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    Wife to Jeff, mom to four great boys.
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    Uniontown Ohio
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    reading, following my boys around to sporting venues.
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  1. Unless there is an updated version that is different, you will need the book after the TT7 level. Pre-algebra and up uses the cd-roms only for answers.
  2. Hummm..good question. I do not think that we would have enough drama for a tv viewing audience. My family is pretty calm and therefore would be thought of as boring. Maybe following my husband around at work would be more entertaining?
  3. Mine also act strange. However, it is with their good friend and not grandparents. Sorry, I don't know how to help I just wanted to let you know I understand. :001_smile:
  4. I voted science, reading, and electives. There are days that I help if my ds is confused or if he is studying for a test. History is about 50/50 so I did not vote for that one.
  5. I live in Ohio. My husband writes our narratives every year. I am not sure if it matters to Ohio if the teacher is licensed in another state. Welcome to the Buckeye State!
  6. No school here...we had a long weekend so today is recovery. Oh, and I am determined to clean the house today.
  7. Thanks to everyone for pointing out these resources. You have been so helpful.
  8. I tried to do a forum search but was not successful. I am looking for news sites that would be appropriate for my son. Some that I frequent have too much junk news (such as Lady Gaga). I know to skip this kind of thing but my son? Anyways, are there any sites or blogs out there (preferrably, free) that you could recommend?
  9. My dh actually takes ours into the district office. He and the person that handles the forms are on friendly terms. Anyways, I have noticed that the official response letter from our district (Ohio, too) has started to arrive later and later. Don't worry about it.
  10. You are not alone. I have yet to have a school year begin and end with all of my plans unaltered.
  11. In my home, 5 would be too young to begin the HP series. Do you have hesitations in reading the Sorcerers Stone? Is that why you ask for advice? I have enjoyed both books. The Wizard of OZ we read as a read aloud, but everyone in my family read all the HP alone. Boy, I just typed the word 'read' quite a lot.:001_smile:
  12. I know you want to help but if your sibling doesn't want to talk about it then I am not sure what you can do other than let him/her know you are available. My bro divorced and did not want to share. We respected his privacy. The best thing my family did for him his accept his new wife. Sorry for your sib's pain.
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