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  1. Thank you! I will definitely look into these. We've had mixed experiences with Libravox. Some are good and others are quite literally painful to listen to. lol
  2. My dd8 listens using her Kindle (her Kindle is literally JUST for audio books, kindle books, and immersion reading - no games). Before she had a kindle, she listened on my iPad. In the car, I use my iPhone because it's convenient - I just plug in to the car stereo system. With audible it's easy to go from one device to another with the same account. It will just ask if you want to start where you left off with your previous device. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Thanks guys! I'm just thinking there's got to be more out there, especially for things like math, geography, etc. I will keep looking!
  4. I'm looking for some good non-fiction audio books for elementary age. I'm thinking things we can listen to in the car or over lunch. Generally we listen to a lot of fiction, which is great, but I'm looking to balance it out a bit more over the summer. Things we've enjoyed: Story of the World A History of US Classical Kids series Brains On! podcast Classics for Kids podcast What else can we listen to? Any good ideas for us?
  5. My dd is very similar. From a very young age, she would take coloring pages and flip them over to the blank side and draw. She still prefers drawing over coloring. I think she would LOVE this, but she's only 8 (2nd grade). Too young? I'm also debating between the drawing course and the colored pencil course. Could a young beginner start at either one?
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