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  1. I am not offended at all. I think I should have written this in a clearer way( ironic since this thread is about hs grammar). I was responding to the op question about r&s being complete enough for the college-bound. IMHO it is a very good program and needs no supplements. I did not mean to imply anything else. I only mentioned our personal experience with the college level because that seemed to be the point of the original question. Sorry if I made anyone upset.
  2. I am in the process of researching my options. Ambleside online has been very helpful. I was leaning towards Our Mother Tongue by Nancy Wilson, Writers Inc., and a variety of literature corresponding to our history studies. Sorry I can't be more specific. I just decided to make this my ds last year in R&S. My oldest son actually attended ps during 8th grade and received very little grammar instruction. I was so glad he had our rod and staff background. If you find any interesting resources let us all know!
  3. Rod and staff, IMHO , is a very intense program, covering everything. My dh is a college prof and I have seen some horrible writing samples from his students. We are dropping r&s in the secondary years to focus on writing and literature (we will review grammar periodically, though). Good luck to you! Anissa
  4. Like my Kitchen Aid dishwasher ( stainless steel interior). I switched to Finish Power Tabs for soap. They do not leave the yuck! By the way, do you have hard water? A softener helped all my detergents work better.
  5. Just the other day a hs friend was talking about her temptation to send her dd to school next year. I told her every hs mom has the same thought in February and she had better put the decision off for now. Just keep telling yourselves how much you love your little darlings and would miss them sooooooo much if they weren't with you every hour of every day.....oh, this is a "long" month.
  6. I am so sorry for you and your family. Is there an older couple that could step into the lives of your dc and be surrogate grandparents? I have a friend who has an "adopted" grandma for her family since the real one is toxic.
  7. We decorated a large tool box and filled it up with an assortment of craft/art supplies one year. That box is still in use (keeping it stocked with subsequent gifts).
  8. I like thrift stores because the pants were laundered already. All of the stores I frequent have dressing rooms.
  9. I went to target and found a great deep dish. I don't remember the brand name - sorry. It is a pretty red one. It looks great on the table. Sorry I can't help more. Is it lasagna season already? :001_smile:
  10. Your recommendations make me want to see this show...and I never even watch tv! Is it a show for the whole family to watch together?
  11. I have given buyers a specific time to contact me before I sell it to the next in line. Sounds like that is what you did. I know how frustrating it can be. Good luck!
  12. Could you do a couple of 3 day weeks? Maybe just do projects, or make fall crafts. How about a service project? This may give you your break from school without the bored dd.
  13. Can you discuss her finances with her husband? He may need to know that her plan of living with you is a no-go. I would react the same way if I were you. As for your sister, she seems quite certain this is your problem. I am sorry this is your situation. Maybe some financial counseling now for your mom and a huge dose of reality? I am sure the hive will have great advice for you...
  14. Yea, I often see workers in the "real world" sitting around figuring out math problems. Oh please....that is the silliest thing I've ever heard.
  15. Okay....the sock gift..anyone else think of Harry Potter freeing Dobby, the house elf with a sock? Seriously, your dc sound so sweet. Sorry about the unwelcome invaders.
  16. No juice here for other reasons...it is too expensive:D
  17. We do not allow calculators unless the directions call for their use (which is rare). We use Singapore and TT, by the way. If your daughters are getting the answers correct, then maybe you could allow them to do less problems, or skip a lesson or two ahead? The worse thing IMHO you could do is allow them to start relying on the calculator.
  18. We had a dog that would cringe when she heard yelling. She made me feel so bad. I can only imagine what my poor husband and dc thought. I have made great improvements and I have dear old Haley to thank for that. I also prayed, a lot.
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