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  1. Anyone know the scores for the merit cut off this year? I am on pins and needles! He is very close but don't want to get my hopes up too soon! :001_unsure:
  2. Me too!!! :) Now on to the scores! :hurray:
  3. Some other ideas not mentioned yet: Language class - working on practicing spoken language Science- focusing on labs Art
  4. In regards to writing and grammar integrating into it may take some time. I would think more reading exposure and just pointing out things you find in a casual way here and there when reading with him would help more with this to make it click.
  5. My two cents... :D is for Shurley and Rod and Staff you can't go wrong. My two older boys used Shurley from 1st grade through 6th and then switched to Rod and Staff and Abeka for upper grades. They are very grounded in their writing and grammar and are great writers which I owe partly to this curriculum. :) Granted they didn't really enjoy it or found it to be fun but hey it WORKED! Shurley - pros love the jingles and helped my kids learn all of those things they needed to memorize and it stuck for years later! It gets the job done! cons: Do not like the writing part and omitted that part and we mostly used IEW for writing. R&S- works well, easy to follow, teaches diagramming! cons: lot of "work" written so I started doing mostly oral and we get done in half the time and it still sticks and it doesn't show what really needs to be memorized in an easy format. What can I say, if you are not real strong in grammar both curricula will guide you. I am at the stage of deciding which I'll choose for my younger one coming up. I am steering towards using Rod and Staff because it teaches diagramming more and then I am adding in the jingles for memorization. :) A win win! :) HTH!
  6. We have used Sing Song Latin (games and CD) etc. haven't used the book as written but have used the music CD along side of making up some games for 5 and under crowd. I did use the book for my 1st grader though and it worked well. :)
  7. I am on her email list too and haven't seen anything go through in awhile. I hope that isn't the case. :( I know she has been dealing with illnesses this past summer/fall. I am all ears too, but don't know her personally either.
  8. My son was only half way through Physics last year and we wanted to take a summer break so he took 2 months off without any trouble or penalty. D Owens is great to work with, I'm sure you can work something out. :)
  9. My youngest and I have just finished: Twig (he loved it!) Also reading out loud Little House in the Big Woods & Adventures of Pooh Corner My older two reading aloud that we really are enjoying are: A Pillar of Iron (Caldwell) (love it, great historical fiction back in Ancient Roman times very long but very descriptive and really are enjoying it), Ourselves (Charlotte Mason- LOVE IT!~ so great for character development even good for me! :) The Jesus I Never Knew (Yancey) makes so many good points that I haven't thought of. Our personal favorites we are reading aloud at the moment. :)
  10. Mine were done ASAP, all you need to do is email them: Then include the following in the email: Generic Semesters Summer 2018 and beyond from Alison Duncan Student name Parent name Student email Parent email Address Phone
  11. Thanks so much! I will try contacting Landry today...
  12. I emailed the gmail account given in the #114 post yesterday, but haven't heard anything back yet. I am a bit discouraged. We already had an account so I didn't give them any "extra" except the things they originally asked for. Hopefully they are not totally off the grid and get back with us and I do hope too that she is well! :) I'll post if I hear anything though...maybe she can pass it along :D
  13. It's been a few weeks since the last post stating that they were working on processing the order. Has anyone gotten their credits added to their account? Thanks!
  14. Funny, that is what we are doing this year for Kindergarten and having a great time! For additional science he is doing nature study once a week and he does experiments and other things of interest throughout the week as well. :)
  15. I focus on interests in Kindergarten. We read library books on topics of choice or if it can parallel with other things we are discussing. If he is interested in mechanical type things he might like Snap Circuits. My 5 yr. old LOVES them and after I showed him how to do a couple and how to follow the instructions he now works on his own. My son also LOVES science experiments. There are so many out there could google some topics, pinterest is awesome :), make volcanoes, magnet set (another favorite here) let him explore some on his own and then read books relating with it. We have a few of the Thames kits but they might be a bit hard for him to do on his own. Another idea my son loves are K'nex (can also get the ones focusing on simple machines etc. my son is able to build with these) wheels and axles set here as well. I would NOT do worksheets for a 5 yr. old that would lose all the fun and wonder right out! We also do outside exploring if you want to practice some "writing" with it. My son has a nature journal where he feels in what he wants and what he saw and learns about. HTH
  16. My son loved Starfall, Reading Eggs when younger 3-4 yr. old range. He still likes Reading Eggs now he is 5, but uses it mostly for Math Seeds. Depends where on the spectrum your child is in learning to read etc. My son learned to read really well early (2nd grade level by 4) so once he completed the Reading Eggs program he wasn't a huge fan of Reading Eggs Express. He still does it but doesn't as much (more like school to him....:-P) If it seems like school he isn't crazy about it. ABC Mouse okay, but not worth the money I thought.
  17. Got to agree with these, my son loved these! Others he has loved ages 4-5 range: James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox Penderwicks!!? loved this one..ha! Wizard of Oz any of McCloskey's books!
  18. This looks good but haven't used it.... depending on age I focus on one thing each year last year we did birds this year trees and using parts of Memoria Press curriculum alongside of The Natures Handbook We used the guide reading and did not use the workbooks. We focused on learning all the birds, sounds, identification, etc. could do this with their tree study and insects study....HTH
  19. Awesome idea! Never thought of that but will look into that idea! Thanks Will look into, thanks for idea Trying to stay away from rape, affairs, etc. Crime and Punishment maybe in upper HS not now. Not sure about Sherlock Holmes but will check out him and Agatha Christie! Thanks! Never heard of them, will check out thanks! He is reading this one now...thanks! Also just read Frankenstein too. :)
  20. I am, and all that I have read and heard says it is okay to do this at least in our state of VA. :)
  21. My son is very interested in psychology/criminology and his goal is to become a profiler. :eek: He is reading psychology textbooks for fun but I want him reading more literature in his spare time not just textbooks. Does anyone know of any good literature that is not too graphic/morally corrupt in your face literature out there that could appease him? I thought too of case studies and studying people's "minds" but just don't want anything too mature since he is only 13. He did love Phineas Gage I did think of that one. :) Thanks for any ideas!
  22. I agree! Wish we had it around here as well! A great opportunity and glad it is going well!
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