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  1. Is there an older woman in your life that could be your confidant? I ask because we all want to talk to our mommas about, well, everything. It might help you to have someone else to talk to, regularly. Then your mom will only receive need-to-know information. I know someone in your situation and she found relief my having an older friend.
  2. Don't let the well and septic scare you. We went from well to city water and I miss my well!
  3. How about a local nursery or home improvement store gift card? Many think of home projects, gardening in the spring.
  4. Thanks! I suppose a health food store would have these items. The poor kid is curled up asleep right now.
  5. Our signal has been a closed garage door. Don't bother us if the door is down. Of course this works only in the nice weather. When we aren't busy with school, the kids are outside. Maybe you could find a more subtle signal and if that doesn't work, your husband may see that drastic times call for drastic action. Also, I have learned NOT to feed or water the neighbor kids....they'll never leave.
  6. My 13 yr old ds is having quite a time with allergies this season. I was wondering if any of you have found success with a natural symptom blocker? I don't even know if such a thing exists. I would like to help him without those dopey drugs. Thanks!
  7. Having all boys, projects that have to do with battles are popular. We acted out a short play about the Trojan Horse, made Greek Triremes, and some Greek weapons. We tried cuniform writing on sculpey clay and created an alpha-beta book using the Greek alphabet (the entries all had something to do with the then known world). None of these are too exciting but I'm sure the Hive will come through for you.
  8. When you figure it out let me know...I have sons who seem allergic to soap.
  9. She hath done what she could. (I actually saw this on a headstone and it cracked me up...I've been wanting to use it somehow, thanks for the opportunity).
  10. My 13 yr old has a peanut allergy. When he was 5, a teacher in church MADE him make a bird feeder smothered in peanut butter even though he told her he couldnt even touch the stuff. Nonsense, she told him. About a half hour later he is swelling up. Thankfully I was nearby and stuffed benedryl into him. Boy was I mad. This lady was a nurse who thought she knew better than everyone. She learned a lesson that day. I agree that you should have an epi pen handy. We have trained our children to never mix peanut butter into the jelly....a separate utensil is always used. Also, watch going to ice cream bars....servers usually use one scooper for all of the flavors. My son is probably out growing his allergy as we've noticed less severe reactions.
  11. It really depends on the child. My oldest was independent (although now I wonder how much he truly grasped) with R&S but his little bro (7th grade) needs me to review daily and go over the concepts. R&S works better with teacher involvement. Have you considered getting the worksheets and tests? We daily review, read the lesson, do the class practice and then ds completes either the worksheet or written practice (never both). I do this with my 3rd and 5th graders as well.
  12. No new info just want to let you know you do need the workbook for pre algebra and up.
  13. Dublin is very nice. There are even nice rural communities to live in if that is your "thing".
  14. Model trains? Remote control planes? Some communities have clubs for these hobbies. Good luck!
  15. I don't remember any church history being taught in depth. There are discussions about various religions taking hold in different time periods. Edited to add: As for resources to add, you might want to let people on here know your religious background in order to suggest curriculum that is a fit.
  16. I remember those days. Good job, mom!
  17. Are you SURE it's pork? :tongue_smilie: :tongue_smilie: This older man came up to me yesterday and in the conversation began telling me about his granddaughter's periods. She is having quite a difficult time, it seems. Of course her dr thinks birth control will help. I am sure she would love to know grandpa was sharing.
  18. I am so glad to hear you say this as we are going to use the same book next year.
  19. I actually bought some square number tiles years ago. I think I got them at Target or Walmart. You could try the educational stores, or office supply stores (in the teacher supply section).
  20. Who Stole Ed's Pants? No really, this is a game.
  21. We couldn't stand the first one so, no, we will not be seeing the second. Sounds like I'm in the minority on this one though.
  22. I have found that the HIG came in very handy starting at 5A.
  23. Unfortunately there isn't a quick way to choose a church. We moved here two years ago. First we went to the big popular church. Too many people. Too few relationship-building opportunities. Then we tried a handful of smaller ones. By talking to other hs families we found one that was just-right (does this sound like Goldilocks?). I would say to be patient, talk to others, and try a church for more than one Sunday. We tried one for close to 9 months before we decided it wasn't a fit. The process helped us bond as a family as we all discussed likes/dislikes, and aired any concerns. I guess I forgot the number one strategy - pray! God bless!
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