology; possibly Speech or a Psych class if we can get in but wants to work more and possibly intern. Really struggling with his last year and I don't want to make it seem like he is slacking. I know core is required: 4 yrs. history, english, math, science for colleges He has way more than he needs in regards to credits so is it okay to just count credits or does it have to be in each year? Also his Latin he took 4 yrs. but took 2 yrs. in MS. They say don't put MS classes on transcript but I need to include to show 4 yrs. of foreign language. Also with math - he took Geometry in 8th grade some want to see he took that I understand Alg. 1 will show up when taken Alg2. Any suggestions on people who have gone before me and dealt with these issues? Thanks!
  8. I am really considering too...seems like such a great resource even if I have to substitute a few since we already have done them. Decisions.... Wonder if they have a support group of those who use it...wouldn't that be fun! :)
  9. Yes, I think they recently changed it due to beginning to start registration. I have been able to view it with no problems weeks ago but now having the same trouble. I had downloaded 1b resources and 1b lessons plans (it gives an idea of what it would look like but I know that the newer one does not look exactly like this but you could use it for an idea). I think it is a great deal $199 for all of your kids for a year. It looked very thorough and doable. I loved all of the extra's you get too! If you would like to see my downloaded sample PM me and I'll forward it on to you.
  10. Anyone used this option recently? Looking at Arabic for my middle son, I love how you can break up a semester and have the flexibility to complete over a year~ I want my son to complete three- four years of Latin before finishing up his Latin studies but he wants to start his modern language too so this is a win win for us. :) I do not have the time to learn this language since I am working on Spanish and Latin with my! I also like how you meet with an instructor live. I am also curious about the Algebra 2 course. My son is taking Geometry with DO but wanted to start Algebra 2 next year and so we were planning on doing 3 days of Geometry and 2 days of Algebra. I love Derek Owens but it would be very expensive to do two courses at the same time...uhhh decisions! Thanks for any input!
  11. The Latin 1 class was done through Veritas Press Academy when he was in 7th grade, that is why I wasn't sure whether I should include it or not. I am aware of reporting all college grades...thanks
  12. Yes, his Latin 1 grade was in 7th grade so I wasn't sure how to do that. He took Latin I in 7th and Latin 2 in 8th. He took two more years of Latin in HS but didn't do anything this year (11th grade). Hoping he will pick up a language for his final year but not sure, he is looking at other things and not so much into that. That is where I was uncertain. Yep, I was wondering about weighting grades whether I should do that with college courses or his AP 's? I know so much has been said too about whether to count college courses as 1 credit or 1/2 credit where it is driving me nuts! Our state homeschool association says to count all college courses as one credit. So many decisions....uhh! Thanks everyone for your comments!!
  13. Working on my oldest son's transcript and so a newbie in this area. :) Really debating whether to use a transcript that is formatted subject based or year based when listing? I think if I went subject based it looks more impressive. :laugh: Anyway, I also have many dual enrollment classes, MS classes to add. He has A's in everything except his very first Latin class which was a B. Should I add that? Hate for him to be so close to a 4.0? Some classes were done over a couple of years how would that look? Also, do you include Algebra I, Geometry taken in MS? Would you include in GPA? They say you should put it on there because colleges want to see that you actually took them from what I have heard. Thanks!
  14. FWIW, my younger brother went and graduated about 6 yrs. ago and it was brutal. He was not "into" a military academy but went for a scholarship playing ball. :001_rolleyes: Anyway, the one thing I can tell you is that after he graduated he had NO trouble getting a job. He had people at his door! He majored in business and minored in psychology nothing special about that but it was because he graduated from VMI.
  15. Yep, after further investigation she found out that their teachers are not all certified and that the degrees that they have can be in any field. Scary, I think she found out that the principal of the school holds a degree in agriculture! :eek:
  16. So sad! I agree! The only reason I am not having to teach reading in 1st is my son just happened to learn by himself at an early age. I did not teach him or force him. ALL children learn at different times and some are ready really early (without pressuring them) and some don't learn until 6 or sometimes 7. My sister has her kids in a private pre-k and what they require is sad. She has not "caught on" to all they require and started putting frowns on her worksheets and the expectations they have made for these young kids are unrealistic for the average kid. Her self esteem will be effected and it just breaks my heart because she is such a sweet child with eagerness to learn that will be squashed. They also informed her that if she stayed there she would have to repeat Pre-K! I'm like what??? So she is pulling her out and will be putting her in public school next year... sigh If she only lived near me I would teach her! :-P I feel that these forums are great for ideas to see what is out there but no set one is right for all children, they vary so and that is what is so great about homeschooling! We meet our child(ren) where they are and don't put too much on them! Enjoy the process! :)
  17. Emily- One more you know when they will have the high school ready to go? I would have loved to have that next year for my middle son so I don't have to plan it out! I would so prefer spending my time reading and prepping then having to plan it too. :-P Thanks!
  18. The science is the first curriculum I've actually liked (and my husband and I are both trained in science at one of the top universities; my husband is a professor of astrophysics at a top-10 university). He's pretty critical of his incoming students so we're aware of areas that are neglected by schools generally. Great to know! CM does a little bit of everything consistently. No one week is a ton learned in any area, but over the course of a year a lot is learned. I am completely sold on slow reading of many books over a long time as a great way to really know what you are learning. I agree with you here! The books that my kids have lingered over are more ingrained in them then the ones we had to hurry and get through to get through our book list. This seems to be the best way to me for having them remember something important.
  19. The Delectable Education folks are part of the team putting this together, so listening to their podcasts is a good way to learn if you like their approach CM. Here is the link for the podcast for those wanting to listen on some great info! Thanks for mentioning this Emily- I was wondering if they were helping to develop this curriculum. Great to know! They have such knowledge and I have enjoyed their podcasts!
  20. Not sure if any of you all saw but now they have samples up on their is the link: Emily- When you get back online can you tell us what years you used last year and how you liked the book choices? I am not familiar with several of the books they used and wanted to get your feedback as to the difference of AO. Also, if you felt that the daily scheduling and planning helped you. Thanks for your insight!
  21. Hmmm....I am still so uncertain of SO many things! This is my 2nd go around for 9th grade but unfortunately with my kids being SO different I can never do the same thing. :( So I am listening in! Math- Geometry finish and being Alg 2 (not sure what I am using...not sure if Jacobs will work for this son...sigh) MP Cottage coop school? Science- Biology - (after much pondering...we are trying BJU online + hoping to meet up and do the labs with Lori Higgins so he can do several dissections...I never seem to have the time with three kids. :( I just am not a huge fan of Apologia Grammar - will continue on using Rod and Staff and throwing in IEW Fix it with it (he really probably doesn't need either but wanted to have him take another year or two before quitting) :-P Psychology- my son wants to take this he has wanted to go in this field for the past couple of years so he excited about taking this course. Latin 3- where ? There is a cottage school of Memoria Press in our area that meets once a week...we might try and possibly their math as well or we might stay with Latin with his current teacher (we took at Landry A before the shut down) Literature/History - unsure debating between Omnibus, Roman Roads, WTM books, my own making, Cornerstone Curriculum- Western Worldview Year I and Amy's History/Lit series at Creek Edge Press, Any thoughts on this one...:-P (too many choices)! Logic- Argument Builder since we are not going to get around to that this year.... Writing-? Want to integrate with his other courses but might need to pull out and do more of something...I want him to take Rhetoric at CAP hopefully in 10th grade my oldest son learned alot there and was quite challenging! We will still have morning meeting where we meet and discuss the Bible, do a few read alouds and where I throw in some memory wk and dictation. I love this time because I still get to have a "part" in learning with them for an hour. He also plays on a homeschool travel basketball team that practices 9mths. of the year. That is about all I know so far! Yikes...need to get cracking!
  22. Thanks Emily for letting us know of this resource and answering our questions! It would be so nice not to have to piece together a curriculum for my last kid...:-P A couple of questions for ya... What curriculum that you have seen out there compares to this one? Do you find it rigorous, yet engaging and has your kids liked it? What ages have you piloted it this year? Have you felt confident in it, and do you find it complete. Do you like the book choices? Are you going to continue using it? Is the cost going to be $500 for the fall? It is kinda steep. :-( I am intrigued...:-) Feel free to answer the questions you would like. ;).. Another question....I have not been able to attend any of those seminars as of yet, (no where near my neck of the woods that I have seen) you know when it will be available for those who have not attended one? I have read many books and feel pretty confident on her philosophies and teaching but I know I can learn more. :)
  23. I'm all :bigear: still deciding since it is my last I want it to be fun!! For sure so far: Saxon Math 2 & All About Spelling (working great and son is liking it) We never really had to do a phonics program for him so we just solidified any gaps this year with spelling and I also skimmed through the OPGTR book with him to make sure he could read them all. :-P I was lucky with this one he was easy! :D Outside activities: AWANA (loves it..:-P) I am debating between whether I want to do a coop or not next year we did not this year. He does miss his friends though...this one is very social! Thinking of doing just a PE class once or twice a week to play with other kids. He also takes piano lessons 2x month (we got a sweet deal worked out...don't necessarily need a teacher right now since I can teach him but he likes to play for his teacher what he has learned. :) Anyone else doing outside activities..coops etc? I like being at home so don't like to run to much during the week. Once a week tops. ;) My son LOVES building K'nex & Snap Circuits... any other things to add to that type of learning? Would love to hear!
  24. I agree...I used this many years ago with my first kids and it worked well but am not doing it with my last. Need something different. :-P From what I remember Silver moon is correct...I believe they are extra readings going off of the VP cards. Could supplement something different. I know writing assignments are based on the VP cards, every once in a while she will have weeks that you do not do VP cards it is an add on and it could have used some of the Hakim books but you could always use a different book to supplement that week or just omit it. HTH :) It worked great for me when I was just learning about classical learning and felt too timid to branch out on my own. :-P
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